Chapter 12: Dia

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'Bold is inner thoughts'


Ikuto's POV

"What do you mean she'll die you mean like inside, right?"

I watch as my lifelong friend shakes his head and looks at his baby sister, "I'm not sure really all I know is that my sister loves to dance and I don't know what type of toll not dancing would put on her."

I look down at Amu and sigh pulling her against me wishing that I could pretend that I didn't know, but in truth I could never lie to Amu.

'I sit down and look at Amu sighing she did this before remember.'

I push the inside voice away and watch Amu sleep.

'Oh come now just trying to lightly push me isn't going away I'm you and you're me. We are the same but two different sides on the same coin. '

I ignore the voice even more and take Amu's hand in my own. I smile at her sleeping form.

Toshiro walks in and sees me sitting by the bed still, "Ikuto go home get some sleep if she wakes up I'll be sure to call you."


He points at the door and looks me in the eye with a straight glare, "Go home and get some sleep unless you want my parents to know about the two of you."

I shake my head and look back at Amu.

I lean over and kiss her forehead, "Sweet dreams, princess."

Amu's POV


I can't breathe why can't I breathe. I look around me and there's nothing there but darkness, bt I hear a soft velvety voice calling out to me that I know but from where.

I listen more closely and listen to the voice, "Amu-koi."

I smile to myself thinking, 'I can't believe that I didn't remember that voice this time it must have been pretty bad.'

I look around me and see the well so I walk towards it this time nothing stopping me. I feel no fear if it has to deal with Ikuto than I want to know.

I look in the well and I see the usual things images flashing of the person's life that may have to deal with what has to happen and when I see Ikuto helping me I feel my heart stop again.

"It has to deal with him…"

I hear the soft voice of someone that could be a caring sister or mother, "Yes it does have to deal with that boy."

I shake my head looking at the well to see what will happen to Ikuto.

I watch to see the man jumping out of the shadows and how he starts to strangle Ikuto. I scream out for the man to stop but as always nothing happens and my screams go to deaf ears. The well clouds over when Ikuto stops breathing and has slight lacerations to his neck.

I look around trying to find something to clear my mind and I feel loads better when I see the door that will lead me to the world of awake people.

Before i step to the door I feel someone grab my arm I turn around to see a pretty girl not that much older than myself with blonde hair and

She leans over and touches my cheek and I hear her voice, "You need to be careful Amu there's a lot more at stake than your life or Ikuto's life."

I nod my head knowing that everything she says is always right… Scary I know but it's true.

I smile at the girl, "thank you Dia I promise that I'll try my best to save everyone that I can."

She smiles at me and nods her head, "Good you have a strong heart Amu that will help others open there's to see what's inside."

"So I'd be taking off their mask and showing their true selves to everyone."

She laughs as she leans over me and opens the door, "You could say that Amu."

She pushes me into the door.

End of Dream

I snap awake and start shouting for Ikuto.

Toshiro runs into the room and hugs me, "Amu he went home an hour ago."

"No. You shouldn't have let him leave. Oh god he's going to die."

My brother grabs a hold of my shoulders pushing me away from him for he can have a good look at my face, "Amu what do you mean?"

"I had another dream but this time it was Ikuto and that man he was strangling Ikuto with some kind of wire but it was thick enough it wouldn't cut through his throat but after a few minutes it'll slowly start cutting at the tissue."

My brother sighs and hugs me to his chest, and pops off the bed, "Ok then let's go make sure he's alright."

I nod and grab my phone to start calling Ikuto hoping that I can warn him.

Ikuto's POV

When Amu wakes up

I sigh as I look at the list of things I need to get and more Advil was on the list since my arm has been killing me.

I look down at the cast to realize what color I had asked for. The cast is a nice shade of light pink and a royal blue much like my hair. I smile and touch on the pink where Amu drew a violin with a heart around it her name was etched right under it.

I look to see if they have chocolate ice cream my favorite flavor. I smile when I find the triple delight of chocolate and fudge. I grab that and look to see what time it was.

'Wow it took me an hour to eat and get these things. Oh well I'm close to home anyways so I don't think it matters.'

I pay for everything and drive the rest of the way home to find the place abandoned once again. I shake my head sadly I should have just lied and said something about him not liking being home which wouldn't be a lie. My parents are never home so I'm always left with the maids and butlers well they chatter about me.

I take out my key well my phone starts going off so I stay in my seat in the car.

I see the caller ID is Amu, "Hello."

"Oh thank goodness Ikuto you answered brother told me he'd call once I woke up but I wanted to do that instead. So are you home?"

I hear the worry in her voice, 'I wonder why she sounds so worried about my well-being?'

"Yeah I just pulled up to the house. Had to stop to get something to eat and some things from the store."

"Oh ummm… My brother forgot to get those notes from you that he asked for so he said he needs them tonight so he's going to drive over to get them."

I look at my bag and pull out a notebook that has the notes that I was supposed to give Toshiro, "ups I guess I should apologize to him again."

I hear her giggle, "yeah I said I was hungry and there's nothing here so he's bringing me along to pick up some fast food."

"Ok I'll see you in a lil bit Amu," I say to her because from the sound of things they're already to the block.

I walk up to the house and start twirling the key on my finger humming step up. I watch as a shadow appears behind me and before I can react I feel something around my throat.

'I'm going to die.'

'Like hell I'm going to die at the hands of an amateur like this guy.'

I open the door trying thinking maybe I can get him away from me but it doesn't seem to make things better but the opposite.

I don't know how long the guy was choking me to be exact but I do know it was no more than two or three minutes because the guy gets pulled away from me and I feel small and tender hands pulling the wire away from my throat.

I look up to see golden eyes filled with tears. I pull her into my arms ignoring that my throat was bleeding from the wire. She touches my neck again and when I look down I see a scared look on her face. Before i can question her I faint.