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Olivia's Big Surprise

Chapter 1 The Wish

Olivia Bensons Apartment

Olivia Benson woke up before day break as usual. She gently rocked her body over, and glanced at the clock. 4:45 A.M. the small clock flashed back at her. Lovely. A whole hour of sleep! YAY! I guess no point in attempting to sleep now, she thought to herself. So she gets up, takes a shower, and gets dressed. After her morning routine, she decides against a big breakfest. Although she had promised herself to make herself something like a waffle, or at least a fresh bowl of cereal, because of what day it is. Instead she just threw a couple of pretzels in her mouth, and was quickly on her way.

5:07 A.M. At the precint.

Olivia arrived at her desk, set her stuff down, turned on her computer, and plopped into her chair. She knew she was going to be alone for awhile, and she was extremly happy about it. Olivia knew in the back of her mind everyone would make a big deal about today, but she wished they wouldn't. I just don't like the whole celebration of it. She checked her phone to see if there was any messages.

0 New Messages. The screen flashed back at her.

Olivia's computer had uploaded and she opened a blank document. "I hope and wish they won't make a big deal of my birthday," she typed and re-typed over and over again.

Little did she know, her wish would come true.

Chapter 2 ...They Forgot...

10:30 A.M. At Work.

Everyone had arrived by now and had been working on files from past cases for sometime. No one really said anything to Olivia, just the usual "Hi." or the infamous "Did you get much sleep last night? You look dead, no offense." Which of course she always responded with "Really? I got loads of sleep." No sense in everyone worrying about her. She slowly stood up at her desk and stalked over to the breakroom. She could smell the coffee in the hallway and poured herself a fresh, steaming cup. Thank God Elliot made it. Then it hit her. No one has said Happy birthday to me today. Maybe my wish did come true. She giggled to herself at the thought. She checked her phone to see if there was any messages.

0 New Messages. The screen stated. She refilled her cup although she had only taken a few sips, and walked back to her desk.

"No new cases," Cragan said when he stuck his head out of his office. "Just keep working on updating files."

"Dang." Munch stated as soon as Cragen was safely back in his office.

They all got their files done in record time and goofed around for most of the afternoon. Still, no one mentioned anything to Olivia about her birthday. I guess my wish came true. She thought, Then why do I feel so upset that they haven't mentioned it? She shook the thoughts out of her head and concentrated on Munch and Fin's conversation. 4:30 rolled by really quickly and Cragen once again stuck his head out of his office. Everybody scrambled to look like they were doing something productive.

"Well guys," the captain said in a happy tone. "There's nothing left for any of you to do. Go Home. That's an order."

"Sweet!" Munch said in eunicine with Fin's "Yes!"

They all began to pack up her things, but Olivia felt off, like something was wrong. How could everyone have forgotten that today was her birthday? I don't care. I shouldn't care. They all have their own lives to worry about. Just then a wave of nausea splashed over her. All of a sudden she noticed something was weird. Elliot was watching her.

"Do you need something?" Olivia asked not meeting his gaze. Just say happy birthday and lets get on with our lives.

"Uh, yeah, Liv, um, I was wondering if you could babysit the kids tonight." Elliot said to his partner awkwardly. "Sorry it's such late notice."

That hit Olivia like a bus. You want me to babysit your kids on my birthday that you didn't even bother to remember? She was okay with the fact, but she couldn't believe it at the same time. Her technical FAMILY, forget her birthday?

"Wow," Olivia murmured.

"Hm?" Elliot responded.

She was so deep in thought that she forgot he was talking to her, and quickly scrambled to remember what the question was. " I was wondering if you could babysit the kids tonight."

"Oh yeah, uh, that's fine. What time do you want me to come over?"

"About 8-ish. Don't worry though, I'll pick you up." He said flashing one of his charming smiles.

"Uh, okay." Olivia responded awkwardly. He did for- NO OLIVIA! DON'T START. Please don't let Kathy be in the car. It's not that I don't like Kathy, I'm just pretty sure she dosen't like me. She always pushed all heck on El, I do hate to see him upset.

She snatched herself out of her trance, grabbed her cell phone off the desk, put her bag on her shoulder, and walked out. Not even glancing behind her to see if they wanted to say anything to her. Why does it matter if they forgot?

As soon as her sneaker hit the pavement she began speed walking, which eventually turned jogging. She didn't know why she was going so fast, she just knew she wanted to go home. Stop thinking about it. They simply don't care. It's not important anyway. Why should my birthday affect them? "Whatever." Olivia murmured alooud to herself.

And she felt herself tear up.

Chapter 3 Letting It Out

Olivia arrived aat the apartment complex in record time, considering how fast she walked. She buzzed herself in, and ran up the stairs as fast as she could. She busted the door down ran inside, slammed it shut, and dropped her bag to the floor. Olivia ran into her kitchen and slammed her hands on the icy countertop.

And that's when the tears bega to flow.

Damn it I can't do this! I can't break down because my fam- friends, forget one freaking day!

"STOP!" Olivia shouted aloud while pushing herself off the countertop. She fell back and hit the refridgerator and slid down onto the ground. She pulled her knees up to her chest and sobbed. Just sobbed, and when she decided enough was enough, she got up and walkd slowly to the duffel bag she had abandoned in the doorway. She reached in and pulled out the thing she needed to check. Her phone. She found it and flipped it open.

Four Unread Text Messages

1st Unread Message from Elliot Stabler

Hey Liv, whats up?

2nd Unread Message from Elliot Stabler

Hey everything okay? Fin told me he saw you running home. Text me bak k?

3rd Unread Message from Elliot Stabler

Olivia text me now whats wrong?

4th Unread Message from Elliot Stabler

Liv, Im coming over im 2 min away.

Crap! Olivia looked at the time stamp; Message Sent at 6:02 P.M. She shut and reopened the phone. 6:05 P.M. the black letters read. She swiftly dialed Elliots number, swallowed the lump in her throat, and stood up. While the phone was ringing, she ran into the bathroom to check herself in the mirror. Olivia was pale with red puffy cheeks and it was puffy around her eye as well. At the same time Elliot answered the phone.

"Liv! Are you okay?" Elliot asked. Olivia could tell he was trying to remain calm, but was ultimately failing at his goal because he sounded as if he were about to have a heart attack.

"Yeah I'm fine." she responded with as much energy as she could harness.

"You weren't replying to my texts, I got worried..." Elliot said quietly.

Olivia breathed in deeply and sighed.

"Well, no use in coming over now. 8 o'clock still cool?"

Elliot seemed to have spaced out because he responded as if he forgot about tonight. "Hm? Oh right, yeah I'll pick you up at 8."

A few awkwardly silent seconds go by, and Olivia decides to end the conversation.

"Kay, bye." Olivia said and quickly slammed the phone shut.

After a few minutes of standing in her empty bathroom and staring at the sink, she glances down at the phone in the palm of her clammy hand. She contimplated on calling him back, but in the end decided against it. Olivia knew she needed to keep herself busy tonight that way she couldn't do anything destructive to herself, or anyone else. I'm not going down that dark empty path. Not now, not ever again. I'm NOT going to do it. She knew where that razor was, she knew what to do.

But she dosen't do it.

She glanced at herself one more time in the mirrior, and the puffiness had gone down. Her face began to turn back to it's normal color as well. She floated into her bedroom and glanced at her clock. 6:30 P.M. Crud, I've lost track of time. She grabbed a quick shower, threw on; a blue t-shirt, a pair of new jeans that fit her perfectly, and a black sweater that trailed down to the back of her knees but was oh so cozy. She straightened her hair, and applied a little make-up. All in all, she looked pretty decent, for babysittying that it. Elliot will love this! She giggled at the thought. As weird as it may sound, Olivia kind of enjoyed dressing up for him. I don't like him that way, God no he's married.

She grabbed her cell phone of the edge of the bed where she had left it, and flipped it open to search for something. And Olivia began to feel as if she had done this one to many times today. She checked her phone to see if there was any messages.

0 New Messages. the screen easily read.

Time? 8:01 P.M. He'll be here any minute. Just as she thought that, her phone began to ring. Not just the normal ringtone though, no this was a special ringtone designated just for this one person. Elliot's ringtone. Olivia was still a little pissed that he had forgotten what today was, but pushed her feelings aside. There was one thing she could do to him that told him she was hurting. She answered with one word she usually never uses on a phone conversation with him.

"Benson." Olivia said with venom in her word.

"Hey Liv!" She hated to hear him say her nickname right now.

"What Elliot?" She said softer and with a little less anger.

"I'm right outside your door," Elliot said. He almost sounded excited to see her. "You ready to go?"

"Sure." Olivia said in her natural voice. She shut the phone and slid it gracefully into the pocket on her sweater while running over the holster on her jeans to make sure her gun was there, just in case anything happens.

Olivia glanced in the hallway mirror on the way to the door and pulled her sleave over her hands. I'm going to go babysit the Stablers, play their games, get them to bed, and come as that. It'll be fun. Then why did she still feel so lousy? They will make you laugh, I hope, which is something you need Olivia! She let out a smile at talking to herself in third person. She walked over to the door, flipped both deadbolts, and yanked the door open.

There stood Elliot Stabler in all his blue-eyed glory.

Chapter 4 Time to babysit...

"Hey Liv!" Elliot tried to stay content and normal but for some reason excitement seemed too be slowly exploding out of him. Olivia wondered why he was acting in such a way, but decided not to ask. He's probably just happy to go on a date with his beloved wife and get away from the kids.

"Hi Elliot." She responded calmly while forcing the edges of her mouth to go up.

"You sure you're ready?" He asked as concern began to maul his excitement with a bull dozer.

Olivia breathed in deeply and sighed. "Yeah, of course."

She re-locked the door and pulled it shut. They began walking down the hallway to the steps, and Olivia felt something wrap around the side of her abdomen. It was nice and it pulled her closer to Elliot. She soon realized Elliot was holding her and holding her next to his side as the were walking. They descended down the steps, and he still hadn't moved his protective, but loving arm. Elliot take your arm off me soon we don't want Kathy to see if she's in the car! She'll go balistic! The two best friends hit the end of the stairs and were in the lobby. Slowly they got closer and closer to the exit, and Olivia could see the van. She strained her eyes a bit to see inside the vehicle, and there was no sign of movement. Elliot pushed the door open still not removing his arm from her waist. She had a clear view of the passengers seat, and in the backseat. No moving, no people.

Kathy was not in the car. Olivia kept her cool on the outside but on the inside she was screaming with joy.

And for the first time today, she could feel a genuine smile creep up onto her face.

They walked down the steps towards the van and Elliot's arm didn't even act like it was going to move. Once the reached the car, Elliot's arm did get removed, but it was only so he could open the car door for Olivia. He opened it as far as it would go, and gestured for her to get in. He shut the door after her and ran over to the other side of the car. He hopped in on the drivers side, and shoved the key in the 5 minutes into the drive, Elliot finally spoke up and broke the silence that wrapped the car in a tight grip.

"Okay so Kathleen and Dickie are spending the night at a friends, so all you have to do is make sure Lizzie and Eli get to bed at a somewhat decent time. Mainly Eli at around 9:30, Lizzie can tell herself when its time to go to sleep." he said. "We will be back home by midnight at the latest."

This sentence snapped Olivia out of her dream state. The statement also brought her back to why she had such a bad day. She didn't want to tell him though, so she simply looked over and told him to not worry and have a good time tonight.

Olivia decided to check her phone one more time. Maybe every has had a hectic day and no one could tell her happy birthday, she silently pled to herself.

0 New Messages.

Olivia pressed her lips into a tight thin line and blinked quickly to push the tears away. She sighed aloud and shut her phone with one hand. She slid it back down into her pocket, and looked out the window. The weird thing was that every now and then, out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Elliot glancing at her.

And Olivia liked it.

Soon 10 minutes had flown by, and she began to see the familiar homes the car was passing. It was obvious that they had entered Elliots neighborhood, and Olivia hadn't even realized it. The homes were decently quit, unlike the bustlyness of the town below outside her apartment. They had arrived to their destination, and the van was slowly being pulled up the driveway of his house.

Elliot took off his seat belt and texted someone. Probably Kathy. "Um, I'm going to run in with you quickly, I forgot something on the kitchen table." Elliot said in a deep voice. He jumped out of the car and ran into the house leaving Olivia to shut the door. She didn't make eye contact with even the flowers outside of the house. She just looked at her feet as she walked up the stairs. She knew she had to look up to open the door, and saw the brass handle infront of her. She breathed in deeply and pulled it open. She stepped into the darkness of what usually is the front room.

"Elliot?" Olivia said uncertainly. It was pitch black in the room and she couldn't see anything.

"Yeah Liv, would you mind hitting the light?" responded a distant voice in the darkness. It sounded as if he was in the kitchen but it was dark in there to.

Olivia fumbled around the side of the door looking for the switch. She soon found it and flipped it up, and as soon as she turned around-

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIV!" a bunch of voices screamed at her.

She had close to a panic attack when it happened, and she grabbed the side of the wall for support. Breathe in, breathe out keep breathing. And it happpend, she couldn't resist it. Olivia felt the biggest smile fall upon her face. She looked around the room covered in streamers and balloons. All the faces were accounted for too; Don, Fin, John, Casey, Maureen, Kathleen, Dickie, Lizzie, and in Elliots arms, little Eli Stabler. The faces of her family. How could I have ever thought that they forgot my birthday? Everyone was still staring at her and she began to feel the heat rise up on her smiling face. Olivia opened her mouth to say something, but nothing could come out. So instead she closed her mouth and looked down at her feet and let out a couple of small laughs.

Fin must have taken notice of her discomfort because he nudged John and Elliot in the ribs. Elliot handed Eli off to Maureen, and all three men walked up to her.

"May I take your coat Miss Benson?" Elliot asked to his now extremely blushing partner.

Olivia took her phone out of her pocket and stuck it into her tight jean pocket right under her gun. Elliot to the sweater and hung it up in the closet. Now it was Fin and Johns turn.

"May we escort you into the living room Miss Benson?" John asked with a straight face while Fin backed him up trying to stay serious. "Yes, may we?"

She laced her arms through the arms of the two people who were more like her brothers than partners, and was led into the living room, everyone else fileing in close behind. Lizzie soon exclaimed "Let's get this party started!", and turned up the stereo. Soon everyone was dancing and mingling around.

Olivia had never been more happy and stress-free in her whole life.

The clock flew by and soon it was around 9:35. She was talking to Casey about vacation and if they could go anywhere where would the go. Both of the girls talked for awhile then Olivia began to feel a bit light headed. Has it always been so hot in here? she thought as the room began to tilt a small bit. Calm down, breathe in deeply. Focus on everyword that Casey says. It became a lot harder for her to do this when she had to keep telling herself that. After a few more minutes Olivia began to worry about fainting infront of everyone. She quickly excused herself from Casey, but she had caught Olivia.

"Yeah sure, but are you okay?" Oh Casey must you be so concerned?

"I'm fine why?" I know what your going to say Case, please let me leave.

"Oh, nothing, you just look a little- pale and clammy." Great is it that obvious?

"Really? Well I'm fine I promise." Please Casey let me go!

"Okay, but let me know if you need anything." Olivia could tell she was concerned. Oh fantastic I MUST look horrible tonight don't I? as a wave of nausea crashed on her.

Olivia mouthed thank you to Casey and quickly walked out of the main living room and into the sun room where a screen door is located that leads out to the patio in the backyard. The light out there was open so she opened the door and silently creeped out. She re-shut the door and turned around to face the backyard as a icy wind whisked over her. It made her shiver, but she liked it. The coldness relaxed her and cooled her off, and she began to feel began to feel normal again. She could see her breathe, but she didn't care. She turned from the door and walked to the edge of the backyard deck. She looked up at the stars, aiming for the star that Olivia was hoping she was on. Somewhere in heaven.

I'm sorry about today. I'm sorry you had to deal with me when you were alive. I'm sorry that I was the one who made that nightmare, become a reality. Just so you know, that man that broke you, is now dead. But I swear you and God that if he wasn't, he would be rotting in the worst prison cell right now. Mom, I know you didn't intentionally hate my guts. You knew it wasn't my fault. I was just a constant reminder, but I thank you with all my heart for taking care of me. I miss you, so very much.

"I love you." Olivia whispered up to the stars as a shiver ran through her, and a hot steamy tear ran down her face.

She picked up the sound of the door sliding open and closing again, and she quickly wiped away the tear and tried to breathe. Whoever it was she couldn't risk being seen like this. Olivia had spent years building up this reputation and it wasn't about to fall apart now.

The footsteps creaked up on the floor boards till the body was standing next to her. His feet on the edge of the patio as well. He then proceeded to speak, the sweet voice that always sent her melting.

"Beautiful night isn't it?" He spoke gently and calmly.

"Yeah." Olivia responded with as much normallcy as she could utter. She crossed her arms over her chest and let out a small shiver as cold wind blew through her once again.

"I'm sorry." He stated out of the blue.

"Elliot Stabler what do you have to be sorry for?" She said turning to face him.

Elliot just stood where he was. "About your party, I thought you'd enjoy it." He said deeply and solemnly. He heaved a sigh and Olivia saw his breathe.

"El, I love it! How could you ever think I didn't?"

He finally turned to face her, and the made eyecontact. Those beautiful blue eyes, what's wrong with them? They're not happy.

"You're not in there..." It was then that it clicked with Olivia. She had hurt him by not being inside enjoying it.

"Elliot," she said almost in a whisper. "El, I'm sorry it's- it's just- Casey told me I was getting pale, and uh, I was getting a little light-headed that's all. I- I needed to take a breather." Yay, he probably thinks I'm weak, spindless person now. I can't even handle my own birthday party how sad and pathetic is that? She looked over to the yard so she wouldn't have to make eye contact with him.

"Oh, do we need to take you to the doctor Liv?" His instincts had obviously kicked in.

She forced a small laugh. "No El, I'm fine now." Still no eye contact.

"Okay, well do you like your party?"

She had a genuine giggle, and made eye contact that time. "I love it."


"Hey, I don't mean to intrude or anything, but where's Kathy? I didn't see her inside."

He shifted uncomfortably.

"Uh, yeah Liv. I've been meaning to get around to that." He scratched his eyebrow.

"You got divorced didn't you?"

"Um, yeah how did you know?" Olivia saw his cheeks begin to turn a soft creamy pink.

"Elliot I'm a girl. For the past two weeks I've noticed you haven't been wearing your wedding ring, and you never take that off."

Elliot flashed a smile and gave a small chuckle.

"I'm sorry, but know that I'm here for you."

"No, I'm sorry. I should have told you when it happend, but I didn't want you to worry. You're always stressed about everything else as it is. Truth be told as much as the kids love their mom, she was out of hand. Kathy wants the kids every other weekend, but thats it."

"Elliot, listen to me," she said strongly. "Your problems NEVER stress me out. I'm your partner, I'm your best friend. I'm here for you. Always have been, always will be."

As she said that, a gust of wind rolled over both of them.

"Thanks Liv, and dito. Brr it's cold isn't it?" he took notice of Olivia's bare arms. "Oh, here." he began to peel off he jacket.

She put up her hand in protest. "Oh no Elliot, I'm fine."

He pretended to not hear her arguement and wrapped it around he shoulders anyway. As much as Olivia didn't want him to feel the need to have to do it, the jacket was warm and smelled of his cologne, and she loved it. The wind picked up and it began to sway her a bit. She felt herself tear up at the offer, and about Elliot admitting about Kathy, and she couldn't keep the eye contact.

She moved her head so it was just to the left of Elliots shoes. He must have seen because he bent his knees a bit to be more head level with her, and grabbed her arm.

"You okay?" he said with concern in his voice.

"Oh, yeah, just got a little dust in my eye that's all." Weak excuse but it worked, kind of.

"Hm? I got a clean sleeve." he kindly asked her.

"Yeah, it's fine." she said while blinking quickly to make the tears go away. "All better."

"You don't always have to be so strong you know."

"Oh yes I do actually." she quietly responded, while looking back up at Elliot's soft lips.

He focused on Olivia's lips to. His beautiful brown-eyed girls lips. They both began to lean closer and closer until they finally fell. Fell into the perfect kiss.

All Olivia could feel was fireworks explode within her. Same for Elliot. She pulled away once air was barely needed and looked into Elliot's deep blue eyes. Olivia saw his face get brick red, and she shook all over. She took his coat off and handed it back to him, not making eye contact.

"Th-thanks." She whispered.

She quickly booked back to the back porch door, slid it open, jumped inside, and reclosed it behind her.

She leaned against the door. It was at that time she realized she hadn't breathed since the breath at the end of that- kiss. Breathe in and out Olivia. In and out slowly. All you have to do is get to the bathroom. A wave of nausea once again. She went through the kitchen and ran into Lizzie on the way.

"Oh sorry," It took her a second to realize who it was. "Oh! Hey Liv! Happy birthday!" She pulled Olivia into a small hug.

"Thanks Lizzie." Olivia said still horrible at counting breathes.

"You okay?" she asked with concern.

"Yeah I just need to use the restroom."

"Okay it's down the hall-" She turned back to face Olivia and smiled. "Wait what am I saying you've been here plenty of times you know where its at."

Olivia managed a small smile at Lizzie and began to walk by her. She was then interupted as she was walking by Lizzie's voice.

"Hey Olivia?"


"I'm here if you need anything."

Olivia mouthed a thank you at the youngest Stabler girl and was back on her adventure to get to the bathroom before she threw up all over the carpet. She ran to the bathroom and tried not to slam the door shut, but it kind of happened anyway. No one would hear hopefully, the music down the hall in the living room was blasting. Olivia then proceeded to aggresively fall to her knees over the toilet and empty the contents of her stomach. Good god I'm so weak. An accidental kiss sends me reeling to the toilet. She flushed the toilet and attempted to stand up, but her legs were so shaky she fell back to the ground with a small thud. Olivia pulled herself up using the sink, threw herself over to the window and forced it open. A cold gust of wind wrapped around her clammy face, and she felt better. The wobbliness had disapated and she stood up on her own. She carefully walked over to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror.

Olivia finally understood what Casey had meant.

God I'm so pale! I'm frigging paler than Casper! I got to fix this. Before any of them worry or take me to the doctor. She cranked up the hot water and splashed some on her face. It was sculding hot, but it began to push the pink natural color back in her face. She turned that off then turned on the cold water. She splashed that on her face and she turned back to normal. She dried her face with the towel on the shower rack. She still looked kind of bad. Make yourself laugh. Simple, yet extremly difficult thought. So many good times with them, okay I got it. Last week when we had dinner at Fin's. She began to smile at the thought that made her evening. Elliot had thrown one of his peas at me and it went down the front of my shirt. God, that was so embarrassing but hilarious! Elliots face turned so red! Olivia let out a laugh. She focused on her face and it was back to normal. Still a little clammy, but back to normal. She took a big deep breathe smiled one last time at herself, and hit the light. Once she opened the door however, she stopped dead in her tracks.

She saw to pairs of black shoes against the soft carpet.

"Liv, you okay?" I'm beginning to feel I've heard this question one to many times tonight.

The voice of course belonged to John Much.

"Yeah, I'm fine." Olivia said still not making eye contact with either of the two men that were as close to her as brothers.

"Look at me," Fin said with sternness but kindness as he gently put his finger under her chin and pushed it up. "Come on baby girl what's wrong? Do you want us to take you home?"

"It's so sweet of you guys to worry, but I swear I'm fine. Let's get back before people begin to worry." She responded while taking Fin's rough hand in her clammy hand and putting it back down to his side.

John proceeded to put his arm up waiting for Olivia to hook onto it.

"Shall we?" He asked with a deep voice.

"We shall." She responded quietly while grabbing onto his arm.

As soon as the trio entered the living room everyone kind of stared at Olivia. She began to feel a bit dizzy and thankfully John dropped her off by Casey who was standing in the corner. Casey grabbed Olivia at her upper arm to steady her small sway. Casey gave her a warm smile and she knew everything would be perfectly fine. Then, out of now where, Casey spun her around and held her at the elbows. After a couple of second she felt her friend slowly cup her palms over her eyes. She heard some shuffling, then after a minute the hands were removed.

Everybody had gotten into a line on either side of Olivia and formed a straight line from her down to the only light in the room, the kitchen. As she saw Elliot Stabler rounding the corner with a large cake in his hands with candles lit atop it, Lizzie began "Happy Birthday".

The walk that Elliot took to Olivia and everyone singing "Happy Birthday" seemed to drag on forever. She felt the natural blush creep up on her cheeks of course. She tried her hardest to make it go away, but to no avail. Finally, Elliot had reached the point where she could blow out her candles and the song ended. She still didn't make eye contact with him, so she focused on the image created on the cake. It had "Best detective in" in purple cursive letters and "N.Y.P.D. Special Victims" in blue blocky letters. The picture made her smile. Olivia must have been into her dream state, because she heard Maureen whisper to her, "Blow out your candles Liv, make a wish." She did so, and the crowd abrupted with applause.

Soon after Elliot swiftly took the cake over to the table and set it down.

"Liv, you get the first piece so which part do you want?" Cragen yelled at her with a smile glued across his face.

"Don, it really dosen't matter." Olivia said back at him.

"You want a corner don't you?" He asked with amusement in his voice.

She just smiled. That's all she could do. He knew her to well, he knew she loved the corner because all the choclate in the cake is located there, and there's always a ton of icing. She came up and grabbed her slice and a fork and went and leaned up against the wall while taking a bite of the magnificant cake. It was so sweet. Elliot sure didn't make this! The thought made her giggle a little bit to herself. Casey came back over and leaned against the wall as well while she ate her slice.

"You look like you feel better." Casey stated inbetween bites.

"I feel better, Case. Thanks."

"No prob, but hey-" Casey suddenly stopped in mid sentence.

"What?" Olivia responded.

"Elliot's still wants to take you home." She said planly.

Olivia kind of figured but was slightly dreading it. This is going to be one awkward car ride.

"That is fine." She replied.

Casey excused herself to go to the bathroom. As everyone began to finish cake, and after Casey had returned, it was unfortunatly present time. Thankfull for Olivia however the time flew by. Soon it was about midnight and everyone decided it was time to go. Eli had been in bed for awhile, and everyone began to look beat. As everyone began to leave, Olivia got loads of hugs. Knowing that they all loved her this much made her so happy. She never really had a big family, and she felt that this was the closest she could get.

And she liked it.

After everyone left and the Stablers had given Olivia there hugs, Elliot instructed Maureen to get everyone to bed while grabbing her coat out of the closet and giving it to her. Maureen quickly agreed to everything he said and the two best friends were soon on their way. The ride back was just as awkward as Olivia had predicted it in her mind. She kept replaying the night over and over in her mind. Exspecially the kissing seen. A third of the way through the car ride Olivia decided it was time to break the ice.

"Thanks El, I had a wonderful time." Olivia spoke quietly still looking straight out the front windshield.

"Oh, your welcome." He mumbled back at her.

He seems almost upset about the whole thing. Maybe he doesn't like me like that. What am I saying, just because Kathy's out of the picture I can just automatically jump straight in? No. I can't do that. Sorry El, I thought you liked that kiss. I know I certainly did. She shook her head slightly to get the thoughts out, and all too soon was the car ride over.

"Flash your lights when you get inside." Elliot said at a louder volume then a mumble.

He's so protective.

"Okay." Olivia whispered back.

She shut the door and ran up the front of the building. She skipped up the stairs until she reached her apartment. She grabbed her keys out of her pocket and shoved them in the knob. She turned it, took the keys out, pushed the door open, walked in, and shut the door. It was dark and cold inside of the apartment, and she ran over to the window and sneakily peeked out of the front window. The van was still sitting there.

Olivia ran over to the light switch and was about to turn it on. About to, and for some reason part of her didn't want to turn it on. Part of her wanted to leave the lights off and Elliot come up to see what's wrong. She wanted to see him one last time.

She flipped the lights on and off, and let the emptiness sink in. She ran back over to the window and watch the car start up and slowly drive away. Olivia sat down on the couch, kicked off her shoes turned on the television, and toppled over onto the couch. She didn't want to sleep, but she was beat. It was an amazing night, and she kept replaying scenes over and over again. Soon she closed her eyes and hoped for a dreamless sleep.