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Chapter 7 The Answers

Everyone stood up at once, and when the doctor looked up from the folder, a shocked expression fell over his face.

"Are all of you with Miss Benson?"

Don Cragen stepped up first. "Yes, is she awake? Can we see her?"

"Yes, but one at a time, and whoever's first needs to be around her the most, because the anetstetic is just wearing off and I still need to tell her the problems and the medications."

Everyone looked at Elliot, and he stepped forward with the doctor.

"Alright let's head on back."

The walk from the waiting room to the room Olivia was quick, but Elliot almost wished it wasn't. "I still need to tell her the problems and the medications" I wonder what that could mean. Technically, he just wanted time to brace himself for the worst. It had only taken a little over an hour to find out what's wrong, so it must not be that bad, right? The doctor pushed open the door, and he prepared to see his beautiful Liv hooked up to a bunch of wires leading to random machines in random places. It wasn't like that, their were a few wires, mainly the IV and a couple others. The color had returned back to her face. He pulled up a chair next to Olivia's bed. Elliot let his fingers drift to where her hand was silently laying next to her motionless body.

"She'll be waking up any minute now, I need to go get some more paperwork. Can you ask her if she remembers what happend, you know questions like that. If she dosen't, try and slowly help jog her memory." He breathed in and sighed, and looked over to see a worried look on Elliots face. "She'll be fine." The statement had startled Elliot, he forgot the doctor was still in the room.

"Oh, thanks doc." The doctor gave him a reassuring smile and left.

Liv, please wake up. You gave us all a scare you know. I'm sorry you're here, I know it's all my fault. I should of taken you to the doctor when you first said you weren't feeling well. I'm sorry for the kiss, well not that sorry to tell you the truth. I liked it, although I'd probably never tell you that in a million years.

"I'm sorry, I love you." He whispered to her hand. He looked up at Olivia's face that was slightly tilted towards him, took his other hand and brushed her hair out of her face. Elliot kept patronizing himself for not noticing the symptoms. The replaying scenes over and over in his head, after the kiss, the her running to the bathroom at work, and falling into his arms. So lifeless, so vulnerable. The memories brought tears to his eyes, and this time he didn't try and push them away.

Eventually, one stray tear feel out of his eyelids and slid down his face.

He wipped it away on his shoulder, and kept brushing Olivia's face. The action cause her to wake up.

As her eyes began to flutter open, it took Elliot a second to realize what was happening. "Liv," He whispered to her, not taking his hand away from hers, nor did he stop brushing her forehead.

She blinked multiple times and looked around the room, obviously afraid to move any part of her body in fear of pain. The room was slightly tilting, but she felt no aches or pains. She pushed her head further to the right till she could make complete eye contact with Elliot.

"How ya feel?" He asked not daring to let go of her hand.

"Fine." was all her reply.

"Do you know what day it is?"

"Um, Friday." Elliot figured she would pause at the beginning, so not a big shock.

"Do you remember what happend?"

Olivia remembered every bit of what happened up until she lost consciousness. She moved her head until she was glaring at the foot of the hospital bed.

"Unfortunatly, yes."

The reaction made Elliot smile slightly. "Good, the doctor said he'd be back in a few, he had to go get information or something."

"Okay." Olivia replied in a whisper. She still couldn't believe the events of the past week, and that's when it hit her like a ton of bricks. Her head snapped back towards Elliots position, causing the world to spin even more but at that point she didn't care.

"What?" A look of concern spread over his face.

A small smile rolled onto Olivia's cheeks. And in a whisper, she replied "El, your talking to me." She sighed, and continued still in a whisper. "You've been ignoring me this whole week, and now your talking to me."

A sad expression was on Elliot's face at that sentence. He really had hurt her, and he looked down at Olivia's hand he was still cradling in his.

"Oh honey I haven't been intending to hurt you. To tell you the truth, I've just been avoiding everything." Elliot said, as his cheeks began to flush a slight pink.

"Avoiding what exactly?"

"Looking at you. Seeing the unhappiness on your face. It was an accident!" Elliot replied gently and softly.

Olivia began to slightly tear up and opened up her mouth to speak, but was interupted by a sound of the hospital door being heaved open. In walked the doctor with a happy expression on his face.

"Ah, I see your awake Miss Benson. Good. Are you feeling alright?"

It took her a few seconds to realize he was there and was talking to her. "Hm? Oh um, yeah perfectly fine." A lie, but if it got her out of here quicker, might as well.

"Okay. What have been your symptoms?" Oh Lord, here come the questions.

"Dizziness, vomiting, upset stomach, headaches, and of course fainting. Once."

"How long have you had your syptoms?"

"About half a week."

Question after question after question. They just kept rolling on and on, and as they pressed on, Elliot found it harder and harder to sit there and listen. How could I not notice? How could I be so stupid? She might have died and I wouldn't even know it!

"Alrighty, while you were under we did an MRI and EEG, and we have found out what you have, and don't worry it's nothing life threatning." Elliot's grip on Olivia's hand tightened, almost as if he was more scared to find out what was wrong than she did.

"What is it?"

"It's a bacterial disorder called Labyrinthitis. It happens when the inner ear gets swollen. It often causes the symptoms that you have. Now, Mr. Stabler, are you going to be able to be with Miss Benson for at least this weekend?"

"Yes, yes of course." He swiftly replied.

"There are a few medicines you are going to have to take so be sure you get them. They include Antihistamines, medicines such as compazine to control nausea and vomiting, and medicines to relieve dizziness such as scopalamine. There really is no cure for it, but it will go away on it's own. Symptoms may occur, and when they do keep still and rest, gradually resume activity, try and avoid fast position changes, which means- and I know you're going to hate to hear this- you need to stay home for at least the weekend. Avoid bright lights, and do not try and read when symptoms do occur. I know it's a lot to remember, but you will be better soon."

They both looked at the doctor and nodded.

"Thanks doc." Elliot said.

He smiled, and began to remove the IV and other various cords. Once that was done, he got up and began to leave the room, but stopped and turned around. "Oh by the way Miss Benson, I think you'll be glad to know that you can leave whenever. The nurse said she put your clothes in the bathroom."

Her face lit up at that sentence, a huge smiled on her face, and she sat up really quickly and swung her legs over the edge. The fast moving action caused her to rock back and forth, and Elliot stood up and sat a hand on her shoulder to steady her. The doctor started to walk back over but saw that he had her.

"But don't rush yoursellf!" The doctor said while chuckling a small bit. Then he left the room.

Olivia cautiously stood up and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind her. She wanted to changed rather quickly, the consequence being that the room tilted, thus she had to grab onto the sink edge for support. She walked out of the bathroom and started the journey back to the waiting room with Elliot at her side.

Halfway down the hallway, Elliot spoke up.

"Liv, come here."

"What do you mean?" It was at that point that she realized there was about four feet between them, which meant when she was walking she was veering towards the right slightly.

Elliot placed his arm around her waist pulling her close to him so that way she wouldn't, and couldn't, run into anybody or objects. She felt herself blush slightly that she even needed his help, but at the same time she was flattered by his gesture. The double doors that lead to the waiting room and exit came into view and Elliot began to pull his arm away. Olivia was a bit sad that it was, and it shocked her that that was the way she felt.

"Show time." Elliot said.

Olivia smiled at the statement. It was true, but the way he said it tickled her insides.

He pushed the door open with Olivia walking behind him and he held the door open for her. She just looked at the floor as they entered the waiting room. Everyones head snapped up, and all you heard was multiple sighs of relief. Casey was of course the first one to speak.

She ran up to Olivia and tried to remain calm, but seeing that she found her friend in the bathroom most likely puking her guts out just the day before, it failed.

"Oh my God Liv are you okay?" She grabbed Olivia's wrist and pulled her over to the chairs where everyone was at, and just her luck the fast movement brought the dizziness back. She plopped onto the chair with a small thud and the dizziness was unbearable, she ended up having to lay her head in her lap and moaned. Elliot placed a worried hand on her shoulder and gave Casey a warning look.

"Geez Case where's the fire? Calm it down!" She said but it was slightly muffled by the fact she was looking down at her legs.

"Oops, sorry Liv my bad." She whispered at her, afraid now if she was to loud it would hurt her even more.

Cragen looked at Elliot and he looked down at Olivia. She removed one hand to give Elliot a small thumbs up to go ahead and tell everyone what was wrong. Elliot had no trouble explaining it all, especially when it came down to telling the captain that the doctor said that she would need the weekend off.

Olivia's head was still in her lap when he finished, the sudden severe dizziness had dissapated, but she didn't really want to look at anyone at that moment. On top of that she also knew what was coming. Don't say it Cap please just give me desk duty PLEASE!

"Alright Olivia you heard the doctor, your home for the weekend and Monday, and on Tuesday your on desk duty." DANG IT CAPTAIN COME ON! She wanted to lift up her head and protest, but did so slowly in fear of the tilting again. Her head came up to a stopping point just half a foot from her knees.

"Oh come on-"

"Liv, no protests!" She slightly scowled at the floor. Well at least I'll be alone.

"Elliot," Cragen continued on. NO CRAGEN DON'T PLEASE! I swear I'll stay home just- "Take the weekend off too and stay with her, both the doctor and I don't want her alone." She closed her eyes in defeat and a little embarrassment, and knowing Elliot would have no problem with it there was no point in arguing now.

"Can we go?" Olivia asked with a sigh.

"Sure." Elliot said, while lacing his arm gently under hers, and Casey under the other. Olivia slightly blushed and wanted to say that she didn't need it, but honestly with how randomly she got dizzy it made her feel better knowing she wouldn't fall down. They helped her carefully stand up and then both let her go. They began leaving, Casey and Olivia were leading the way, with Elliot right on their heels. After they had all filed out of the waiting room, the started heading towards the cars. Once again Olivia began slowly drifting to the right. This time Elliot didn't notice immediatly, Casey didn't even realize, and Olivia was soon a solid five feet away before Casey did.

"Liv, honey you okay?" She asked as she stopped and looked over at her wandering friend.

Olivia stopped dead in her tracks and looked back at Elliot.

"Oh that's gonna get annoying real soon real fast." she said as she tried to hold a straight face, but a few laughs came out in the end when Elliot ran up and locked arms with her. The sounds of the smirks of everyone became apparant, and a small laugh came from Lizzie.

As they all approached the cars, Elliot quickly passed Olivia off to Casey, and he ran back to ask Maureen to pack him an over night bag if she didn't mind. She of course agreed and they were on their way. Casey was going to take the two partners back to her apartment because Elliot didn't have a car at the time. She gently slipped Olivia into the passenger side, and Casey was so involved in making sure everyone knew where everyone should be going that she started to buckle her in.

"Uh Case? I'm pretty sure I can buckle myself in." Olivia said while slightly laughing.

Casey snapped out of her dream state and replied. "Oops sorry, I'm in my dream world."

She shut Olivia's door and ran over to the driver's side. After Elliot hopped in the back she started the ignition. The trio started talking and were soon on the interstate towards heading to Olivia's apartment. The car began to push 40, 50, 55, and finally 60. Bad idea Case. Olivia couldn't bring herself to say it aloud though.

She looked out the window at the trees flying by, and after two minutes, she couldn't take it anymore. Olivia looked straight forward and leaned back on the seat, trying to concentrate on Casey and Elliot's conversation, and sometimes chimming in. The down side was that it barely helped. She felt her head began to rock back and forth, and her vision zoomed in and out of focus. Olivia lifted up her suddenly heavy arms, rested them on the dashboard infront of her, and her head fell into the space between her arms.

"Liv?" Casey practically screamed with panic.

"Liv you okay?" Elliot said with more panic in his voice then Casey did.

"Mm fine." was all she could softly utter.

Casey pulled over to the side of the road, put an arm on her back, and Elliot jumped out and ran over to her side.

"Liv what's going on?" Elliot questioned gently as he carefully rubbed her back, just a bit above Caseys hand.

"Honey?" Casey asked.

She couldn't respond, the tilting began to subside, but she still couldn't find the words. The only thing she knew was she needed to keep her head down until the red came out of her cheeks.

"Come on babe talk to me." Elliot said in his sweet voice, and Olivia swallowed and shook her head slightly.

"I'm fine," she pushed her head up slowly, and they removed their hands from her back. "Lets just go."

"You sure?" He asked. No...

"Yeah, I just want to get home." Simple response, yet it was so quiet she didn't know if they heard her. Elliot carefully shut the car door, ran to his side, and got in. For the rest of the seemingly long drive Olivia kept her eyes closed and focused a lot more on the conversation.

Soon, she heard the click of the ignition turning off, and she knew they had arrived. Olivia slowly opened her eyes to the sight of the passengers door being open and Elliot standing there with his hands out to help her up. She fumbled with the seat belt lock, finally got it unlatched, and began to get out of the car. We're so close Olivia don't blow it now. She took Elliots hand and he slid his arm around her waist before helping pull her up. Casey held the door open and watched them to make sure she didn't fall or worse.

And if Olivia's cheeks weren't red before, they were now.

"El, I think I got it from here."

He acted as if he didn't even hear her protest. Casey shut the door behind them and Elliot still didn't let go. Casey ran infront of them and pulled the door open, and led the way up the stairs and to her apartment door.

He still didn't let go of Olivia's waist.

Casey had a spare key and unlocked the door going in first and and holding it open for them. Elliot walked Olivia over to the couch and cautiously set her down. The way he held Olivia all day- it was amazing. She never knew he could be so careful- as if he was holding a five thousand year old china doll that could shatter at any moment, and she loved it.

"Well, I think Elliot can take it from here." Casey said looking around the living room.

"Thanks so much Case. Let me know if you ever need anything."

Casey flashed a joking smile and came back with "Be warned Liv, I might just hold you up to that, but only after you get better." Both girls exchanged a small laugh, and Casey left.

"Okay well your comfortable right?" Elliot questioned

"Yeah, um you can leave now." Although I really don't want you to...

"Oh no Benson you're not getting rid of me now. You heard what the doctor and Cragen said, and besides, the kids are with Kathy so I'll have a lonely weekend anyway."

"okay..." Olivia responded meekly.

"I'm going to run up to the pharmacy and get the medicines you need. God Liv you are going to be so far out of it with all the drugs you need." They both laughed and he left too.

After the door shut, a slight headache began to form and tiredness overcame her whole body. She kicked of her shoes and rolled onto her side on the couch, pulling her legs up as far as they would to her chest so Elliot could sit by her when he came back. Soon, the darkness of sleep carried her away.

Chapter 8 The Rest of Forever

Olivia woke up to the sound of the television and stretched her arms.

"Hey sleepy head." A deep but chipper voice said.

She blinked a couple times and realized there was a blanket over her and that Elliot was sitting at the foot of the couch. He must of put the blanket on me in my sleep. She then proceeded to notice the her legs were stretched across the whole couch- inculding Elliot's lap.

Once she noticed the she swung her legs over the edge of the couch and slowly sat up, still aware of the ever-changing labyrinthinitus.

"Sorry." She mumbled while rubbing her eyes.

"Oh don't worry about it, I'm glad you got some rest."

Elliot stood up off the couch. "You hungry?"

"Oh you know it!" She was so excited for good food for the first time in 4 days that she ripped the remaining bits of blanket off her legs, and jumped up, planning on going to the kitchen.

Olivia regretted that move seconds after. Her vision tilted so far that she could of swore that someone was holding her upside down. She stumbled to the right and Elliot caught her in his arms, dipping her down over his knee partially.

He looked down at her brown eyes, her beautiful brown eyes, and she in his, his beautiful never ending blue eyes.

"Oh Liv, what're we going to do with you?" He quietly whispered as his warm breath wrapped around her face, and she smiled. He slowly stood her up and re-set her back on the couch.

"I already ordered a pizza!" He called while walking to the kitchen. "Your favorite too!"

He brought in the whole box and set it on the coffee table, along with a couple of diet cokes, paper plates, and napkins.

"Thanks." She whispered.

Awkward silence followed that for then next five minutes as they both ate their pizza.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Elliot finally got up the nerve to ask her.

"Do you?" She asked even quieter.

He set his pizza down on his plate, rubbed his hands on his pants, and asked, "Olivia Benson do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" He asked her with a smile coming across his face.

She followed setting her pizza down and brushing her hands off. "Yes. And do you, Elliot Stabler, swear to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?" she replied with a couple of laughs slipping out here and there.

"But of course." Elliot said, then took a deep breath and sighed, looking at the TV infront of him, but not really seeing the image. Then he spoked up. "I liked it. The kiss I mean. I guess the truth is that- that I-"

He was cut off by the girl he had loved since the day he layed eyes on her. Olivia leaned in closer to him and in a voice slightly above a whisper, said the four words that would start the relationship of a lifetime.

"I love you too."

They both blushed slightly and Elliot slowly leaned in getting closer and closer until, for the second time that week, they fell. They fell into the perfect kiss.

Except this time, it was intentional.