The Path of Least Resistance

Summary: At times, despite your best efforts, you can't avoid a collision. But even when that kind of situation occurs, you should try to maintain as much control over it as possible so that you can look for a way towards the path of least resistance. Kagome is about to have a head on collision with the Supernatural...when she gets an emergency page...from L. But wait...L's dead...

Anime: InuYasha/Death Note

Pairing: Kagome/...just wait and see...

Genre: Angst/Crime

Rating: M




November, 10, 2004

Kyoto, Japan


Kagome Higurashi...what to say; Kagome is head anchor at Nippon News Central Broadcasting Station, where she follows the Kira Despite not putting the topic on air, she holds a keen interest in it, as...the detective going against a childhood friend.

So...the question


October, 31, 1984

Winchester, London



"Come and get me old man!" Nippon, meaning...Japan; a five year old genius at Wammy Orphanage, short black hair in a bob cut, bright blue eyes, and a rebellious the current, she was being pursued by a much younger, fifty-one year old, Quillish Wammy, founder of her home.

"I'll show you old! I'm fifty, not dead!"


This banter continued, children turned to see what was wrong, wondering who had gotten their caretaker into such lather, so early in the morning.


"AH~! WAAAATCH OOOOUT~!" She complained loudly, rubbing the back of her head which had connected with the wall behind her after so rudely being knocked down on her butt.

"Got you!"

Her hand was snatched and she was pulled back to the office in which she'd run out of. She threw an angry look over her shoulder and frowned when she saw, the boy sitting there...staring blankly ahead...still on the floor. 'He looks so...sad,' She turned to Mr. Wammy and began a steady pace next to him. Her hand was released when he noted her behaving. "He's new...isn't he?"

"Hm? Yes, yes he is."

"Old man...what's he go by?"

"..." An eyebrow twitched at the name she'd given him, "He...goes by L."


"Yes, and will be his partner."



November, 10, 2004

Kyoto, Japan


So...self-explanatory, she knew him growing up...insert childhood friend here. Insert...something more...there was, so much more...things no one else one...a secret that she'd take to the grave...just like she'd taken it when she'd left the orphanage in 1990.

Oh...let's return to that morning...maybe you will understand a little better, as to what brought on this...monologue...

(12:00 A.M – Eleven Hours Earlier)






~Bottom's up Bottom's up

throw your hands up

Tell security we bout to tear this club up

Bottoms up, bottoms up, pocket full of green

Girl, you know I love the way you shake it in them jeans

Bottoms up, bottoms up, throw ya─~

"Mmm?" Tired blue eyes stared at her cell phone, side glancing at the clock next to her bed; she glared before opening her cell and accepting the unknown numbers text.

Nippon...I'm sure by this point you know what's occurred. I have a request, nothing too complicated for you, I'm confident. By this time, my successors have already heard about me from Roger, and as such, they have most likely begun acquiring their own source of information on the Kira case, looking for their own method of solving...this worries me. I would greatly appreciate it...if you could...find them...and, if feasible...push them...

Together...Near and Mello...will defeat Kira!

L...Lawliet~ was silent for a moment, suddenly, she was wide awake, crawling out of bed on her hands and knees in an expensive, opaque blue mini dress that was made of a satiny material with a square neckline, open shoulders, and fluttery sides. She knocked a pair of faux leather, open toed front ankle high-heels with multi cross straps, out of her way as she crossed the floor to her laptop that sat shut on her desk. Not even climbing into her chair, she stayed on her knees, looking over the desk, she opened her laptop, waited patiently as it turned on, the logged in. Right there...on her desktop...a message she'd received November, 5, 2004...only five days ago...

Nippon...all data here has been deleted, all of it. As of this moment, Wammy Orphanage has been left...without anyone. Please consider this, you are the only one who I would ever trust to take care of those and myself, have been killed by none other...than Kira. We had already known something like this might happen; L had me set up an automatic send the second mine and his heart stopped. He would be alerted immediately...assuming I died first, and would delete all data on the Kira case and the orphans at the orphanage.

Nippon, watch over Wammy's, give them a future.

Quillish Wammy~ was still there...still sitting on her desktop...she couldn't delete it... This had been the first years that she'd heard anything from them...and as she reads's only to find out that...their dead! It wasn't fair...


November, 10, 2004

Kyoto, Japan




' the hell do I...find them?' She stood at the entrance of London's International Airport, 'Would they still be at Wammy's?' She mentally scoffed at the thought. In fact, she was sure, one of them, if not both...had already fled from Wammy's. Thinking about it, she would have left too if her idol had just been murdered...or died...'Suppose it wouldn't hurt to check...' Kagome sighed, glancing to her left, she saw the foreign taxi pull up to the curb where she stood and she gave a small wave. The driver climbed out and gave her a good once over; she wore an attractive white knit jumper that had a slightly flared style which gave it a very flattering shape. The intricate pattern on the front added a pretty touch; a white pair of pants were worn, with a black Vivien Caron Coat that touched down past her pant legs, letting no white be revealed, even her heels were black. Her eyes were covered with black sunshades and her hair was pulled back and hidden in a hat. All in all, she looked to be very well done, but not someone you'd want to talk with. In fact, people on the street...were avoiding her. 'Do I look like a contract killer or something?' She watched the driver place her bags in the back of the trunk, making sure he had everything; she climbed into the back of the cab. "Winchester Orphanage,"

"Got it," He drove, silence, comfortable for her, nerve-racking for him. It was about fifty minutes later that she could see the familiar sight of the well known establishment that her old caretaker had built. She hated traffic, it should have only taken a little less than thirty minutes to get there, but it had instead taken almost an hour.

"This is for the ride, this is if you stay out here and wait for me...I shouldn't be long..."

He stared at the rolled up batch of cash.

"Oh..." Kagome turned to the driver, now a few steps away, "There's more...if you stay, the next destination will be double." With that, she left to the front door of the orphanage, a few kids stopping to look at the strange new visitor.

Kagome brought her hands up subconsciously to her neck, two necklaces dangled innocently there. One which spelt Nippon, the other...the most recent one made...spelt out in an English Book Font...LAWLIET...her finger traced the letters as she let her mind wander back to the odd boy whom she'd grown to admire and care for so much. HELL, she jus took off three weeks from work so that she could go in search of his little successors.

Kagome turned at the sound of tapping, the sound of the pattering on a laptop. Now standing on the steps of the orphanage, she was standing next to a boy with red auburn hair and a set of orange tinted goggles that covered his eyes. A cigarette was burning away between his lips as he typed furiously away at his laptop. "..." She crouched down next to him and as he turned to see who was next to him, she snatched the cigarette from out between his lips. "You're wasting it, smoke it or put it out, but don't waste it." She placed it between her own lips and smirked as his mouth kind of dropped open before she straightened up and took a long drag before exhaling and stubbing the cancer stick out against the orphanage's walls. She opened the door and entered without saying anything to the boy, walking past a bunch of others, she caught site of a familiar sight. A boy with lost eyes...sitting on the floor, all alone. She was frozen in place...something horrible familiar drew her to the child...but now was not the time for memory lane. She left the sight behind and made her way to Roger Ruvie's office. She didn't knock, she didn't care to...she, in her longer had to. "..." He wasn't there yet, so...she sat down, she would wait. While she waited, she thought back to her first time working with L, as kids, they didn't really have much in common, aside from no parents; they had been complete first...


October, 31, 1984

Winchester, London


Nippon stormed through the halls after finally being free of Mr. Wammy and his long lectures of controlling one's emotions and feelings. "One such as yourself should be able to control such loud outbursts. As much as I understand your rebellious nature, I can't fathom the reason for you constantly fighting me...on everything...I'm not asking for much, you won't change your personality, so just...conceal it..." She mimicked in a whiny, high-pitched voice when her eyes caught site to lecture number two. "Also...please be sure to take care of L, I have...high hopes..." She mimicked in the same annoying voice before she pouted, "High hopes...what's that supposed to mean!" She stormed over to the boy who had earlier knocked her down and stared down at him, impatiently tapping her foot with her hands on her hips.

He was reading a book in the corner of the common room, the book itself was lying on the floor, and he was lifting each page by his thumb and pointer finger one by one.

'He isn't even looking up!' She growled, "HEY!"

He glanced up, and then returned his gaze to the page in front of him. He was her age, FIVE, what the hell was so interesting that he was ignoring her! She seethed irritably and glanced down to see what it was that had his attention so enraptured. 'There is an analogous formula for polynomials of degree three: The solution of ax3+bx2+cx+d=0 is...WHAT THE HELL!' She looked to him and frowned, "You need...something to do." She grabbed his hand and pulled him to his feet, despite his struggling and trying to get away. His hand that wasn't being pulled on by hers, still gripped the book titled The Cubic Formula.

She would knock all of that weirdness out of him...or at least make him more fun to be around. First however, she would have to get to know the weirdo. "So, your 'name''s L, right?"

He nodded, but said nothing.

"...right, I'm Nippon, means Japan. Anyways, where did they ship you in from?"

"Could you...elaborate?"

"..." She stared blankly at him, "Your five, use smaller words!" She sighed, but answered anyways, "Fine, I'll 'elaborate', most of the genii here are brought in from other countries. Like, I'm from Japan, originally, and then, A...I think she's actually from the states. Um...I don't know where B is from...he doesn't talk to anyone...I mean...sometimes he says hi to me...but other than that, he keeps quiet. Oh! K...she's also from Japan! So...what about you...?"

"I'm from England...but...I'm part Japanese..."

"Wah? Cool! We could be related!"

"I highly doubt that..."

Nippon laughed, "So when's your birthday?"

"..." He glanced away, deciding not to answer that one.

"Mine was last month!"

"..." He turned his gaze back to her, "Today..."

"..." She just stared, 'Is that why he looks so sad?' Taking her hand from his, she wrapped her arms around him, and pulled him into a warm hug.

"Excuse me,"


November, 10, 2004

Kyoto, Japan




Kagome opened her eyes and glanced to her left, the older figure of the man who'd been helping Wammy since it was established, stood right in front of her. "Roger..." She stood up and bowed respectfully. "Nippon, Mr. Roger' have you been?"

His eyes brightened considerably at the name, they had been so dull moments ago, but she couldn't imagine them any other way with how the bad news kept on coming. "Nippon, it's been a while. Well, since you're here, I'm sure you know I've been better. Um, what is it...exactly...that you are here for?"

"...L...he asked me to find Mello and Near..."

"...when was this?"

"Actually...about Twelve hours ago..."

Roger sat down as if a great pressure had just fallen on him. "He's been dead si─"

"Since five day's ago...I know...Mr. Wammy told me..."

Roger frowned, "Ho─"

"An automatic e-mil was sent when his heart stopped, and I guess L had the text message set to do the same when his heart stopped. I know all their data on the case and other stuff was deleted...and some other things; however, about Mello and Near, who I'm supposed to find...I know little about the two. Could you tell me a little about them?"

"...ah...yes...Mello...he's been in his room studying for the upcoming exam. I haven't seen breath or hair of that boy for three days. Actually, I wasn't sure if the information I'd received was accurate, I was going to confirm it myself...but are here...I guess it must be true. Oh, forgive me, I got off topic; Near is almost always in the common room or in his room. He doesn't go outside, I don't know much about either of them, I know, Mello is very exuberant...always a leader to those who like following him around, wears only black, and hangs out with his...I friend, Matt. Near is almost the exact opposite, wearing only white, and withdrawing himself from the others, watching from afar and keeping to himself. In fact...they remind me greatly...of you and L...except, unlike you and L, they can't be in the same room without Mello getting angry or trying to hurt Near... I suppose I should call them in and have a word with them..."

"No...let me Roger. I was closest with L...let me tell the two that will carry on his legacy."

"...fine." Kagome stood to leave when Roger called her back, "I almost forgot, with my old's getting easier to do..." He stood and made his way to a filing cabinet where he opened the third drawer and fingered files before opening one a little and reaching inside.

She caught the file name and smiled, '1995: L & Nippon CONFIDENTIAL' She watched him withdraw his hand with a few letters in tow. "What are those?"

"I don't know, I know L gave them to me from time to time. Actually, it was something only he and Mr. Wammy knew, mind you, Mr. Wammy wasn't sure what was written in the letters either, that's between you and L. He's been giving me these since 1995, and his last one was sent November, 4, 2004. Again, I don't know what the say, all I know is that he wanted me to give them to you when you returned...he seemed sure that you would; he said, you left something here...any idea what he meant?"

Kagome took the bundle of letters, there were dozens, "...yeah...I have an'll be in the library. No one should be in there now...right?"

"That's right; everyone is either at lunch or playing outside."

"Alright, see you soon." Kagome left to the library and when she entered, it was as she thought, completely emptied, with only the books and furniture to keep her company. Picking up the first one, she read the date, 'August, 24, 1995; it must be...the reason...the reason he started writing letters...' She closed her eyes...'I should read these another time...I can't right heart's been through too much...since last Friday, all I've heard is bad news...I can't take anything else.'

"Who the hell are you?"

Kagome's eyes snapped open and she turned to see a boy with blonde hair and bright baby blue eyes that stared curiously and intensely at her. She sighed, "Goodness, you surprised me. You must be a hardworking student, huh?"

"Humph, of course, L won't look twice at you if you don't work hard." He walked around the table she sat at and sat across from her, "I'm trying to become the next L, so I have to beat Near; who are you?"

"...the next L?"

"Yeah!" He stared, "Don't tell me you don't know who L is!"

Kagome pat herself on the back mentally, she was an Ace Evader when it came to questions, she could evade all of them...well...most of them, even she couldn't evade L's constant questioning. "Oh, no...I know L, I was just wondering about becoming the next you put it."

"L is Law, I want to be the Law."

"...HAHAHA!" She clutched her stomach as she laughed, "L is not the Law...he's amazing...a genius in his own right...he's a lot of things...but he's not the Law. He's...he's more like...a fallen and corrupt angel...something so dark...yet at the same time...he's innocent...he's just..." She sighed, "He's perfect..."

The blonde stared...then broke out laughing similarly to the way she had.

"WHAT!" She shouted, completely flustered that some fourteen or fifteen year old brat was laughing at her. "Kid, I will string you upside down!" His laughter didn't cease, it only got louder. She sighed, "Well, I should really get going, see ya." She stood and left the room.

"Wait!" She turned to see him running after her with her letters, "Your letters!...huh?" He stared, "This say's 'From L'..."

Kagome wanted to strangle the kid for what he did next.

The boy opened the top letter that she'd earlier put down and read it, she rushed towards him, but by the time she'd snatched the letter away from him, he was already staring wide eyed with shock and surprise evident in his eyes, his eyes which were staring straight at her.

"'re..." He frowned, "No way...that's not possible...that's not fair!" He turned and was out of her sight before she could ask what the letter had said. A sudden thought hit her, she hadn't asked his name, but remembering something Roger had said, she figured the outgoing, loud and all black wearing boy to be none other...than Mello...'Mello...the one who hates Near...well...he seems nice enough, but, maybe there is something that really bugs him about this boy, Near.'

She looked back down at the letter that was now open in her hand and sighed, flipping it over so that she could read it right side up, she read the rather neat hand writing of the, the time, sixteen year old teen boy, L...L Lawliet.

As she read, she felt her heart speed up and her face flush, her nerves were in a bundle and she was sure she was going to cry. She couldn't believe he'd done something like that...for a hunch! 'So he knew...L...I'm so sorry...I was afraid...I was scared...and, I was weak.' She silently cried, the truth was out...her secret... "And of all people to find out...oh, Mello..." Kagome sighed, but a small smile formed on her lips, 'At least some good came from it...he didn't die not knowing...that he was a father...'


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