The Path of Least Resistance

Summary: At times, despite your best efforts, you can't avoid a collision. But even when that kind of situation occurs, you should try to maintain as much control over it as possible so that you can look for a way towards the path of least resistance. Kagome is about to have a head on collision with the Supernatural...when she gets an emergency page...from L. But wait...L's dead...

Anime: InuYasha/Death Note

Pairing: Kagome/...just wait and see...

Genre: Angst/Crime

Rating: M


The Truth


November, 10, 2004

London, Winchester


Kagome wanted to find the blonde soon, but it seemed he was hell bent against being found. She saw the boy from before, the small smoker that she'd stolen the cigarette from prior to entering the building. He noticed her waving him over and walked up to her curiously. "Have you seen Mello around?"

"Mello?" He shook his head no, "But I know where you can find him."


"If he's mad, then he's studying." He took her hand in his and pulled her off up the stairs towards the bedrooms. She didn't know how many they had passed by, but she was sure that it was somewhere next to a hundred.

"You, your name wouldn't happen to be Matt...would it?"

He stopped walking and turned his goggle covered eyes on her. "Yeah, I am. How do you know my name?"

"I don't, I know your alias." She smiled, "Allow me to introduce myself, I am Kagome."

"Your alias is Japanese?"

"Yep..." She grinned, 'Nippon is Japanese, but that isn't my alias that I gave...' She ushered him onwards, trying to get him to continue, which he did. Looking the boy over, she mentally gave a sigh, 'I wish I were younger...truly, age is a curse upon women.'

"This is our room."

"Our? As share a room with Mello?" Thinking it over, she knew that the one, two and three rated successors had their own rooms, so she wasn't sure why they shared a room.

"Yeah, well, more like, I play my games in here occasionally, then pass out. Roger moved a bed in here for me since Mello started complaining about me lying asleep on his floor all the time." He opened the door and pulled out a game boy from his back pocket before falling back on one of the two beds. She entered and saw the blonde pacing with a chocolate bar in hand.

"My word, should I leave, dear Mello? I seem to have caused you turmoil of some sort." She sighed sarcastically before moving in front of him, ignoring his glare and taking his hand in hers. "Mello, please have a seat. You are about to hear something that may make you hate me even more than you do now."

"I sincerely doubt it."

" least you're sincere."

Matt laughed, "Should I leave?"

"'ll need to tell Near after you both hear this. First, listen to me carefully, Mello, Matt...I truthfully loved L, full heartedly...I would do anything...for that man."

The two stared at her, and, although Matt was confused, he could see how it was affecting Mello. His friend stood with clenched fists as he listened to the woman Matt knew next to nothing about.

" pains me, that he would ask me to do this...I don't want to be a bearer of casualty and sorrow...but, L is dead. He died five days ago. He was killed by Kira, during his investigation...cause of death is unknown, killer is unknown...all I can tell you, is that...he wanted me to care for and help out his successors in anyway anyway I could."

"..." Matt looked to Mello who had taken on an ashen white complexion, now resembling near more than ever. His eyes wide with anger, hate, and sorrow. ...Distaste...was burning deep in his blue orbs, a look he rarely saw his friend take up, even when it concerned the blonde's albino rival.

"Is that it?" Mello said, keeping a leveled tone. "He's we should just continue like nothing has changed?"

Kagome stepped back as his voice grew louder, she wasn't used to children, hence why she had none...well...none that she'd taken care of. She especially wasn't used to them snapping at her like so..."Mello─"


"Grow up Mello! People DIE!" She yelled back, finally at her limit of reassurance and comfort. Both boys stared in shock, neither moved. "Do you think I wanted this! I LOVED HIM! I WISH HE WERE HERE NOW! SO THAT I DIDN'T HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT HE'S DEAD! I hate him for leaving..." Her voice grew distant and the two stared in surprise as tears began falling from her eyes. Mello stepped up to her and stared her hard in the eyes, "I hate myself for never returning...I wish I could redo it all...I would have been his partner had I chose to would have been me instead of him that had died," Her knee's gave out and she fell to the floor before them, her hands held her upright facing them. "He must of hated me when I had that letter stated..."

"I read it...and he never said he hated you...he said, he was disappointed." Mello placed a hand on her head and bent forward so that he was looking directly into her eyes. His hair fell forward and framed his face in a way that gave him a picturesque look. "I hate you...for leaving...even if I don't know you, and that won't change, ever...however, I can't ignore the fact that you are here now. I think it's too late personally...but...then again, I'm not Near, and we've never seen things the same way. Knowing him, he'll probably say something like, 'if you say sorry, everything is okay again' but he doesn't no any better, so for this time, and this time only...I will show him, that what you did was wrong, and I will make him see you, as the person who abandoned him." He straightened up and turned his eyes to Matt before walking out of their room.

Matt knew that look, it meant follow. He held his hand out to Kagome, who hesitantly took it. Pulling her up, he glanced at her tearstained face and wondered what all of this was really about. Near? Abandoned? What was it that Mello was going to show Near? He didn't know, but he knew staying with Mello would clear things up. "Mello says a lot of things that, sometimes, he doesn't really mean. I don't know the situation, so I don't have any real opinion...I guess what I'm saying is...don't think badly of Mello."

Kagome smiled sadly, "You're a good friend, Matt." She placed a hand in her pocket and pulled it back out, closed tightly into a fist. She took his hand that had seconds ago held hers from pulling her up and moved her fisted hand over it before opening it and letting something trickle into his hand.

"Hm?" He looked into his hand and stared curiously, "I'm not religious, and I don't believe in god. That's Mello's thing."

"I know, I saw his crucifix...give that to'll save him in the long run if he has it, I promise."

"Do I just tell him it's from you?"

"No...think something up, but he can't know that it's from me..." She turned and left, heading down the stairs to the common room with the many letters clutched tightly in her hands. Silently, she placed them in both her pockets before searching out the other successor.


Mello walked thoughtfully down the halls, his mind recalled the letter he'd read not even thirty minutes ago outside the library.


The year is 1995, it's August the 24th, and I've learned a secret of yours today. I decided to start writing letters to you, in hopes that one day, you might return to read them. You are very clever, Nippon, to have hidden yourself so well, and to have even snuck back onto Wammy's Grounds without being caught.

For the longest time─


(August, 24, 1995)


'For the longest time I couldn't fathom why you would leave the orphanage without telling me, or even leaving some kind of address or way of contact. I thought, perhaps I had done something wrong, something to anger you, sadden you, or maybe even hurt you...I pondered this for several months...six to be exact...the day I chose to stop thinking about it...Roger brought in a baby from outside that was wrapped warmly in a wool blanket. The baby was a new born; a birth certificate was also with the child, appointing this day, four years ago, as its birth date.'

L looked behind him, a small child lay asleep in his bed while he sat at his des writing. It was somewhat strange, that the reason he now sat in his room, was a little boy. He rarely ever slept in his room, if at all. He used the pen in his hand to move the drape canopy sheet aside, gazing at the child that lay silently asleep. Turning back to the letter on his desk, he continued, feet in his chair, chin on his knees.

'That was exactly four years ago year ago, and curiously, I began wondering, who the child belonged to. My curious nature you've told me one true weakness. As I found my self trying to figure out who the mother and father were, being that no name or hospital was placed on the birth certificate, nor a doctor or nurse, or anything helpful, but a name and birth date. I had almost decided not to worry about it, after having no leads for nearly four years, when Watari brought up an interesting observation. Stating ever so calmly that, 'the child has my eyes'. So, not thinking that I would actually gather much from it if I did, I went ahead and did a blood test. It would take a month before results returned, and be it for me to speed up irony, that the day I got the results back was the exact date, four years ago, that the child was brought to the orphanage, August, 24, 1991.'

L ran his fingers through his hair and sighed.

'I was the baby's father; now, as I've only ever had intimate relations with one person, so I knew immediately, that he was also yours. Let me tell you the childs name that he will forever go by, so that maybe, one day, you may call him by such...'Near'...I gave him that name, choosing carefully. So Near, yet so far, he would never be able to know me as his father, and he may possibly never know you as his mother, so near, far. With this, I end this correspondence with one finale statement...

I was─'


November, 10, 2004


'I was very disappointed in you...Nippon...



Kagome sighed, "What did I do? Did I hurt somebody in a past life? Really, to deserve this..." She was sitting in the common room waiting for it to file out, reading the letter as the crowds thinned. She didn't want to cause a scene, and she knew how much attention she'd attract by going up to the must anti-social child in the common room. She wasn't a kid person, never was, and probably never would be...that was why she'd decided long ago to leave her son here. It wasn't that she didn't love him, hell, she had smothered the boy in kisses seconds after his birth, however, she was young, and scared...being only fifteen with a child...she didn't know how to handle that type of situation, so she trusted the only home she'd known since childhood, and remained hidden from anyone who would try to find her. She went by a name no one knew, and continued living as if a normal school girl, who proceeded getting a normal job, with normal friends and normal hobbies.

Kagome looked around and smiled, the room was finally empty aside from the boy playing with his puzzle. 'Definitely takes after L, no mistake about that! Boy's too quiet and too obedient to be anything like me. Where's that conniving mind, playing pranks, bully people, causing hell for old man Roger! SOMETHING!' She sat beside the boy who remained silent as he continued his puzzle, 'Also...where did the white hair come from? I know he's my son, he had white fuzz on his head at birth, so I know that much, also, it's natural...but, I have black hair, L has black hair...' Kagome frowned, "How did you get white hair..."

The boy looked up, but she didn't take notice until he started talking. "Achromia, achromasia, or achromatosis is a congenital disorder characterized by the complete or partial absence of pigment in the skin, hair and eyes due to absence or defect of an enzyme involved in the production of melanin."

Kagome smiled, "Wah~ You're so smart Near. Actually, if I could have a moment with you..."

"..." He went back to his puzzle, but listened.

"Near, it's important that you pay attention carefully, and please..." She added this last part with Mello in mind, "...don't get mad at me."

"Why would I get mad at someone I don't know?"

'...good point...too bad most of the world doesn't share the same perspective.' She noticed him staring at her knee and looked to see a piece of his puzzle hidden next to her. Taking it in her hand, she looked at the puzzle, "May I?"

He stared a moment before nodding.

She placed the white piece against one of the other white pieces and smiled at the perfect fit. "I used to go to thus orphanage...back when L was also a student here."

His movements slowed only slightly, but he continued placing pieces down. Every so often, the woman next to him would place another piece down.

"Like you and Mello, L and I were rivals, but...we were also partners."

"Partners?" Near stopped mid motion and looked up to the woman.

"Yes, in more ways than one. When I first met him, I was wild, rambunctious, and uncontrollable; those are Watari's, when I think back on it, he was calm, discreet, and a good way. He never said much, and was always watching from a know, you are a lot like him. While, Mello is a lot like me, sadly, the one thing that you both aren't similar to us in, is how we could adapt to the other, and become closer through are rivalry."

"Closer?" Near's eyes flickered behind Kagome for a moment, where he saw Mello and Matt peaking in from behind the door, Mello had a thoughtful look on his face as the two listened to the older woman.

"Well...I used to find him to be...the most irritating type of person. I always had this feeling that he didn't talk to me at first because he thought he was too good to talk to me, silly...huh. Then, as time went by, two five year olds became best friends and study partners, occasionally case partners, and were number one and two in school. At twelve...they started dating...and at fifteen...they were parents."

Near's head snapped up at the last part, staring incredulously at her. "L has a child?"

Kagome gave a light laugh, "Yeah, he's a genius, just like his father, and just as eccentric too. Sadly, he didn't take after least, not that I've seen so far."

" old is he?"

"Ah...he's thirteen,"


"He's thought very highly of by L, but L never showed it, since...he thought that the easiest way to keep his son safe. Near, it must have been hard growing up without your parents love or coddling..."

Slowly, Near began to realize what the woman before him was saying, "I'm..."

"Mm," She nodded, "L is your father, and you are his son, through and through, there is no doubt about it."

"What didn't L tell me himself, why you?"

"...L is dead..." She hated saying this, she hated it horribly, especially to her own son. Whether she was by his side all his life ore meeting for the first time since his birth, it sucked having to tell him that his father was dead. "He died five days ago, and so did Watari. Both were killed by Kira, causes are unknown, the public doesn't know, only you, Roger, Mello, Matt, those involved in the Kira investigation, Kira and myself. may hate me for leaving you, and you may be upset that L never told you, but know this, we both loved you so dearly. I was a coward, and he was trying to protect wasn't the best way, maybe, but at fifteen years old, it was the only way we knew. I wish I could go back, and change how we did things, and if that were possible, in a heartbeat I would...but as it stands, it's not. Now, as L's successor, I need to know...what do you plan to do?"

It was a lot to throw at him. He didn't know how to react. His father was L, and he was killed by Kira, and this woman, who had yet to give her name, was his mother...and she wanted to know what he was going to do about it? About what? He couldn't think straight, and he was confused...but, no...he understood...

'As L's successor...I need to capture his son...I need to retaliate.' Near stood up and stared down at Kagome, "What is your name?"

"...Kagome, Kagome Higurashi. The name on your birth certificate isn't right either; it's not Nate Rivers, its Nate Lawliet."

"...I see, L's last name...was Lawliet?"


"...I'm going to think for a while, I haven't yet decided what the best course of action would be, but whatever it is, I won't be taking action yet."

"That's fine, I'll be staying here helping Roger with things around here for a while, so...if you need something, don't be afraid to ask."

Near nodded; walking out of the common room, leaving his puzzle behind for the first time since he'd made it years ago.


Near turned the corner to see Mello leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed over his chest, "Mello has a bad habit of eavesdropping..."

"Are you just going to forgive her, for abandoning you here?"

Near subconsciously began twirling a lock of his hair around his finger. "Whether I forgive her or not, she's my mother. It doesn't matter either way. Right now, Kira is what's important, I will worry about family affairs once Kira is behind bars. Until then, she is Kagome Higurashi, childhood friend and partner of L Lawliet, renowned detective all over the world. This means that she'll be helpful in gathering information and helping capture Kira, and that's all that matters. Until he's either dead or behind bars, that's all they are to me."

Mello stared at Near for a moment before turning and walking off.

Matt sighed, he just knew that this was going to be a long day...and an even longer case. He knew that look in his friends eyes. He too would try capturing Kira...but, at what cost...He looked at the rosary that was still clutched in his hand and a thought came to mind. He couldn't just let his friend do something so dangerous without some type of reassurance. But this would be tricky...could he do it?


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