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"What's goin' on Bill? You're freakin' me out." Bodie whispered, leaning towards his friend. Billy grinned and took a deep drag, hissing it out of his curled lips.

"Just wait." On the edge of town, a parking garage was left to die, condemned after an asbestos warning in the adjoining building had put it out of business. Rain poured down around the cement enclosure, slapping the ground violently as it fell. The sound echoed in the empty space and it soothed Billy, but not his men.

They all stood around him, leaning against the Duster and Mustang they'd arrived in. He hadn't told them what he had planned. People talked too much and this needed to be on the down low, the quiet side.

The sound of a car broke the concentration of the group and Billy flicked his butt to the ground. He knew that motor. Standing off his black car, he cracked his neck. Show time. The men watched as he put his hands in his pockets, raising his shoulders to flaunt his height. This was his signature sign of territory; the boys fidgeted, mimicking the stance in their own forms.

The familiar grey 1970 Plymouth Hemi-Cuda pulled in through the curtain of rain, followed shortly by a white 1980 Lincoln Continental. Billy's men tensed as the cars grew closer and came to a lurching halt, testing their bravery. Their leader only snorted, unmoved by the attempt at intimidation.

Sid was the first to appear, stepping from the Plymouth slowly like an old western sheriff dismounting a horse. He glared at Billy and slammed his door. It was obvious he wasn't over their previous scuffle; the one where Billy ended up with Sid's gun pointed at Sid's head. His buzz cut accented his large arms but they didn't make up for his height. Standing at about five foot seven, he was extremely short for such a dangerous trade. Billy flexed his jaw and kept his body square. Eventually he'd set this guy straight but, for now, he needed to just wait.

More men clamored from the Lincoln, four to be exact, and two more crawled from the back seat of the Plymouth. Totaling eight. Billy recognized the tall redhead from the corner but the rest were strangers to him. His men glared and Bodie leaned over, whispering into Billy's ear.

"What the fuck, Bill. Aren't these guys…" Billy hushed him with a glance, using his eyes to communicate. He knew exactly what he was doing.

Sid circled the Plymouth's as the driver door opened. She stood from the car with a cigarette perched between her lips. Her jacket was open, revealing a red spandex t-shirt beneath; black steel-toed boots cloaked by dark jeans scuffed the cement as they hit the ground. Bodie stiffened and his eyes went wide.

"No way." He murmured. Sid smirked and crossed his arms as Helen stepped around him, clapping him on the shoulder. Billy hid his smile and flexed his jaw instead. It had been almost three days since he'd found her in the back of the Four Roses. Seeing her again lessened the fear in his gut, the foolish anxiety of that entire night being a dream. She was alive and well; now the whole Darley gang knew it. Bodie shook his head and the other men watched him. No one in the Darley gang really knew what Helen looked like. Her identity had remained a mystery to all besides Billy and Bodie.

"You're dead." Bodie added, shaking his head in disbelief. Sid snarled.

"Fuck no she aint." Helen snorted and squared her stance. Billy's eyes drifted down her right leg, remembering the scar. He'd never figured out what happened, how she'd been hurt so badly, but he'd convinced her to hold this meeting.

"Back the fuck off." Billy growled at Sid. Regardless of his intentions here, no one spoke to his second that way. Helen rolled her eyes and released Sid's shoulder.

"All right boys, put your dicks away." She crossed towards her four other men, walking slowly and deliberately. He noticed the strength in each step; she was getting better each day, although, he hadn't helped things along. Both of them had barely been able to walk the day after she'd surprised him.

"We're here for a reason." Helen said, looking down the line of Billy's men. "Let's stick to business." Everyone straightened and Billy took a drag, stepping forward.

"I think you got a little explaining to do." He growled. "Cuz frankly, I'm sick of the games." Sid took a step and Bodie was off the car, locking his jaw and flanking Billy.

"Watch your tone, Darley." Sid snarled. Bodie showed his teeth, hissing through them.

"You watch your step, asshole." He retorted. The two locked eyes and pursed their lips, flaring their nostrils with fury. Helen came up behind Sid and passed him. Billy approached her with a crack of his neck. This was all about territory and domination, something they struggled with constantly, even in bed.

"I don't have to explain shit, Darley." She murmured, pointing at him with two fingers. "My business is my business."

"If you're stuck in shit, we're all in shit." He retorted. That silenced everyone. Bodie glanced back at Billy with a puzzled look and Sid slacked his shoulders. Since when did one gang need the other? Baggy stood off the car and Billy pointed at him.

"Who's your sister fuckin'?" Confused faces broke out among his crew and Baggy froze. One of Helen's men shifted, giving himself away. Billy nodded towards the culprit, but kept his eyes on Baggy. "Him?" Helen stared at her man, raising an eyebrow.

"He right, Kade?" The man slowly nodded, his short black hair bobbing with his head. Billy continued to address Baggy.

"Why didn't you do somethin'?" Baggy opened his mouth but Billy cut him off. "Why didn't you kill the fucker, huh? He's the competition and he's shovin' his dick in your sister." Kade stepped forward, frowning angrily. Helen grabbed a fist full of the front of his shirt, stopping him in his tracks. Billy grinned at him. "Yeah, I'll bet that makes you mad." He stared at Kade as the man heaved furious breaths behind Helen's hold.

"Fuck this got to do with shit, Darley?" She hissed, glaring at him. Billy locked eyes with her.

"Why Bag?" He yelled over his shoulder, his voice echoing around them. Baggy stood frozen and just looked between Billy and Kade, glancing at Bodie in confusion. Billy turned his head and shot an ice-cold glare at him. "Why didn't you do anythin'?" Baggy helplessly looked into Billy's eyes, speaking slowly and nervously. One wrong answer and he could set off a major bomb.

"I don't got a problem." He murmured. Billy's brows relaxed. Correct answer.

"What?" He asked. Baggy swallowed and deepened his voice.

"I didn't have a beef with the Hall." Helen's fist loosened on Kade's shirt and he sat back on his heels, no longer hunching on the defensive. Billy held back a grin. The truth. As proud as the gangs were, that was the truth. They had no problems with the other. He shifted his gaze back to Kade.

"You got a beef with my crew?" He asked bluntly. Helen looked up into Kade's face as he shook his head.

"No." He muttered. Sid angrily frowned.

"Your guy fuckin' cut up one of our girls last year." He snarled, pointing at Dog. Billy ground his teeth, ready to give up and just kill the annoying henchman, but Helen barked at him.

"That was squared between me and Darley." She growled. "You fuckin' know that." She turned back to Billy, blinking slowly to calm her tone. "What's your point?"

"We aren't allies, but we aren't enemies." He used his hands as he continued. "This city belongs to us, pure and fuckin' simple. We run the show." He turned and gestured to both his men and Helen's, playing to their pride. "We call the fuckin' shots." Mouths curled into small smiles, the mood of the room slowly edging towards comfortable. Billy looked back at Helen.

"And when someone threatens one, the other is exposed." Helen examined his face then put her hands on her hips, flicking ash to the ground as she chewed a lip in deliberation. Finally she exhaled.

"If someone stuck you, I'd be sayin' the same shit." She murmured. Billy wanted to smile, appreciate the faint sentiment in the phrase, but he didn't. "We may not like it…" She said, glancing at Sid. "…but together we clean up fast." Helen snorted. "Shit gets done." Bodie nodded.

"Like B street." A few haughty laughs escaped both sides of the divide, recalling the open season the two gangs had called on the invader. Now, the punks were reduced to petty crimes on the outskirts of town, running for cover when the real deal drove by. Even Sid gave a curt nod to the affirmative. Helen moved, coming within a foot of Billy.

"This shit aint some idiots with itchy trigger fingers." She glanced back at her men and then scanned Billy's. "This is messier." Bodie walked back behind Billy and gestured to the Darley gang.

"We can fuckin' handle messy." He purred, clapping a hand on Billy's shoulder. Sneers and nods followed his remark and Billy tilted his head back, putting his hands in his pockets. Helen cocked an eyebrow and smirked.

"Well then, Darley. You got yourselves a shit show." She looked over at Sid and he came to her side. "Tell 'em what you found out." The look in his eye made Billy's stomach dance. He'd never faced something he couldn't handle but, then again, Helen hadn't either.

"We got a trafficker."

"Why'd you dye it again?" He asked, blowing smoke over his head. His chest was glistened with sweat but his breath had long slowed to a comfortable pace. Helen cracked her ankle with a twist and sighed, putting an arm behind her head as she stretched out on the mattress beside him.

"Hated it." Billy snorted and eyed her short, blonde hair. Honestly, he didn't remember what her hair had looked like before. She'd changed it so many times, he couldn't keep track, nor did he care to. His eyes rested on her face and he watched her take another drag, casually staring at the ceiling. Her neck was marred with purple marks and they continued down her chest. He'd bitten, sucked, and tasted every inch of her.

"Where were ya?" He finally asked, leaning his head back against the headboard. Resting one arm on his bent knee, he let his cigarette smolder between his fingers.

"No where." She murmured. Billy frowned and closed his eyes, locking his jaw. He didn't want to press her, didn't want to sound like he'd cared. But he did. What had happened? Where did that scar come from?

"How bad?" He muttered. Helen moved and he opened his eyes to look at her. She sat up and surprised him by straddling his lap. Kissing his neck, she sat on his thighs.

"Doesn't matter." Billy ground his teeth, closing his eyes once again out of frustration. Helen stopped and sighed. "God, you goin' soft?" She muttered. He glared at her, flashing his steely blue irises.

"Fuck you." He growled, shoving her off his legs roughly. Her fist met his shoulder and he snarled, grabbing her wrist and pinning her down.

"What, I gotta run everything by you now?" She hissed, seething under his naked torso.

"One day you're in this room, tellin' me you're dealin' with somethin'. The next I hear you're fuckin' dead. WANNA CLEAR THAT UP!" He roared, screaming in her face.

"Why the fuck do you care? I'm not dead. AND YOU GOT LAID! HAPPY?" He snarled and shoved away, lurching off the mattress and grabbing his jeans from the floor.

"The fuck I care." He muttered. Yanking them up his legs. Billy turned and pointed at her. "YOU CAME TO MY BAR! YOU CAME TO ME!" He panted and she glared at him, sitting up on the bed. Wiping the back of his hand over his nose, he gave an angry exhale. Then he snatched his shirt from the floor. Shoving it over his head, he pointed at her again. "That means somethin'." He said with a huff, starting for the door after tugging his jacket off a chair. Helen grabbed a pillow, throwing it as hard as she could after him.

"GODDAMN YOU." She screamed. Billy stopped as it bounced harmlessly off his side and he turned. It wasn't the pillow that made him stop; it was her voice. He looked at her and saw the crack in her mask. She grit her teeth and avoided his eyes. "I hate you." Helen hissed. Billy tossed his jacket back on the chair. "I fuckin' hate you." He just waited, standing in the doorway as she fumed at him. With a fist, she hit her own knee, fighting the obvious emotion building inside of her. It took her minutes of silence and deep breaths before she spoke again, before she'd risk speaking again.

"I went because I wanted to, ok?" She hissed. Billy didn't react, any movement would spook the confession he'd evoked and he wanted to hear her out. "YOU HAPPY?" She suddenly growled, glaring at him. "You try nearly bleeding to death and waking up, realizing you're just as human as the rest of the fuckin' world! That you're just as weak." He felt the impact of her words. Her death had the same sort of effect on him, showing him that even the strong could fall. Billy stepped towards the bed again and Helen hissed at him. "I fuckin' hate you."

"Sure." He said, standing with his shins against the mattress border. She looked away from him, stubborn and angry.

"Fuck you." Billy grabbed one of her ankles.

"Watch your mouth." He snarled, tugging her to the edge of the bed. She slapped at his arm and he growled, gripping her harder.

"Get off." She hissed, kicking in his hold. "Don't wanna touch you." Helen muttered. Billy pulled her closer and leaned onto the mattress.

"Shut up." He retorted, sliding his second hand behind her neck and pulling her face to his. She fought his kiss for a moment, glaring at him and pushing his chest away but he won out, biting her lip until she opened her mouth and allowed him entry. They both took deep inhales through their noses, closing their eyes while their pulses rose once again.

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