Note: I wrote this one-day at school (I'm in eighth grade and I had a lot of free time). It is about Frodo and Sam on their journey to Mordor. It is told from Frodo's point of view. I hope you enjoy it. >^______^

I rest beneath the starry dome,
Aye, 'tis all the same,
But I'm far from home.

Day is done, I rest tonight,
Journey's long, no end in sight.
Bear the burden, I have no choice,
"Good night" I say with a cracking voice.

My partner's tired and so am I,
Bet there is no rest, pain manifest,
And wear not seen to the mortal eye.

But time seems hallow, sleep is shallow,
My mind, it wanders still,
My body's spent, my will's been bent,
My hope 'tis none could kill.

Night is cold, no time for pain,
I rest my head to sleep in vain.

I feel alone, lost, and scared,
I feel I've lost all of whom I cared.

But I'm not alone, someone's near,
The familiar soul I can hear.

."The night is long, the wind is strong,
As cold as bitter rain,
Fear ye not, forget me not,
We shall go there and back again."

I am back at home, the place I long,
I'm finally at peace,
Book in lap, lulled to nap,
In robes of fleece.

And for that moment, all is well,
While in a dream away from Hell.

Then I wake up, cold and sore,
Sweet solace I've lost once more.

My friend and I journey down the road,
To places of evil and darkness untold.
But I will take the road and persist,
Lose, draw, or win,
And I know my true power
Will show through from within.

Some things may come,
Some things may go,
But one thing always stays,
Me and you, and others, too,
Shall meet at End of Days.