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So Tsuna was only 14 years old, alone at home, and currently bored of the boredom. At this moment, he was in his living room, reclining on his couch in an upside-down position flipping through channels that didn't have anything worthy to watch. His legs were dangling off of the couch's head, his head and left arm dangling off the couch's cushions, and his right arm was held up in the air to keep the remote controller that was in the hand to flip through the channels. And if you can look at his expression, you can obviously see that he's having the worst time of his day(s).

"Nothing... nothing... nothing... aaaannnd... nothing. Chikusho! Why aren't there any good shows on todaaay!" He whined at the television. He then turned it off, no longer bothering to flip through channels again. He looked around the room for the clock. And when he did found a clock, it read 9:30 P.M. 'Time passes by much slower than I thought!' He groaned out loud.

Now let's look over Sawada Tsunayoshi's life.

One: He has no friends.

Two: He's useless, thus, earning the nickname, "Dame-Tsuna" by students at his school.

Three: He only lives with his mother.

Four: His life is down-right boring.

And five: Nothing exciting happens to him. And getting bullied doesn't count.

(A/N: ...Those were probably really bad reasons but we need to see the picture first. And reason five sounds pretty much the same as reason four... sorry!)

The brunette covered his mouth with a hand and yawned loudly in it. "Sleepy..." He said to himself. No longer interested in talking to himself further than that, he walked upstairs to where his bed awaited for him.


Before he could even take the first step, the door just had to be knocked on. "Noooo..." he whined, not feeling like he should answer it. But he went towards the door anyways. He remembered to look through the eyehole before answering the door.

And when he did look through the eyehole, he saw that there was nobody there. "Eh?" He blinked in confusion. Then he backed away from the door to open it.

Once the door was opened, Tsuna noticed that there really was no one there. "Wha?" He really was confused now. And to make sure the person who knocked was somewhere close by, he stepped out of the house, but only to trip on something.

"UWAH!" Then he fell on his stomach, chest, and forehead. "ITAI!" He shouted loudly in pain.

Tsuna slowly and carefully got up and get into a sitting position to face the object he tripped on.

Rubbing his probably bruised forehead tenderly, he looked at the object. "Eh? It's a box?"

Indeed it is a box! It was one foot tall on all sides.

Getting up and brushing the dirt off of his shoulders, torso, and the waist down, Tsuna got closer to the box, wondering what's inside it. Then he remembered that someone had knocked on his door just a minute ago. "Ah!" He turned around, frantically looking around for the person.

"Th-that's weird... there's no one here..." It felt creepy that the person that had just knocked your door isn't in sight. He shivered at that.

"Then, that person must've left this box here..." he mumbled. Staring at the box a bit longer, the brunette let out a sigh and lifted the box, taking it inside, closing the front door and locking it, and went up into his bedroom, also closing the door.

"Alright," He sat on his bed and placed the box in between his legs. "there has to be something in here that says what it is that's in the box."

He got up to grab a pair of scissors from his desk, and proceeded to cut the tape that sealed the box.

He opened the box and grabbed two items out. It was another box and a note folded in half. He sweat-dropped at the smaller box, "Err... I guess... it's something really important to be placed in a smaller box..." Then he placed the said item on his bed, moved the larger box to the floor, and opened the note.

Hello there,

You must be wondering why there was a box at the footstep of your home, and that there was nobody there when you had opened the door, it may be awkward, but it needed to be done to keep what's inside the box safe. I needed someone who can care, love, protect, and understand them; since I can no longer give those to them. So I had followed a strong will of fire to have them be in good hands. And it looks like it is you.
Inside the smaller box contains six special pacifiers. Please know that they are very precious to me. They are alive and must be protected at all costs.
I really do apologize for giving you such a burden, but I hope you can understand.
And don't let the little ones get into the wrong hands.


Tsuna stared at the note for a few more seconds before looking at the smaller box. 'Six pacifiers...?'

Before Tsuna can open the box, he locked his window, closed the curtains, and cleaned the floor a bit.

Staring back at the box that was lying on his bed, he gulped before taking the scissors to open the box. Once the box was opened widely, Tsuna looked inside and found the pacifiers.

"Uwah! They look so pretty!" He carefully picked up the pacifiers one by one and placed them on his pillow. He stared in awe at them. "I can pretty much see why this "Luce" person says that you're precious to her." Well, judging by the name, he can guess the person who wrote the note is a female...

He yawned again. "Oh yeah, I need to sleep..."

So he picked out his pajamas, went to the bathroom to shower, got into his pajamas, brushed his teeth, dried his messy brown hair with a towel (it's not completely dry though), and went towards his bed to put the note inside the smaller box to put them on the floor.

He sat on his bed and stared at the pacifiers again. "So... there's a red pacifier, a yellow pacifier, a green pacifier, an indigo pacifier, a light blue pacifier, and a purple pacifier." After saying all the colors, Tsuna noticed something. "Hey, those are the colors of the rainbow! But..." Checking the objects' colors again, he noticed that one color was missing. "there isn't an orange one... Why is that? The note said that there are six of them, and there're definitely six of them here. But why isn't there an orange one?" He asked the question to the air.

Then he remembered that the note said that they were alive. 'How are they alive?' he asked himself. 'Does talking to it help?' He scratched the back of his head. 'Well... it's worth a shot...'

"E-etou... H-hello, I'm um, S-Sawada Tsunayoshi. But you can call me Tsuna."

After he said that, nothing happened. 'Sh-should I keep trying?'

"Umm... It... looks like I'm going to take care of you guys. This Luce person umm... sent you guys to me to...care, love, protect, and understand you all."

No response.

"Umm... I-I..." He gulped at what he was about to say next. "I'm... willing to do those for you. And I'll try my best... with my dying will. So umm... it's nice to meet you." Tsuna gave a caring smile to them.

Then suddenly, the pacifiers started glowing, which caused Tsuna to slightly jump and squeal.

The glowing lasted for a second, and then slowly came back again; it went off, then on, off, and on. 'It... kinda looks like a heartbeat...' He started to slowly reach out a hand to them, being very cautious.

His fingers gently touched the yellow one, which was the closest. His honey-brown eyes widened a bit. "It's... warm..."

Gathering up some courage, he picked up the yellow object and placed it in his hands. The feeling felt soothing to the brunette. He smiled softly at the yellow pacifier and the rest of the others. "So...you guys are alive." Tsuna whispered.

He placed the pacifier back with the others and got up to turn off the light, and crawled into his bed careful not to make them fall off his pillow. He made room for the pacifiers and set them next to him. He pulled the covers over himself and stared in awe at them.

The heartbeat light coming from them looked very beautiful to Tsuna. He would stare at them till his life would pass.

He yawned once again. "Oyasumi..." He whispered a goodnight to them before drifting off to sleep with a light smile.

When Tsuna was definitely asleep, little voices whispered, "...Oyasumi, Tsuna/Tsunayoshi..." to the brunette.

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