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'Okay... I can do this... I can do this... I can SO do this! I... What the heck—who am I kidding?' Tsuna sighed loudly.

"Are you ready Tsunayoshi?"

"U-uhmm... Y-yes—I MEAN! No—ye—wait. Okay, I'm totally rea—wait, no I'm not. WAIT! I really am—I think so— okay, I don't know anymore." Tsuna gave up.

"All you just do is approach him?"

"...You make it sound so easy. But in my reality, it's really... really difficult for me."

"Ah, I see. I completely understand, Tsunayoshi..." Fon made a pause, "But then again, I'm still curious about that boy. Please, approach."

"But—but I don't know what I should say when I get there..."

"First, you will approach him, turn to look at the people, and say 'He woke up on the wrong side of the bed; he's a very cranky camper'. Say that as an excuse to drag him away. Do you understand?"

Tsuna noticed that Fon's voice was starting to sound a little bit stern. "I-I'm sorry." he squeaked (he really didn't have to apologize). "I'll... g-go." Tsuna nodded once. "But I won't say what you just said."

"Alright. Just do what you can to meet him properly... and still inspect him."

Tsuna wondered if it was right to pick Fon to take out and not one of the other pacifiers. 'Oh well—you get what you pick. Ganbatte, Sawada Tsuna(yoshi)!' He cheered himself.

Gathering up some courage, the brunette bravely walked towards the silver haired boy.

"You can do it, Tsunayoshi! I believe in you." Fon used the corniest line Tsuna would obviously hear in clichéd movies.

'I'm sure you do, Fon... I'm sure you do...' Tsuna kept walking.

When the other guy was done shoving people away, he noticed Tsuna walking towards him, so he glared. "Who the hell're you?"

Tsuna silently whimpered at the glare. "E-etou... We bumped to each other earlier today. R-remember? You were r-running away from that l-lady with purple food in her hands... Um, my n-name is Sa-wada Ts-Tsuna-yoshi-i..." The brunette stuttered uncontrollably. And he can swear he's trembling out of fear rather than nervousness.

"Do you think I care who you are?" the guy snorted.

"My, my... This man is awfully kind!" Fon piped. "Tsunayoshi, try to hold his hand."

Tsuna could've sworn that he felt one of his eyes twitch uncontrollably.

"...Oi, why is one of your eyes twitching?" While glaring, the silver-haired guy raised an eyebrow at Tsuna.

Tsuna fidgeted his fingers on the pacifier. "It's from um, lack of sleep?"

"Well stop your stupid twitching and get away from me." He growled.

Tsuna looked at the ground, feeling a bit scared at the other's harsh attitude. Taking a deep, quiet breath, Tsuna looked into the other's eyes. "I-is it okay if I see your hand for a moment?"

The other narrowed his eyes. "No."

"P-please, I just want to check something!"

"Check what?"

"I don't... know, exactly. B-but I'm sure it might be important..." Tsuna said with firm eyes. But behind those eyes, he's really thinking that he should find a dark hole and live in it like a hobo.

"How so?"

"PLEASE! I mean—!" Tsuna let out a loud and frustrated sigh. "Can I just see for a few second?" He held his hand out.

The other narrowed his eye before clicking his tongue. "Don't do anything funny, brat." He slowly and cautiously reached out for Tsuna's hand.

The latter unconsciously smiled at the other guy's action.

But before the silver-headed guy could even touch the brunette's hand, his whole body froze. He swore he heard someone calling him in a distance, and knowing whose voice it was, he cursed under his breath. "This is definitely one of those sonnuva bitch moments...!"

Tsuna gave him a blank smile, "Eh?"


Tsuna turned his head to find the source.

A woman with a... pinkish-lavender(?) hair color was emerging from the crowd. "Hayato! Is that you? You still haven't eaten yet!"

Tsuna noticed the purple-looking food in her hands from before.

"Shit! How did she find me!" The silver one started to panic.

"Haya—" The woman was accidentally bumped by a citizen, causing her to stumble, which in return caused the purple-looking food fly right out of her hands and towards the boys.

Tsuna -who didn't want the food to land on him- shrieked and accidentally ran into Hayato harshly, making the both of them crash on the filthy ground.

"ARGH!" They both cried out.

The purple-looking food fell near Tsuna's foot, making the said person look at the now ruined cuisine on the street. But now, Tsuna was surprised at what he saw next…

The food started to melt (more so dissolve) the ground around it. Hearing the sizzling sound coming off from it, Tsuna paled and promptly screamed. "W-WH-WHAT IS THAAAAAAT!" The boy was in serious panic. What would happen if it actually landed on him? '...I'd get a very lonely funeral...'

"I call it... Poison Cooking. There's something seriously wrong with her hands... it's like everything she makes or touches turns into some... poisoning, acidic shit!"

"What do you think you're doing, Hayato! Get over here now! I'll throw the food into your mouth if I have to!" The woman got into a ready position— ready to throw her foodstuff.

"My, my... What an interesting bunch." Fon mused.

Tsuna prevented himself from slapping his forehead. 'Not now, Fon!' "HWAHHH! W-we've gotta get out of here!"

Tsuna was messily getting up to run, but was only stopped by Fon. "Tsunayoshi! Take this boy with you as well!"

"OMIGOSH! WHY MUST I DO EVERYTHING!" Tsuna yelled in exasperation.

Hayato looked at Tsuna as if he went crazy. "What's your problem?"

Tsuna grabbed the other's wrist and tried to pull him up with all his might. 'Why are my muscles so weak! ...Oh... right, I don't have any...' "G-get up!"

"Hell no, you brat! I—"

"HAYATO!" The woman shouted.

"Get me outta here you brat!"

The other's sister charged toward the two with a determined face.

Being Tsuna, he shouted in hysteria, startling other citizens near them. 'Wha—! What the heck! Why weren't they scared of the acidic food melting the ground? It could've hit any of them!' "UWAAAAHH! RUN!" He grabbed the other's hand and ran as if a demon was coming after him.

After they managed to get away from what this person named "Hayato" called an "abusive sister", they stopped in front of an ice cream man, catching their breaths. Now, as they were catching their breaths, the ice cream man decided to ask, "...May I get you something—"

"NO!" The silver headed boy glared at him.

The worker put his hands put up indicating he didn't want any problems.

Frowning a little at... Hayato's attitude, Tsuna slowed down his breathing and gave the ice cream man a small apologetic smile. Then he turned his head to look at the other boy. "H-hey—"

"You saved me." the Hayato guy said in amazement, face facing the ground.

"E-eh? N-no I didn't... I just—"

"I called you a brat and demanded you save me; I was thinking that you would leave me there to suffer... But, YOU SAVED ME IN THE END! THANK YOU SO MUCH!" He looked up, looking at Tsuna with a tear-stained, grateful expression.

'But we only ran away from your sister?' "Really, this is completely nothing—"

"THANK YOU VERY MUCH! THIS IS THE FIRST TIME ANYONE HAS HELPED ME GET AWAY FROM THAT CRAZY WOMAN! I MUST REPAY YOU!" The guy clasped his hands onto Tsuna's, giving the brunette an exaggerated shake of appreciation.

At the contact, Tsuna felt... warmth. But it wasn't a normal kind of warmth. There was a small tingling feeling that accompanied the sensation.

"I feel power from this boy, Tsunayoshi." Fon informed the other.

'Oh is that what I'm feeling too?' Tsuna stared at Hayato's hands.

"My name is Gokudera Hayato! Call me whatever you like! My savior, what is your name?" Gokudera snapped Tsuna out of his small trance.

"W-well, uhm, G-Gokudera-san—"

The other boy narrowed his eyes in warning. "Don't say it like that."


Gokudera considered, and shrugged. "That sounds better... I guess. "

"Ah, my name is Sawada Tsunayoshi! But you can call me Tsuna, if you want to."

"Sawada Tsunayoshi?" Gokudera repeated, almost testing it on his tongue.

The brunet nodded.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi, for saving me from my abusive sister, I will serve you as my debt." He raised his fist in between their faces, making Tsuna flinch. "I'LL BE YOUR BODYGUARD!"

"NO!" Tsuna gasped, politely shoving Gokudera's fist away. "I mean! You don't need to do such things... I'm fine." He gave a small smile.

After staring down at Tsuna for a few moments, Gokudera nodded his head. "I see. You are so small and scrawny that I thought that you needed protecting."

"Say what now?"

"And that bruise on your cheek doesn't help either."

Flustered, Tsuna brought a hand up to his hand to his cheek. "I tripped!" he said a bit too quickly.

Gokudera raised an eyebrow in doubt. "If that's what you say that had happened, then I won't press on it."

"Eh, ah, yeah! So..."

"I must leave now, Sawada Tsunayoshi."

"Huh? Why?"

"I must continue to run away and hide from my psychotic sister." He paused for a moment. "Plus, I need to eat."

"Tsunayoshi, invite him over to your home!" Fon insisted.

'BUT HE'S A STRANGER? I don't wanna!' But Tsuna being Tsuna, he does it anyways. "Well... would you like to come over to my house to take cover?"

"NO." Gokudera says sharply. "I can't hide in your home, Sawada Tsunayoshi. My sister has seen your face. And I'm sure she's seen you in the neighborhood where I ran into you. So I must decline your kind offer." He nodded in affirmation.

"...this saddens me." Fon sighed.

"O-oh, I see," Tsuna also nodded, indirectly answering both statements. "Well... I'll see you some other time?"

"Yes! And in our next meeting, I'll repay you!"

"Actually you really don't nee-"

Not wanting to here anymore of Tsuna's modesty, Gokudera promptly says, "SEE YOU NEXT TIME, SAWADA TSUNAYOSHI." And he jogs away.


"Kid, you're making some weird friends." The ice cream man stood there, shaking his head, almost in a "you-could've-done-better" manner.

"EH. Mr. Ice Cream Man! I-I'm sorry we didn't move earlier!" Tsuna bowed a few times.

"Doesn't matter now kid. My hours are done for today, I'm heading home." And with that, the ice cream man put a hand in the air, indicating a parting, and left with his ice cream cart.

And with all that happened today, home had never sounded so relaxing. 'Yeah... I could use a nap.' "Let's go home, Fon. It's been a tiring day for me."

"So it has. Well, you've got enough walking and exercise today. You may go rest."

With a little victory dance in his head, Tsuna trudged his way home.

"You know, Tsunayoshi?" Fon started.


"I felt it."

"Eh? What did you feel?"

"A developing flame."

"Flame? What? You mean from Gokudera?"

"Yes. But it's very small. I don't think he's aware of it."

"HUH? Wait, so you mean there are others out there with flames like you guys? And one of them being Gokudera?"

"Why, in a way, yes and no. Yes because some has a flame like us, and no because they're not like us."

Everything sounded confusing in Tsuna's tired mind. Instead of questioning further, he just hummed.

When Tsuna saw his house ahead of himself, he walked faster, eager to get into bed.

"I'm homeee... Kaa-san..." Tsuna said tiredly, closing the door behind him.

"Welcome home Tsu-kun! ...Ara?" Nana noticed Tsuna's down expression. "Tsu-kun? What's wrong? Are you tired? Do you want something to eat? Is your bruised cheek still bothering you?" She kept bombing Tsuna with questions.

"N-no... But what time is it right now?"

"It's almost three o'clock. Why?"

"Oh... Then I changed my mind, I feel hungry now."

"Is that so?" Nana smiled, "Do you have anything specific you would like to eat?"

"Umm... Omurice sounds good right now."

Nana happily nodded her head. "Alright Tsu-kun! Just wait about twenty minutes." Then she went back into the kitchen.

Then, another soft laugh was also heard.

"...Fon? Are you laughing?" The boy asked softly before heading into his room.

"I'm actually chuckling."


"I thought omurice was children's food."

"I don't think it is…? Kids probably just like it more than teenagers and adults."


Tsuna opened the door to only meet with a lot of shouting.

"Who do you think you are! I should beat you up to next week!" Skull.

"Ha! I should see you try. Because when I beat you up first, it'll look like a troll face." Mammon.

"Why does that sound so... ugly?" Verde.

"Because it is. Just like yours, kora!" Colonello.

"Whoa there, back up... we're dealing with a real badass here." Mammon.

"Pfft, not." Reborn.

Tsuna quickly closed the door. "St-stop! Why are you guys all fighting again? Ahh geez..."

"Tsuna! You're here, kora!" Colonello said happily.

"Eww." Mammon said.

The boy face-palmed. "I won't ask what happened." He moved to lie down on his bed. "Ahh... so tired," 'from today, and from you guys...' He shoves his face into his pillow, trying to suffocate himself. 'This feels nice.'

"Why are you tired? Kora!"

"He actually did some cardio exercise, Colonello. Be proud!" Fon spoke out for the boy.

"WHAT. He ran!? ...Huh, who would've thought, kora!"

The other pacifiers jumped into the conversation of Tsuna actually doing physical work. A few degrading him, a few agreeing to the degrading, and others defending for him.

'I'm really tempted to put them back inside their box...' Tsuna sighs. "It's nap time..." he mumbled, letting sleepiness block out the pacifiers' voices.

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