"HAIL" by Alessandra Azzaroni

© 2002 by Alessandra Azzaroni aazzaroni@hotmail.com http://au.geocities.com/vcastairwaytoheaven/index.htm


Written in Australia.


The world is a scary place. It's true. You go around thinking that it's okay, bad things only happen to those who live in the city, or really poor places. At first, you don't seriously believe that a terrifying thing could actually happen to you.
So when I was faced with this horror, I had no idea what to do. So I did nothing. I told no one, and tried to pretend that it had never happened. And I thought I was doing fine. I seriously believed that despite what had happened, I was still in control. I turned a blind eye, and pulled the wool over it. That's the way I dealt with things, whether that was a good idea or not.
But soon I knew that I couldn't keep my silence. I had to tell someone. I was afraid for both myself and for my family. But once again, my coping techniques were not good enough.
So I faced the problem head on. I know that that is supposed to be a good thing, but it's not in every case. It frightened me more than I could ever tell. To have someone you once cared about turn on you. And it's traumatised me since. And it's because of that that I believe that I can never trust anyone again. As the old saying goes, everyone's a suspect.