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In Middle-earth, the Third Age, a hobbit by the name of Frodo Baggins came to posses a ring. Not just any ring, the One Ring. The ring that was forged in the fiery depths of Mt. Doom by the evil leader, Sauron. And on his way to Rivendell to meet with Gandalf the Grey, he runs into a Ranger named Strider. Along with the Ranger more commonly known as Aragorn, Frodo and his companions begin their miles long journey to one of the Elven sanctuaries. The five of them run into Nazgul, or Ringwraiths, and Frodo gets stabbed with a Morgul blade. As the poison slowly spreads through his body, Aragorn works frantically to get him to Rivendell safely.

"Ronald, do you think you can wait until I get back from the Room of Requirement?" Hermione asked, getting slightly annoyed at Ron's clingy-ness. Ron looked discouraged, but nodded. Hermione left the Hospital Wing in search of the Room of Requirement to see what survived the fiendfyre that Crabbe had cast during the Final Battle.

She slowly climbed the Grand Staircase up to the 7th floor. Physically exhausted, emotionally drained, and mentally abused, Hermione reflected on the last moments of the battle and all the innocent lives that were lost. Tonks, Lupin, Colin Creevey, Fred, and Snape were but a few amongst the many names that were read out at the memorial following Voldemort's death. Hermione felt utterly overjoyed. Voldemort was gone, Bellatrix had been killed, and almost all evil was diminished from the world. The Wizarding War was over. However, she felt empty inside too, like she had lost her purpose. Hermione felt lost.

Finally, Hermione found herself finally arriving on the seventh floor. She walked leisurely through the corridors until she found the wall where the door to the Room of Requirement was hidden. Standing in front of the blank wall, she thought of how much she needed to find out if anything survived the fire. A door slowly carved itself out of the wall and opened for Hermione. She went inside and closed the door.

Piles of ash were everywhere; if Hermione was to find out what survived, she would have to get rid of all of the ash and burnt remains of everything that was in the room. She took her wand out for what seemed like the millionth time that day and silently vanished everything that was damaged. The room was empty, save for a scroll in the center of the room. Hermione looked at it curiously; it was paper, yet it didn't burn in the magical fire. She went over to inspect it and reached out to touch it. Hermione felt the familiar sensation of using a portkey, but all she remembered was falling hard on bright green grass.

Hermione woke to blinding sunlight. She curled up and closed her eyes, not wanting to get up yet.

"Quel amrun," said a light, female voice. Hermione startled and turned to look at the source of the voice and saw a beautiful young woman with long, dark hair. Her blue eyes sparkled in the sun. She had a trustworthy face that made Hermione feel at ease. The language was unfamiliar, though, it was pretty and had a mystical air to it. "Hello. My name is Arwen. Am I correct in assuming that you do not speak Elvish?"

"Yes," said Hermione, who was quite hesitant. "Where am I? What happened?" Hermione asked, looking around her. The room had many large windows, but no glass. Green vines wound up the walls and across the ceiling. The floor and walls were a sand-colored stone. It was late morning, early afternoon at least, Hermione judged, by the sun's position.

"You are in Rivendell. I was reading in one of the private gardens and you fell from the sky. I rushed over to you, but you were knocked unconscious. I brought you back here and noticed you had some broken ribs, a broken arm, and a sprained wrist. I healed you and you should be well enough to be on your way," Arwen answered.

"Where is Rivendell, exactly? It doesn't look anything like England," Hermione stated, starting to worry how she was going to get back.

"England? What is that? You are in Middle-earth," she replied, her eyebrows pulling together in confusion."

"Middle-earth?" Hermione didn't recognize the name. Panic started to set in. Arwen saw this and grasped Hermione's hand.

"Do not fear. You will find your way back to England soon enough," she said, kindly. Hermione smiled.

"Could you tell me the date? I feel like I've been out of it for a few days," said Hermione.

"It is October 23rd of the year 3018. The Third Age," Arwen said, much to Hermione's surprise.

"October of 3018? But it was just May of 1998...I'm so confused," Hermione said, rubbing her temples. Had she traveled back in time? Looking at Arwen's attire, it seemed likely, but if the date was 3018, that would mean she was in the future. None of this was making sense.

"What do you remember?" asked Arwen. Hermione searched her brain for the answer.

"The last thing I remember was picking up a scroll and feeling like I was using a portkey, then landing on grass."

"That is a map of Middle-earth and an old one at that," said Arwen.

"Do you still have that? I'd like to look at it, if you don't mind," Hermione asked. If Arwen had touched it before, and she was still here, then that meant that the map was a one-way portkey. How was she supposed to get home now?

Arwen nodded and disappeared from the room. She came back a minute later with the map in her hands. Hermione touched it tentatively, still not sure if she would be port-keyed back to Hogwarts. When nothing happened, she unrolled it. Her eyes stared at the map for a while, studying the language, mountain ranges, and the different kingdoms scattered on the map.

"Are you hungry, Lady...?" Arwen asked, trailing off, not knowing Hermione's name. Hermione jumped and blushed out of embarrassment.

"Oh, I'm terribly sorry, how rude of me. My name is Hermione Granger. It's a pleasure to meet you and I'd like to thank you for taking care of me while I was injured," Hermione said, meaning every word of it. Arwen smiled.

"I would never turn down anyone who needed help, it's not the Elven way," Arwen replied. Hermione's eyebrows shot up. Elven?

"The Elven way?"

"Yes. The Elves pride themselves in always helping anyone in need," she said, tucking her hair behind her pointed Elf ears. Hermione's eyes bugged out of her head slightly, but out of respect, didn't continue staring.

"So, what do we do now?" Hermione asked, looking around the room.

"Well, I have some clothes here for you so I can get your other ones cleaned, seeing as they are rather dirty." Arwen got up and went to a large chest, and took out a midnight blue dress with a gold sash. Arwen left the room to give Hermione some privacy to change. Hermione stripped until she was in her under garments, and slipped the dress on.

The dress was made of silk that pooled at her feet and bell sleeves that swept the floor. Hermione dug out a brush from her beaded bag, that had thankfully been in her pocket when she touched the portkey, and began yanking it through her hair. She quickly braided her hair and dropped the brush back in her bag. Arwen knocked on the door.

"Hermione, are you decent?" she called out from the other side of the door.

"Yes, come on in," Hermione replied, magically making the bed, folding her clothes, and hiding her wand before Arwen came in. She wanted to keep the fact that she was a witch a secret for a bit longer because she didn't know how Arwen would react to it.

"You look very beautiful, Hermione, the dress suits you," said Arwen, making Hermione smile.

"Thank you, and thank you for lending me these. They are beautiful."

"It is my pleasure. Would you like to take a walk with me? I would like to find out more about you and I am sure that you have many questions for me as well." Hermione nodded and followed Arwen outside. They strolled at a leisurely pace through Rivendell, pausing to admire the scenery now and then.

"So, you are from a place called England, you attended Hogwarts, and you came from the year 1998?" Arwen asked, making sure she heard everything right. Hermione nodded and added with uncertainty, "I'm a witch as well." She felt she could trust Arwen after she took care of her for several days.

"You posses magic?" Arwen asked. Hermione nodded. "Could you show me?" Hermione pulled out her wand.

"Avis," Hermione said. Small white birds erupted out of the tip of her wand. Arwen stared at them, smiling slightly and watched them fly away.

"That was beautiful magic, Hermione," Arwen said. Hermione smiled at her in thanks as another Elf came running up to Arwen.

"My Lady, we need you in the Front Courtyard, it's an emergency!" Arwen beckoned Hermione to follow her and ran with Hermione in tow.

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