Toy Story 3 Spoilers! As Andy drives away, he sees something in Woody that he just can't forget.

Warning: There are SPOILERS of the new Toy Story 3.

So Long, Partner

By: Amazing Little Wonders

As Andy began to drive away from little Bonnie's house, he fiddled with the post-it note his mom left on the donation box. He sighed and continued to crumble the note in his hand, trying his best to push back the knott in his throat and not look in the rearview mirror.

As he approached a stop sign, he looked down at the note with its unusually messy handwriting. His eyebrow arched as he noticed it looked nothing like his mothers looped letters.

His foot remained on the brake as he observed the note closer. Bonnie's address seemed hastily written, maybe his mother was in a hurry and that was why the handwriting was so messy? Seemingly happy with this assumption, Andy went to place the note in his cars cup holder when something else caught his eye. Something was written on the back.

Hands shaking slightly, Andy stared at the messy handwriting that read:

"You'll always be my favorite deputy."

Andy's eyes tore away from the note and immediately to his rearview, his stomach in his throat.

Bonnie's front porch was still in view, along with his old toys sitting on stoops steps. He strained his eyes, focusing on the cowboy doll leaning against Buzz.

Andy's eyes stayed on Woody, while his mind wandered quickly. He felt insane, he was insane. There was no way that—no, he finally concluded. There was no way.

But still his eyes stayed.

Woody was facing his car, but for some reason, Andy felt he looked different…or was it the tears in Andy's eyes that were making his imagination run wild? He just seemed…sad.

The car was quiet except for the hum of the car that was still parked. He stayed staring, waiting for something. But as a few moments passed, nothing happened.

With a sigh, Andy began to look away from his mirror when he saw—saw Woody wave.

Eyes going wide, Andy grabbed his passenger side headrest and his head quickly turned to face the girls porch. His neck hurt from such quick turning, but his eyes stared at Woody, wide and amazed. This couldn't happen. It didn't happen.

Never in all the play times had Andy imagined anything so real. Tentatively, Andy raised his hand and waved, a goofy grin spreading over the young adults face.

Just as he was beginning to feel foolish, a loud honk shook Andy's attention back to the road. Andy had somehow lifted his foot off the break and was slowly rolling into the intersection. With the honk, he was able to avoid an accident and continued to drive off.

He smiled and blinked back tears from his eyes. He was sure Woody's smile grew when Andy waved. But then again, he was almost sure his imagination got the best of him.


Authors Note: Wrote this the day I went to see TS3 and cried through the whole thing. It was a cathartic event for me. I deleted the story a while back, but decided it might still be enjoyed by some. Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. Please feel free to share your TS3 experience in the reviews.