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One misty morning, in the deep pits of hell, a child was born. The, usually, purplish-gray sky, had taken on a vibrant purple color. Every demon, who lived in the small section that this child was born, had stopped what he, or she, had been doing, and rushed to be the firsts to see the first child born in years in this underground oven. It is rare for a servant of hell to be blessed with a demon-child. So, of course, such an event as this would rouse every one's attention.

Vincent and Rachel Phantomhive hadn't even began to hope for a child. They were happy, and lucky as it was. Vincent, a mysterious man who was quite popular in this realm, had caught the eye of Lucifer at a young age- when him and Rachel had just began courting. He noticed how when Vincent took a soul, he liked to season them just right. Play with them a little bit. Like a hunter and it's prey. Except.. This hunter was ruthless in his killings. He liked the bodies to be unrecognizable when he was through with them. And he never lost. At anything. So, the demon king liked this. He wanted Vincent as his heir. Not that anything would ever touch him- especially with Vincent protecting him.

Nevertheless. They had popularity among their kind. They had wealth, and they had the grace of their king upon them. They were happy with their lives. One day, when a close friend of the family came to visit them, they found out they were, possibly, the luckiest demons in hell.

Their friend, Angeline, had had a son not to long ago. He looked to be a 8 year old human child, with the mental capacity of one, too. Angeline's son had been named Sebastian, and she had taken him with her that day to see Rachel and Vincent.

Talking in the parlor, with Sebastian playing in the spare room, is what led to the discovery.

"I've been feeling sick lately." Rachel explained. "I tried to consume the blood of a young woman the other week, but the, second it touched my tongue, I threw it all back up."

"And then there was the night you dreamt you were a human woman, carrying a baby in your arms.. While I was hunting you down." Vincent added, his voice skipping when he said "I".

Angelina dropped her tea cup. Hot liquid splashing onto her blood red coat. Her ruby eyes danced with shock, as a small smile made itself onto her painted-red lips.

"And.. have you been having odd cravings?" She asked, ignoring the tea on her coat as she stood and made her way over to the couple on the other couch.

"Actually, just recently, I have been wanting something juicy.. something warm and hot, and thick."

Vincent raised an eyebrow at her, and she blushed, realizing the hidden meaning in her words. Angeline, however, ignored it completely. Or didn't even notice. Tears filled her eyes, and a bright smile lit up her face.

"Oh, by the King! I do believe you two are going to be parents!" She squealed, clappping her pale hands together.

"What?" The couple asked in unison. Vincent stared at his wife's belly, and Rachel stared, in happiness, at her husband.

"Parents?" Rachel breathed the word out, as if testing it on her tongue. "We're going to be parents.." She smiled into her lover's eyes when he finally looked back at her .

All he could do was nod in glee.

That's what brought them to where they were today- 9 weeks later. In the guest room, with Rachel cradling a baby boy with midnight blue hair framing his pale skin- smooth as glass. He slept, wrapped safely in a soft white sheet, and his mother's arms.

Angeline and Sebastian had been the firts ones allowed to see the new demon-child.

"You see, Sebby?" Angeline cooed to her son, who was peering at the sleeping child cautiously.

"He's cute." He commented at last, reaching a pale hand out to stroke the childs cheek. Upon touchin it, however, a strong force moved through him. Like fire on one side, and ice on the other. He gasped and drew his hand away quickly, just as a small mark was disappearing on the back of his hand. Before he could even blink, someone- his mother- grabbed his hand, and brought it to the newborn's face, again. Like before, the electricity moved through his body, and a pentagon in a circle appeared on the back of his hand.

"A mark..." Rachel said in amazement. She brushed her hair away to show a mark- much like the one Sebastian was now harboring, sat ingraved on her neck. It was the size of someones thumb and forefinger touching to make a circle, and had- instead of a pentagon- a bright red star in the middle. "The mark of a mate."

"I do believe it was fate that we became friends, Rachel Phantomhive." Angelina chuckled. "Our sons... Our sons are meant to be mated." Tears filled her eyes, and she released Sebastian's hand. He quickly withdrew it again, to rid his body of the intense heat coursing through it.

"Oh, Anne..." Rachel whispered. She, too, was beginning to choke up.

"There's so much to do!" Angeline snapped out of her moment quickly. "We must plan, plan, plan! Who will marry them off? What day? And what-"

"Anne.." Rachel groaned. "I'm as excited as you. But I think that planning the wedding now is pushing it a little too far."

Angeline blushed, and smiled an embarresed smile. "I suppose you're right.." She turned attention to her son, water cascading down her face again. "Oh, Sebby! You're mated!" She cheered, bringing her son into her arms.

"Mated?" He wheezed out- his mother's hold being just a tad to tight.

"It'll be explained to you one day, my dear." Angeline said, releasing him and smiling brightly up at Rachel. "One day, soon."

14 years later.

"Ciel- dear- please, do not wander off to far!" Rachel yelled out to her 14 year old son, as he was leaving their manor. "Your fiancée is going to be here in less than an-"

"I'll be back in a few minutes!" He called back, closing the front door to prevent her from saying anything else to him. "Sheesh." He mumbled to himself. "Can't a demon get any air?"

All day he'd been poked and prodded at by Madam Red- a close friend to his parents- and his mother. Today would be the first time he'd actually get to meet this so-called "fiancée", and they wanted to make sure that Ciel would make a good impression on Sebastian.

All Ciel wanted to do was take a short stroll through the garden before Sebastian arrived. Give himself a couple of minutes to calm his nerves, and relax. Who knew what would've happened if he didn't receive these few moments to himself..

About a mile into his walk, he came across a stone bench. He decided this would be the perfect place to close his eyes, and loose himself in his thoughts for a little bit. He took a seat, and leaned his head back.

Not soon after he closed his eyes, a deep, masculine voice spoke to him.

"Ciel.. Ciel Phantomhive?"

Ciel's eyes snapped open and he quickly looked over to see who was addressing him.

"Ah, so it is you. I can tell from that mark in your eye." The man smiled, gesturing to the eye that held the mark of a mate.

"And what business, exactly, did you with from me?" He asked cautiosly, with authority in his voice.

The man chuckled. "So like your father..." He mumbled out. "My name is Claude Faustus." He smiled.

There was something chilling about this man. An aura surrounded him that just told Ciel to get out of there.

"Charmed." Ciel said curtly, his eyes narrowing a bit, and turning lighting up with their demonic violet color.

"So, you do sense that I am danger." The man said, with a firey look in his eyes. His voice took on a different tone. Something more.. icy. "That's good."

"Listen, I don't care who you are, or what you want. Just, know that my father is a very powerful-"

"Demon, with the Devil, himself, watching over him- yes, yes, I know." The man told him, cuttin the boy off from his sentence. "I also know your mother is Rachel Phantomhive. That you have a cousin named Alois Trancy who once tried to kiss you. That you're to be married to Sebastian Michealis." He chuckled at Ciel's shocked expression. "I know that you and Sebastian..." His face darkened, and his voice became deep with malice. "Are not meant to be mated."

"Stay- Stay away from me." Ciel said angrily, standing from the bench, and walking away backwards.

"My dear boy. That would get in the way of me completing my next task." Claude tsked out, shaking his head back and forth.

"I don't care. Stay. Away." Ciel growled, getting ready to bolt.

Claude smirked, and straightend his glasses. His hand flung out infront of him, and a long web came out from the heel. It wrapped around Ciel before he could even blink.

He pulled on the web, and pulled Ciel closer.

"Let- Let go of me!" Ciel shouted- fear beginning to seep into his voice- struggling to get out of the trap.

"Afraid not, Ciel." Claude replied, wrapping more wep around Ciel's struggling body. "See, you're not supposed to be with Sebastian. You're supposed to be with me."

"Wha-" Claude brought his other hand down on the joint that connected his neck to his shoulders, and Ciel slumped forward in the web.

"Now.. Ciel. You are to be mine." He said frostily. "As a human."

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