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"Earl Ciel Phantomhive..." A deep dark voice started. The voice sent shivers down Ciel's back, his grip on the phone tightened.

"Yes?" He tried to compose himself. Where was this nervousness coming from? He can feel something weighing him down in his insides.

"Under the orders of Queen Victoria..." Ciel knew this was going to no good. Ever since THAT affair, things were never going any good for the young slate-haired boy. Since he and Sebastian... He shivered at the thought... when he and Sebastian 'engaged' in sinful actions and an infant was the product.

"You are herebly stripped of your title as Earl and your riches and are asked to leave England with your crime." Silence was heard from the other end of the line.

"I understand." CUT.

That was how Ciel Phantomhive's hell began. Well... That was how it TRULY started. 2 years ago. Ciel had no choice but to leave the city. He took a small boat trip to France then settled there. But he was kicked out of the place where he resided. Well, how was he supposed to pay for the rent when he was dead tired, and slightly bruised?

A single drop rolled down Ciel's cheek, and he shifted his gaze towards the gray skies. It started to rain. His water-drenched medical eye patch started to feel soggy against his right eyelid as he stared at the darkening sky. A bundle of assorted rags that the boy clutched dear to his arms started to make sounds of discomfort. Ciel looked back down at the infant in his arms, looking back at him with glimmering royal blue orbs.

Ciel used to have eyes that glistened in its pure deep ocean color, but now it was just a dull shade of the color. His porcelain-like skin that used to shine with youth and as smooth as silk, was now as pale a corpse. Parts of his skin were covered with swollen purple marks and small reddish scratches.

The babe's hair as black as the feathers of a raven, eyes shaped like giant almonds and skin as white as untouched snow in the middle of winter. Eyes that shone with a blinding azure color. Such a perfect merged image of the mother and father. Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis.

Ciel knew he would not last long in this world and will not be able to support the child. He could just order Sebastian but... when Sebastian returned from this so called 'home', the contract was immediately broken and Sebastian already sought out to find another soul as Ciel was able to keep his soul. Even if the demon wanted to stay, and he did wanted to stay by his master's side, he was kept apart by a probation order from this so called 'Lord Satan'.

Ciel looked around for suitable shelter under the rain when he heard a loud thundering noise coming from the heavens. The baby started to whimper. Ciel then ran between a small alley way between apartment buildings. The slick wet brick walls was certainly not helping them find warmth. He hugged the small infant on his chest, in an attempt to cease the cries. His back connected to one wet brick wall, making him easy to side down to the ground.

"Shhh... C'mon babe..." Ciel whispered, rocking the baby in a slow motion. Now that he realized, the child did not have a name yet. The infant definitely reminded him of... "Sebastian..." The younger just looked at Ciel with wide eyes, then giggled. Ciel smiled. The male mother knew what to name the precious. "You'll be... Sebaste Phantomhive..."

That was a century ago...

A ringtone sounded the entire room, making a lump covered with blankets groan. A hand reached out from under the heap to get the vibrating phone and placed it on his ear.

"Hello... Sebaste P. speaking..." He quickly regretted putting the phone on his ear when he heard a squeal come from the other line of the call.

"AAAHH! Sebastian! You're all over the news! You did a good job on the concert last night!"

"For the last time Alois, It's Sebaste! Not Sebastian!" The ravenette complained. He was getting a migraine from the noises from the call. "And why the fuck would you call at 7 in the morning? It's a fucking weekend!" He heard whimpering in Alois's side of the call. If the boy would start to cry he swears he will-

"You promised you'll take me out for breakfast!" Right... he did. Sebaste checked the time on his phone. '7:12 am' it blinked.

"Sure sure... Give me 10 minutes... I'll be over at your place." The blonde squealed yet again before he hung up. Sebaste sighed and rolled out of bed. He swooped in his slippers as he strolled out of his room. He'll fix that later.

Sebaste took a quick shower and pulled out black baggy jeans and a white polo shirt from a wooden dresser and fumbled with the buttons. Why was his wardrobe always full of buttons? Leaving a few buttons undone, the ravenette combed with his wet hair with his fingers to his liking. He looked at a ring on his dresser. There lied a shard of a blue diamond in a intricately-carved ring. He didn't know where it came from, or maybe he just forgot. He placed it on his thumb. It was still loose but it was tight enough not to fall off. He grabbed his keys and ran out of his house, which some may call a small manor. He opened the door of the driver's side of the car, got in and drove off to Alois's place.

Sebaste Phantomhive was not an ordinary 16 years old kid. He was a prodigy. He grew up in England, but he doesn't remember much from his past, and currently he lived in the heart of California. He's a solo artist that was discovered when he was eight and his primary source of income was from his concerts. Which are always sold out.

He parked in one side of the road and got off the vehicle, straightening his polo. Alois Trancy is Sebaste's 'mate'. Alois is also a solo artist. That was how the two boys met.

Sebaste approached the double door and rang the door bell. Instantly, the smaller blonde boy opened the door and hugged him.

"SEBBY!" Alois greeted. The ravenette almost stumbled back at the attack.

"Hey Alois, ready to go?"

"I've been waiting for so looong! I want some starbucks!"

"Fine... I'll pay for it this time..." Sebaste kissed the boy's cheek, making him giggle. The older of the two opened the door to the passenger's seat, letting the blonde get in.

"N'awww! You know Sebby, you should give kisses more often!" The boy rolled his eyes before closing the door and getting in the driver's seat, starting up the car and drove.

"Don't get used to it Alois..." And Sebaste meant that. He wasn't used to giving affection to others, much less a boy. He shook his head. He loved Alois right? If he didn't, he wouldn't even spare a glance on him. He fingered the ring on his right thumb. He stopped the car abruptly when his breathing started speeding up. Why was his breaths starting to feel short?

"Se-Sebaste...? Your... your eyes!" The blonde boy at his side stammered, worry clearly seen in his features. Sebaste looked at mirror of the car and was slightly shocked. Why was his eyes red with dashes of chocolate brown? Shouldn't it be blue? When he blinked once, it returned to royal blue.

Why did he feel he wanted to eat Alois all of a sudden?

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