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The faint noise of a crowd's footsteps snapped Sebastian out of his thoughts. He turned and raced towards the door, slamming both of the swinging doors open. He saw a crowd forming near the entrance.

'What's going on...?' Was the only thing that circled his blurry thoughts. He pushed against the crowd, wanting to see what was causing the commotion. Then he caught a flicker of blue. What...?

Sebastian saw him. Kneeling just beside a panicking Alois, was a young boy. He looked like Alois except for the dark-colored hair and the eye patch that covered his right eye. The revealed eye is bright blue.

"Sebaste, wake up!" The blonde shook the sprawled boy on the floor frantically. Seeing Sebastian, Alois turned to him and yelled. "Sir Michaelis! You have to help Sebaste! He just passed out all of a sudden!" Sebastian kneeled across the boys, feeling for Sebaste's pulse. It was irregular. He felt for the sleeping boy's stomach. Flat... As if he hadn't eaten at all. Well, it was understandable since the boy doesn't know he need to eat souls to satiate his hunger. Sebastian's auburn eyes kept glancing back and forth from the passed out boy and the boy he thought is his former young master. Then he locked his gaze on the kneeling one. Blue clashed with red.

"Alois-kun, we have to bring him back home. He needs some rest." Sebastian muttered before scooping the limp form from the ground to his strong arms as he stood. Alois nodded and stood up as well. "People, there's nothing to see here. As you were." the ravenette said, sending the crowd back to what they were doing. Mindless chatter was once more in the air.

Turning to his new friend, Alois declared. "I'm so sorry... I'll call you okay?" The boy nodded mindlessly and went back to a table that had a bag placed on the seat. Sebastian couldn't help his gaze to linger on Alois's friend but was stopped when he felt a tug on his sleeve.

Sebastian wasn't sure who that boy really is.

"Now now little boy... We're going to play..." A young raven-haired boy of 7 turned around, facing another boy but the younger did not recognize the boy's face. The young boy thought it was because of the phantasm within the cramped room that he didn't recognize the teen's face. Sebaste giggled, completely oblivious to the older's true intentions. He walked towards the teen. The boy was not aware that he was being coaxed to a mistake.

"Really? What kind of game?" He asked innocently. He didn't notice the sneer that grew on the other's lips.

"It's a game... that's pleasurable." Sebaste nodded, unmindful of the advances the teen took. His excitement quickly turned to fright as the older boy pounced at him.

Sebaste awoke with a gasp and quickly sat up. He clutched his chest, breathing ever so softly to calm himself down. He looked around, taking him a few minutes he was not exposed to his petty nightmares. He noticed he wasn't in the coffee shop anymore but in the confinements of his own bedroom. How did he get here anyway? He rubbed his forehead, feeling a bit dizzy. He shook of the layers of sheets that covered his half of his body. He then realized he was wearing still wearing his clothes for the day. He stretched, letting some of his joints pop. Sleeping in this kinds of clothes certainly strained him. Rummaging his pockets for his phone, he looked at the digital clock on the gadget. 5:34 pm it blinked.

Yawning a bit, Sebaste turned to get off the bed when he saw Alois sitting on a chair sleeping. He almost laughed at the sight when he saw the drool that threatened to drip from the corner of the blonde's mouth. The ravenette bursted into quiet laughter when the blonde snorted and stirred, returning to his undisturbed slumber. It wouldn't hurt to let the boy sleep in a comfortable bed instead of a cold wooden chair right? Placing one arm under both of the blonde's clothed legs and another on the boy's back to support him, Sebaste lifted Alois from the wooden chair, feeling slightly disoriented. He didn't realize how heavy Alois is and had a very hard time to lay him gently on the disheveled bed.

Sebaste was not the athletic type- and he's not tall either so doing this kinds of tasks are challenges to him. Wiping a bead of sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand, he made his way through the mess he called his room and opened the door. Stepping out to the hallway, Sebaste carefully closed the door. Hearing the soft slick of the door, he walked towards kitchen. The velvet carpeted boards of the floor were cold but of course, the ravenette was too lazy to look for his slippers. He heard muffled noises from the living room. Maybe it was from the television? Maybe he left it open when he left the house this morning.

Entering the kitchen, Sebaste took out a glass from one of the cabinets and placed it on the single counter in the middle of the mildy wide kitchen. Grabbing a carton of milk from the refriegerator, he poured some of its contents into the glass. Somehow he was conscious about his height all of a sudden. Maybe because he was feeling weak under Alois just a few moments ago? He wasn't sure. Putting the glass between his lips to indulge in himself in the creamy substance, Sebaste walked towards the living room. He was completely off guard when he realized there was another person in the room. He spat his beverage out and dropped his glass as soon as he saw a person sitting on the couch.

"Sir Michaelis? What the hell are you doing in my house?" Sebaste was shocked. Not just surprised, he was SHOCKED. How could his teacher just stroll in leisurely in his house and watch television?

"Is that what you say to your saviour? You were lucky I was there when you passed out. Alois-kun was panicking, naive of what to do in that kind of situation so I had to help him, get you to your car and drive you home..." Sebaste couldn't stand that smirk the teacher wore throughtout the explanation. As if mocking him for being weak. He noticed the teacher's gaze drifting from his face, lowering down to his feet. Just then, Sebaste realized the mess he had done. Shards of glass scattered in a grubby manner, the carpet now soaked with the creamy now sticky liquid.

Restraining himself from sighing, Sebaste bent down, picking the pieces of sharp glass between his fingers. A little slip made the boy hiss in pain. Quite alarmed, Sebastian stood from the couch and made his towards the injured boy. What would he do if one of the shards actually impaled the boy? When he bent down to examine the wound, Sebastian found himself staring at the bead of blood that was endangered in oozing from the scratch across the palm from one of the shards. Sebastian watched the boy nearing his face towards the wound, slowly and softly lapping a pink tongue on the gash.

"I don't know if you already know this but... You're a demon aren't you Sebaste-kun?" Okay now this was getting annoying. Sebaste glared at the man. What was up with this man and demons?

"I am not, Sir Michaelis. As of my knowledge, I do not have horns nor a pointed tail and a pitch fork." This was meant as an insult for the older but it only made him chuckle.

"That kind of hurts Sebaste-kun. I don't have either of those three but look at me. That's not stopping me from being a demon now is it?" That earned Sebastian a slap to his face, making his head snap to one side in force. A red mark of a hand marred his features as he turned to face the younger once more.

"Don't tell me such lies Sir Michaelis." Was the only thing that came out of Sebaste's lips. An uncomfortable silence wafted over them before the younger decided to stand from his place on the floor, shards in hand, and made his way to the trash bin across the room. Sebastian sighed as he heard the muffled clattering of glass being thrown in the plastic bag, and stood up as well. He was about to speak when the hand of the younger was raised in the air, preventing him from speaking and pointed to the door. "Get out of my house."

That demanding yet childish voice, seeking authority over him. There was no mistaking...

"Ciel..." Sebastian let the name slip from his lips. The man only realized now how much he misses the slate-haired former Earl. The silkness of the boy's hair, the sweetness of his ivory skin, the commanding yet passionate attitude... He misses him. He only realized now that he's in the presence of the child he had abandoned decades ago. The child he had with...

"You shut up." Sebastian was taken aback with the sudden rudeness. Sebaste was facing him now. He noticed the effortless upward tilt of the boy's chin that seemed fit the boy. The way the black strands of hair slightly covered his left eye, the soft blue glow of his orbs still shining through... What else could the child not get from the boy that gave him life? "I told you to get out. Now." There was no other things to do but to oblige to the ravenette's command. His left hand started to glow an unknown mark. It never glowed unless he has a contract, which currently, he doesn't have.


Who are you? The older demon heard a voice in his head. It was none other than Ciel's voice.

Sebastian ran out the door, leaving a confused boy gaping at the opened entrance.

The tapping of fingers on the table silently echoed throughout the rather empty coffee shop. A serious gaze fixated on the slick smooth window, which was being bomboarded by tiny drops of rain. A young boy had a loose grip on the glass handle of a cup filled with warm espresso.

The boy was about sixteen or seventeen as of age. He had hair with a bluish tint to it or maybe even grayish sheen. He had a silk black eye patch adorning over his right eye but to be honest, he had no idea why he had to wear it. He was quite short for his age, a measurement of five four feet. Paper white skin, a deep frown slightly straining his face, a petite nose on the center of his face, and a single cobalt blue eye revealed. A smuggled blue coat that had small shiny black buttons trickle down the front, succesfully concealing his slim yet bony figure. His skinny legs were fitted in knee-length black shorts. Black socks with a single stripe of beige adorned his calves to his leather shoes. A slim silver phone that lay forgotten on the table vibrated. The boy picked it up and placed it on his ear.

"Hello." The plump pink lips spoke. He could even hear the frown when the other spoke.

"Ciel... I can't help but to ask why you have been rejecting my calls as of late." A deep smooth voice replied. Ciel heard a metal clink in the call which he knew as the caller was fixing his glasses.

"I have no need for you call me to tell me that, Claude."

"May I request for you to return home?" There was a long pause before the slate-haired boy decided to speak.

"No." and he hung up before polite protests emit from the caller. Putting his phone in his pocket, he took a sip from the coffee but something about it tasted entirely wrong. He had a strange craving for tea now.

He had no plans to return to that man's clutches. It was absolutely revolting and it hurt his pride by staying with... Claude. Ciel had to look for someone but he did not know who he had to find. Then his thoughts drifted back to that man that stared at him just a few hours ago. Those shiny red eyes. It feels like he's seen it before. There was this odd feeling of normality in them. As if he was used to it. When he stares into Claude's golden orbs, he always has a strange vibe in his spine. As if... Claude sees him as food.

Ciel sighed heavily. Maybe he was just being paranoid. Claude did tell him that he was the only person he could trust. All he could remember from the past is when he was found by Claude on the streets with this blonde Earl at his side.

He was then taken care of for two years perhaps? He returned to a normal status, wearing fine clothes, decent meals three times a day, a comfortable house. But then one day, he never saw that blonde again. Claude said something about a wish and him being his new master. Ciel asked about that blonde master Claude had. But the Claude told him he died in his sleep. Of course he didn't believe the butler's words. Something about his tone showed a lie but he ignored it. This news was terrific for Ciel. Having a perfect butler by his side. But when Ciel revealed his patched eye to the other, something was seen in Claude's eyes.


Ciel doesn't know back then if Claude was angry with him. He never bothered to think thoroughly on the matter. It was really hurting his head. He took another sip from the cup. As soon as the liquid his his tongue, he immediately spat it back on the cup. It was already cold. A grunt came from his throat. Now what? He stared blankly on the mixed substance on his cup. Creamy brown mixing with a visible trail of saliva. Disgusting.

His phone vibrated against his shorts. Looking at the caller ID, Ciel sighed once more. Diana Cailers. He opened the phone and placed it on his ear.

"What do you want Cailers." It wasn't a question, it was a demand. That sickening high-pitched laugh was annoying him already. He could even imagine her flipping her god damn chocolate brown hair behind her shoulder.

"Don't be like that Ci-el-kuuuun!~" Ugh that voice, it hurt his ears. If Ciel had a chance, he would absolutely punch her overly powdered face. "Listen. Claud-o wants ya back. He's bee fuc-" How dare that girl mention that name to him!

"I don't want to hear that bull shit Diana. I am NEVER going back to him!" Then the line went dead when he slammed his phone shut. Why was that... sorry excuse for a butler even considering having that damned girl call him and ask him to come back? After what he did, he was being fucking desperate!

Ciel only realized now that tears were flowing freely from his eyes. Maybe he had to release his tears sometime. After having your only trusted person- He covered his face in his palm, and began to sob softly. It was one of the most disgusting experience he had to endure just for one's pleasures. It was nothing but horrifying and degrading. There was only this one name that comforted him in his head. He doesn't know why but...


And it felt right to have it roll from his lips. He let a playful smirk grace his lips, wiping his tears with the back of his hand.

"Sebastian...Sebastian... Who is Sebastian?"

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