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The morning cold and raining,
dark before the dawn could come
How long in twilight waiting
longing for the rising sun

You came like crashing thunder
breaking through these walls of stone
You came with wide eyed wonder
into all this great unknown

Amazing by Janelle

Chapter I

Questions and First Sight

I was sitting on the living room thinking about how things had changed.

I lived happily with my parents, Esme and Carlisle.

Well, my adoptive parents. But even though they weren't my real parents I loved them as if they were.

They had raised me all these years with love and affection, always gave me what I needed and were always there for me.

They adopted me when I was a baby. Esme and Carlisle are the only parents I've ever known.

They hadn't wanted me to know I was adopted because they considered me their real daughter and wanted things to stay the same. They didn't want to hurt me or cause me any pain so they decided not to tell me.

But one day, when I was 10 years old, I passed by Dad's office and overheard them talking about how it wasn't necessary to tell me I was adopted.

When I heard that I felt all my world fall down. They saw me at the door but it was already too late. I still remember their faces, so surprised, so shocked, so...hurt.

I ran towards my room and threw myself on the bed crying.

They both came to my room quickly and hugged me saying they loved me more than anything, that for them I was their real daughter and no matter what happened I would always be.

Since that moment not once I considered myself adopted because for me they were my real parents. They were the ones that had always loved me and cared for me.

So when they started acting different it surprised me. I was confused at their behavior.

I didn't feel them close anymore, I felt them far away. Like there was something I didn't know.

When I started noticing this I kept telling myself it was just my imagination but it got to the point I couldn't ignore it anymore.

I felt so insecure and worried. Was that they regretted having adopted me? Didn't they love me anymore?

There were so many questions crossing my mind and I couldn't bring myself to ask them, I didn't dare to.

I was afraid to offend them is some way...or maybe I was afraid of the answers. So I remained silent and didn't say anything about it.

I wanted to know though. Why were they acting that way? Just thinking about it made me want to cry because they'd told me they loved me and now I didn't know anymore.

Tears were forming in my eyes and I pulled them back. I decided to stop thinking about it, maybe I was just imagining things and exaggerating.

So I stood up and went outside to distract myself.

I sat on the grass and leaned against the white wood fence, contemplating the sky which was orange because it was evening and before I could help it the questions started rising on my mind again.

Am I imagining things? Do they still love me? Don't they want me anymore because I am...adopted?

I sighed and shook my head. It was better to stop thinking about all of this, it didn't resolve anything to think about it.

I'd go inside and read a book, that would relax me and the questions wouldn't come again if I was focused on something else.

I stood up and took a deep breath. I started walking towards the house when I heard someone yelling.

I turned around and saw a boy running and before I knew it he jumped up the wood fence of my house. What was he doing?

"What are you doing!" I asked with wide eyes. He put his hand on my mouth, practically dragged me to the backyard and put me against a wall.

"Shhh, don't say anything." He whispered and looked cautiously to where he was a few seconds ago.

"Where the hell did he go?" One policeman yelled.

"I don't know...let's go this way!" The other one said.

"Okay." I could hear them walking away now.

The boy let out a sigh of relief and looked down, his hand still on my mouth.

He suddenly looked up and I saw his face.

All this time I hadn't seen it, he'd dragged me so quickly that I didn't even see how he looked.

But now I could and I noticed how beautiful he was.

I stared at him and he started back.

His skin was pale and flawless.

He had bronze and messy hair, beautiful green eyes, straight nose, high cheekbones, strong jawline and full lips.

He was absolutely gorgeous and then I remembered he was holding me, against a wall, with his hand on my mouth.

I felt an electricity go though me that I'd never felt before.

I couldn't stop staring at him and when I looked into his eyes I completely lost myself.

They were so green and beautiful but so mysterious at the same time.

He was staring at me intently, his cold and sweet breath fanning on my face.

Then suddenly something changed in his eyes. He looked down and blinked a few times. His eyelashes were long and beautiful.

"I'm sorry." He said and released me, putting his hand away. The electricity I felt was replaced by disappointment of not being pressed to him anymore.

I took a deep breath realizing I'd been holding it. I looked down and felt the heat on my cheeks indicating me I was blushing.

I looked up at him and noticed he was looking down, his chest heaving and that's when I saw his body completely.

He was tall and lanky but muscular at the same time.

Now seeing him completely I couldn't help but realize he was the most beautiful man I'd ever seen.

He looked up and started at me and I stared back unable to help it.

"Sorry for doing that, I apologize." He said and before I could say anything he jumped up the wood fence again and ran away.

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