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I find the map and draw a straight line

Over rivers, farms, and state lines

The distance from 'A' to where you'd be

It's only finger-lengths that I see

I touch the place

Where I'd find your face

My fingers in creases

Of distant dark places

Set the Fire to the Third Bar by Snow Patrol

Chapter III

Meeting again


I sighed and closed the book I was reading.

It was hard to focus with so many thoughts crossing my mind.

I still felt my parents far away and it hurt me.

These days had been really bad.

I never knew I could feel so awful.

This pain was the same I'd felt 7 years ago when I found out Esme and Carlisle weren't my real parents. But at least that pain hadn't lasted long.

This pain wasn't like that and the sadness was with me everyday.

There had been one day that had brought me hope again though, even it didn't last long.

It was three days ago.

For one moment it felt like all was back to normal.

Carlisle and I spent the morning together, talking and joking a few times, and before he went to work he hugged me goodbye and I did the same.

After that Esme and I spent the rest of the day together.

We talked, laughed, read together. All felt normal again.

I was over the moon.

I didn't feel sad or hurt anymore. I felt extremely happy and relieved.

I told myself over and over again I'd been silly for thinking they didn't love me anymore.

I was convinced I'd only been imagining things. Maybe they'd been really busy and I'd overreacted.

Those good thoughts disappeared when all shifted again. I don't know how it happened so fast but it did.

When Carlisle got from work he looked so sad. I'd never seen him like that.

Esme walked towards him and whispered something.

He whispered back. Esme's face turned sad like Carlisle's. I didn't know what was happening, what could be so bad that had that effect on them?

It's true they'd been looking sad these past few days, actually they'd been looking sad since they started getting far away from me, but I'd never seen them like this.

They both looked at me and I froze.

I asked what was wrong but after a moment Carlisle told me it was nothing.

Dinner was silent and depressing.

It was so different from other times.

We used to always be happy when we ate together.

We would talk about everything and laugh a few times.

They'd ask me what I'd been up to and I'd tell them.

But this time it wasn't like that.

Esme looked extremely sad and kept her face down throughout the whole meal. Carlisle looked the same but he was trying to act like everything was okay.

He tried to brighten the mood by asking me what I'd been up to.

I only told them a few things but not all.

I didn't want to bore them.

After dinner they bid me goodnight and I went to bed.

I was so confused that night, I didn't know what to think.

Why their behavior had changed so fast? What had Carlisle told Esme?

I was sure about two things though.

First, they were hiding something. Something really important.

And second, they still loved me, I wasn't sure if the same way, but they did. They'd spent time with me and they'd looked happy. At least that was something.

Nonetheless, I cried that night until I fell asleep.

These days had indeed been depressing and confusing for me.

It's true it was because I didn't know what was wrong with my parents but that wasn't the only reason.

It was also because I hadn't been able to stop thinking about the boy I'd met several days ago. And that made those days harder for me.

He was so beautiful, I had never seen someone as beautiful as him.

His face was flawless and perfect.

His eyes were beautiful and at the same time mysterious, like there was something behind them.

And I couldn't stop thinking of his voice, so soft and velvet. Every time I remembered it I felt an electricity go through me.

I'd felt such a strong connection towards him.

And he came to my mind everyday.

I'd wanted to see him again but that was impossible. I mean, I didn't even know who he was, not even his name.

But hopeful I'd see him again I'd waited for him every day on the yard.

At the beginning I tried to stop myself but at the end I gave in.

It was hopeless though, he hadn't showed up even once.

And why would he show up anyway? That was senseless.

Maybe he didn't even remember me. There was no reason why he would.

He'd been running away from the police and had hidden behind my house so they wouldn't catch him. It was just a coincidence I was there.

He wasn't coming even if I wanted him to.

That's why I decided I had to stop waiting for him. It was easier said than done though.

I opened my book and tried to read again but it was useless.

I had to do something to get him off my mind.

"Maybe if I went to the library I could distract myself there."

I stood up and went to the library we had in the house.

It was a huge room filled with tons of books.

I loved to read, that's why I loved this room. It was so peaceful and when you started reading you forgot about everything around you.

I looked through the books, looking for something to read.

There were all kind of books.

Action, Adventure, Poetry, Romance, etc.

I love romance so I picked one who was from that category.

I read this one a lot, it was my favorite.

I sat down on one of the comfy and big chairs on the library and opened the book.

I started reading and I lost myself in the book.

A few minutes later though he came to my mind again.

It was hopeless. I couldn't stop thinking of him even if I tried.

I had to try to see him again, I had to try one more time.

If he didn't show up today I'd stop thinking of him, even if it was impossible.

I put the book back in its place and went out the library.

I ran to the yard and started waiting for him.

I felt anxious and excited at the same time.

Just imagining seeing him again made my heart flutter.

Time passed and I waited.

Time seemed to drag longer, maybe it was for the waiting, for the longing I had to see him.

One part of me was telling me it was hopeless, that he wouldn't come.

But the other part was telling me he was going to come.

And that's what I wanted to believe so I kept waiting.

Hours passed and no signs still.

Evening arrived and he hadn't showed up yet.

My feet got tired so I sat down on the ground and leaned against the fence.

More time passed and still nothing.

I sighed and wrapped my arms around me.

He wasn't coming. I'd been foolish for thinking he would.

I would never see him again and I had to stop thinking about him.

I sighed in surrender and stood up.

When I turned around I gasped and froze.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

It was him. It was really him, just a few feet from me.

I stared at him helplessly.

He was more beautiful than I remembered.

He was starring at me and I couldn't look away from his intense stare.

He started walking towards me. The way he moved made my heart beat faster.

He stopped in front of the fence, in front of me.

"Hello." He smiled and left me breathless.


I was lying on my back looking at the sky.

I tried to focus all my attention into that, trying to figure out the shape of the clouds.

But I got bored for a moment and my mind went into a different direction, the direction I'd feared it would go, and the girl I'd met several days ago came rushing to my mind again.

I sat up and sighed in frustration.

That girl had been in my mind ever since I'd met her. Well, not exactly met her because I didn't know who she was.

But just starring at her for a few seconds that day had me thinking about her all the time.

I couldn't get her out of my mind. It was driving me crazy.

It'd been so hard to stay away from her all these days.

I'd wanted to see her again but I told myself I couldn't.

I knew that if I did it'd become impossible to be apart from her ever again. I'd want to see her over and over again.

That's why I couldn't, even if it was so hard to do so.

She was a girl from a rich neighborhood.

I was a homeless guy who lived in a wagon and had no food or money. Not even a job.

And she was so beautiful, her beauty was unique and out of this world.

I smiled at the memory of her.

That beautiful memory of her that I couldn't get out of my mind.

I had to stop thinking of her.

I was sure she didn't even remember me.

And if she did she must be thinking of how much of an asshole I am.

I stood up and put her at the back of my mind. I had to forget her.

I started walking around town trying to distract myself.

After a while I realized it wasn't going to work so I gave up the walking.

I got frustrated and started running. Yeah, maybe that would help.

I ran, ran and ran until I couldn't anymore. I was so tired I fell to the grass on the park.

The moment I lay on the ground she came rushing back to my mind.

It was so hard to stop thinking of her. It was impossible.

I had to see her again, I had to.

I took a deep breath and stood up.

I had to try to see her again, at least just one try.

I ran to the neighborhood as fast as I could. Even if I was tired from the previous run the thought of seeing her again made me run faster and faster.

When I got there I made sure no one was watching at the entrance.

There was no one so I went it.

I ran to her house, surprised I knew where it was even if I'd only been there once, and slowed down when I was getting closer.

I finally got there but she was nowhere to be seen.

My face fell and I looked down in disappointment.

I still had hope though so I went to look at the back of the house.

She wasn't there, either.

I felt my heart ache.

I was being stupid. Why would she even be outside in the first place?

I ran one hand through my hair.

I had to get her out of my mind. It was for the best.

I was about to turn around and walk away when it happened.

Out of nowhere she appeared and I saw her.

She had been sitting on the ground and I hadn't seen her.

My eyes widened and my breathing stopped.

Suddenly she turned around and saw me.

I felt something I'd never felt before.

I felt relieved to see her, like I needed her in the first place.

I stared at her and she stared back.

She looked so beautiful.

She was looking at me with those beautiful eyes I couldn't resist.

I walked closer towards her, my legs taking mind of their own.

I ended up in front of her, only the fence separating us.

"Hello." I said and smiled at her hesitantly.

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