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Tobi whimpered timidly as he stood in the doorway of Tsunade's office. Tobi still felt a little uncomfortable around Tsunade, the same woman who had ordered Zetsu and Tobi's deaths before changing her mind at the last minute, giving them earned freedom in the village.

Zetsu gripped Tobi's hand tightly, smiling softly at the frightened child. He knew that Tobi was anxious. He leant down and placed a loving kiss on Tobi's cheek, trying to comfort him.

"It'll be fine." He whispered, nuzzling the kid's neck affectionately.

Tobi shivered before nodding, smiling back at Zetsu - anything to make Zetsu happy, right? The faux smile did nothing to calm Tobi's own nerves, though, and he only shook harder.

Zetsu nodded at Tobi before pushing the door open and entering with the younger trailing behind him. Tsunade looked up at them. Her gaze wasn't hateful but it wasn't full of liking, either. As far as Tsunade was concerned, she was neutral about the ex-Akatsuki members.

"What is it?" Tsunade asked, ignoring Tobi as he hid behind Zetsu. It honestly wasn't surprising to see.

Zetsu sighed and looked down at Tobi with emotionless eyes. "The brat's unwell."

Tsunade nodded. "I see. Have you taken him to the hospital?"

"Tobi dislikes hospitals, Tsunade-sama. We thought it would be best to bring the crybaby to you directly instead of having to listen to him cry."

Tsunade frowned at Zetsu. She disapproved greatly of the way Zetsu treated Tobi - or at least one half of Zetsu did, anyway. She supposed what she hated the most was how Zetsu was... involved with Tobi - she wouldn't have a sexual relationship with someone at his age or with someone who treated her like Zetsu treated Tobi.

"Let's take a look at him, then." Tsunade stood up, gesturing to the young boy.

"Go on, Tobi." Zetsu gently pushed Tobi towards Tsunade, but when the boy wouldn't move, he sighed and walked Tobi the distance. Tobi just seemed to be afraid of being without the older male.

Tsunade walked to a small table in the corner of the room and pointed to it. "Lay on that for me, Tobi."

Tobi wouldn't move until Zetsu walked him over, nor would the boy get up on the bed without Zetsu pushing him up. He trembled timidly as Tsunade laid her hand on his shoulder. He clutched Zetsu's hand tightly for reassurance, watching the woman with wide eyes.

"Lay down, Tobi." Tsunade repeated, her temper rising - Tobi's anxiety around her almost always pissed her off.

"C'mon," Zetsu said softly, pushing on the boy's chest to lower him to the bed. "Toughen the fuck up, you little wimp."

Tsunade ignored Zetsu's comment and instead let her eyes wander over Tobi's fragile body. "What are his symptoms?"

"He's been throwing up constantly, has barely gotten his lazy ass out of bed, and he's been cramping a lot - sometimes accompanied by blood. Don't forget that the idiot's been fainting, too. Oh, yes, he's been fainting and his chest area has been very sensitive and a little sore."

Tsunade nodded. "I see. How long has he been like this for?"

"About a week and a half."

"And you never took him to the hospital?"

"We never take him to hospitals. What he means to say is Tobi is very... distrusting of hospitals, and we thought that it was just a bug that he had picked up from somewhere. Once he started to faint we brought him to you."

Tsunade shook her head - Zetsu was a horrible caretaker and she was certainly surprised Tobi had survived for so long in his constant care.

"Will you do something for me, Tobi-kun?" Tsunade asked gently, smiling a little at the boy. Tobi smiled back warily and nodded. "Good boy. I just want to run some tests on you so you have to lay down and let me take off some of your clothes, okay?"

Tobi shook his head, his one eye wide in fear. "No!"

Zetsu grabbed Tobi's hand with both of his, holding tight. "Shh... It's going to be alright, Tobi; we'll be here with you."

"No, Zuzu, it's not that!" Tobi exclaimed, shaking slightly. "Tobi just doesn't want Tsunade-sama to see Tobi's scars!"

"Scars...?" Tsunade raised a suspicious eyebrow - was there more to Tobi than just being Zetsu's little fuck toy?


It was only a few days later that Tsunade had summoned Tobi and Zetsu back to her office.

"Ahem." Tsunade cleared her throat in uneasiness, obviously not knowing what to say to them. "..."

Zetsu grabbed Tobi's hand and gripped it tightly. "Is Tobi okay? Who cares? The little shit might finally be out of my hair! Shush, you, I care!"

"Zetsu..." Tsunade shook her head. "I don't know how to say this, but... Tobi... is pregnant..."