Five years had passed and Tobi and his family were still in the Leaf Village. Things were better for them then they had ever been before. They had finally been accepted by the others and had actually made a few friends amongst the villagers.

Tobi had become friends with almost every Naruto was close with, and he now spent all of his free time with them if they weren't on missions and he wasn't required at home.

The village had been rebuilt from the Akatsuki's invasion. Zetsu now had a job working at the Yamanaka Flower Shop.

Things were looking good for the three.

They were currently out at the park together with a dog that the Inuzuka clan had given them as a thank-you for helping protect the village. Kumiko was the happiest child the village had seen in a long time and both Tobi and Zetsu were extremely proud of her.


"Daddy, daddy!" Kumiko squealed happily as Tobi chased his daughter playfully. "Mommy is chasing me again, daddy."

Zetsu chuckled and scooped Kumiko up in his arms, hugging her tightly. "I've got you, Kumiko. We won't let that nasty person hurt you."

Tobi laughed, tackling Zetsu and Kumiko to the ground before hugging them tightly. The dog jumped around them with a wagging tail and happy barks.

"Tobi loves his family!" Tobi laughed, not wanting to let go of either of them. "Tobi is so lucky to have a family like this!"

"Mommy, mommy!" Kumiko laughed back, hugging her father – or mother, in her eyes. "I love you, mommy and daddy! I want to go play with Akatsuki again!"

Zetsu chuckled and sat Kumiko on the ground. "Of course, Kumiko."

Kumiko cheered and grabbed the dog. She pulled it away by the ears before grabbing a stick and throwing it. She giggled as the dog chased the stick.

Tobi sat on Zetsu's lap. He rested his head back on Zetsu's shoulder as said man wrapped his arms around the younger.

"What are you thinking about, love?" Zetsu asked. He kissed Tobi's temple before reaching down and stroking Tobi's crotch softly.

Tobi moaned quietly. He looked up at Zetsu and smiled. "Tobi is thinking about how life would be if we were still in Akatsuki… Tobi is happy here… Tobi misses Akatsuki, but…"

Zetsu chuckled and grabbed Tobi's member. He squeezed it through the thin pants the boy wore. "We know, Tobi-chan. Let's go home and make love once Kumiko goes to bed."

Tobi blushed and pried Zetsu's hand from his crotch as Kumiko came running back to them. "Not in front of Kumiko, ZuZu…"

Zetsu smirked and released his hold on the quickly-growing member. "We know."

"Mommy, I is tired…" Kumiko complained, rubbing at her eyes.

Tobi smiled and pulled Kumiko down into his lap. "Tobi carry Kumiko home to bed."

Kumiko nodded and hugged her father as the man stood up.

Tobi took Zetsu's hand and together, they walked back to the house with the dog known as Akatsuki chasing after them.

Things were good for them – better than they could have ever imagined for a pair of missing nin. They were loved by the Leaf Village and had a wonderful family together. Nothing could tear them apart.


That night, while Kumiko lay sleeping in her own room and Tobi moaned and writhed underneath Zetsu, things could only get better for them – and they knew this. But whatever shape that happiness would come in, they could only guess.