Chapter 1: From the Mysteries of the Deep Blue Sea

I had revised this chapter to fix a few issues from before and I had retitled the first chapter.

Anyways, for the first time ever, I finally create a story with a male protagonist who leads the story. All of my other stories had females taking the lead, but not this time. This is a mix of Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, and Persona all in one.

Plot: After losing his parents, Sora Motou is sent to Destiny Islands to live with his cousin and his family. Upon his arrival, people are mysteriously missing and show up on the beach shores dead with a strange marking on their chests. Also, he hears a rumor that if you take a picture in front of a mirror at midnight with a camera, it will be a completely different photo. Soon, him and a group of people must solve these strange happenings or civilization may face its impending end.

Genre: Adventure/Mystery

Disclaimer: The following characters of The End of Eternity are from the video game, Kingdom Hearts. Square Enix and Disney have the legal rights of owning the Kingdom Hearts franchise while the plot is fictional and inspired from the Persona series.

It was pouring hard drench rain, as the area was covered in complete darkness with no signs of light. The cloudy raging storm had concealed all of Radiant Garden. Down below, an SUV sat upside down, crushed on muddy waters while the rain continued to fall. A teenage boy with brown spikes poking in every direction slowly crawled out of the wreckage, shaking in pain and fear. He whimpered and quickly ran out in fear from the accident. However, he stopped and slowly looked back, almost forgetting about his parents. His first thought was that they were dead, but he denied that fact and slowly walked to the damaged vehicle. He felt the continuous raindrops on him as it wipes away the blood from his bruises. He then saw a hand sticking out the car and bended down on his knees. He couldn't breathe and he couldn't speak, but mourn that he just lost his parents. He could feel the tears coming, but the rain would washed it away. "Mom… Dad… please don't go."

September 21, 2011 – Present Day

Sora woke up from his nightmare of that frightful night while on his way to Destiny Islands on a cruise ship. Why a cruise ship? It was because his relatives from the islands wanted him to have a small luxury experience before his arrival. It had been about two months since he lost his parents and he was sent to live with his cousin and his family. He heard the intercom come on with the captain's voice saying they have just arrived at their destination. He looked out the window to see the city lights since it was nighttime already. He grabbed his belongings, as he was already ready. When getting off the boat with the other passengers, he walked into a loading station. It was almost like the airport, but different. He then saw his relatives waving high for him. He smiled a little bit and walked towards them. "Sora! Hey man!" his cousin Roxas yelled. "Dude, I'm so psyched that you're gonna live with us!" He's sure cheery today. "Too bad we can't do much since it's late at night."

"Hm, glad to hear that." Also, he was welcomed by his aunty Tifa and uncle Cloud. His uncle was his dad's younger brother and they were his godparents. Sora was also welcomed by Roxas when he wrapped his arm around his shoulder.

"I'm no longer the only child! Man, we could do so many things with each other like play video games…" Roxas just kept going on and on of what "fun" things they could as they leave the station.

During the car ride, Sora hadn't said much, but simple replied to Roxas thoughtlessly. He wasn't really listening to him at all. He just stared out the window looking at the sights while they were on the freeway. Not much he could see since it was dark. Apparently, his relatives lived on the west side of the main island, which meant it was on the other side from the ship port. "And you're gonna love Destiny Islands High! It's right by the beach and it was the first school built here!"

"So uh… do the other schools share the same name?" Sora asked. "Or is it the only school here and everybody magically goes to it?"

Roxas chuckled at his question. "No, just ours. The rest are named based on their town or district," he answered. Sora noticed they exited the freeway and onto a ramp. He guessed they were getting nearing their destination.

"We're gonna stop by Costco to get some gas," his uncle told the boys. There goes that thought Sora had earlier. "Then we'll eat there for dinner" By the time they get there and finished putting gas, they eat at the food court, which was inside. Sora and Roxas took a seat while the adults went in line to get their food.

"I know you just got here, but it sucks your first day of school starts tomorrow. Don't worry because I will guide you because we have registered you in most of my classes." Roxas sure was talkative and Sora wanted him to shut up, but he didn't want to say that to his face.

"Anything interesting at school?" he lamely asked, crossing his arms on the table.

"Um… not really, but there is this rumor going around school. Not sure you would be interested since it deals with the… supernatural or something," he replied.

"I have time. I like anything related to the supernatural."

"Ok. So apparently, if you take a picture in front of a mirror at midnight, it will be a completely different photo," Roxas explained. "It will show what you truly desire or your soulmate," he said with feeling and then backs to his normal tone. "I don't know. I don't believe into whole Persona 4 scenario because it's stupid."

"Did you try it yourself?" Sora asked.

"Yeah, which I why I don't believe it because all I got was a picture of myself taking the picture."

"And who told you this?"

"I forgot. All I remembered was that someone in my class tried it about a month ago and it worked. Said he saw his soulmate in the mirror, which is funny because she's in our class. It's not like it gets any deeper than that."

"You're probably right." The boys are soon greeted with food coming their way. Sora's uncle and aunty present the two slices of pizza and two coco-colas, and they got the ever cheap yet delicious hot dog with raspberry iced tea. Sora was craving food and bit right into his pizza, feeling the delicious cheese and vegetable on it. Later, someone with silver hair came to greet them, but Sora didn't know who he was, so he assumed he knew his cousin except he just politely asked, "Can I help you?"

"Don't worry Sora. This is my buddy Riku," Roxas assured him. "Riku Yamamoto is a senior at school our school and the top athlete at it."

"How's it going?" Riku gave out his hand and Sora lamely shook it, but he suddenly felt a migraine. He immediately thought it was due to the cruise. Destiny Islands and Radiant Garden have a three hour time difference. "Something wrong?"

"Nah, it's nothing. I think I'm just a little tired from the cruise," Sora yawned out. "It was nice meeting you though. Hopefully I'll see ya around school tomorrow."

"I'll see you at school tomorrow Roxas and…" Riku waited for Sora to say his name because he already forgot it.

Sora bluntly answered, "Sora. His cousin."

"Right. Later guys." Riku left with his family to the exit and the two boys go back to eating their food.

"That was an odd meeting," Roxas said, taking a sip from his drink. "He's a really cool guy."

"Tell me about it," Sora added.

Later on, Sora arrived in his new home and walked out of the car, examining his surroundings and it looked like every other neighborhood he had seen in his past life. He casually walked towards the front porch to see some plants hanging in the air and outdoor furniture. "You guys have a nice house," he commented. "I don't remember of how it looked before." His relatives had a two-story house and it was a fairly modern size for a family. Roxas goes on ahead of him to open the house as he walked inside. The place looked bigger than it did on the outside. "This is your house?" he exclaimed.

"Yeah, pretty much," Roxas answered, bring in his luggage. His aunty and uncle later came in with a few more. "We have four rooms upstairs, but there is also one guest room downstairs. It's your pick."

Sora walked into the living room and replied, "I'll take the one downstairs. I really don't feel like going up the stairs the whole time." He looked at the pictures by the fireplace and saw his parents together in their teenage years. Then right by it was a group photo of them, his auntie and uncle, including five other people. There were a total of nine people in the picture and he assumed they were all friends in high school.

"Alright man. Your choice." The two walked to Sora's new room and open it to saw a dim light shinning down on the empty room with already made bed sitting alone in the middle. "Say hello to your new room that you will be staying in for a long time. Unless you move out that is." Roxas quietly laughed.

"If you need anything, we will be upstairs. Your school uniform is already your closet and it's best you sleep soon because you have school is tomorrow," Aunty Tifa told Sora.

"Great…" he lamely said.

"I know it sucks, but we just have to deal with it. See ya in the morning," his uncle said. With that, his relatives leave while Sora was left alone with his bags. Sora unpacked his bags and began to make the room his own, starting with his clothes. It was late, so far now, he decided to fold it. After, he took another luggage of his and opened it, revealing scrapbooks, photo albums, and stacks of pictures toppled on each other. He went through some of the ones with his parents or them together. He sort of wished he had a younger brother or sister to be looking after. "I miss you guys," he softly said and yawned. "I need some Zs. I'll finish this tomorrow," he told himself and laid on the comfy soft bed. "So comfortable." Then he immediately fell asleep. While he slept in his dream, he woke in it. It's the same room, but everything felt ominous and different. He slowly got out of bed and decided to check outside his room. He opened it and it was completely dark. "Hello? Is anyone there?" No response. "Great, I think I just set my death sentence by saying that."

"It's ok. Don't be afraid," an unknown voice said.

"Hello? Is that you God?" he joked a little since he knew that was not his cousin, his aunty, or his uncle's voice.

"Step forward and you will see."

"I rather not. Only an idiot would do that," Sora insulted, but felt a strange force push him out and the room lightened up. "What the?" The light revealed a long one-way path of mirrors with a door at the very end. "Frick this!" He decided to head back, but the door he came from disappeared. "Ugh, you got to be kidding me. Guess I have no choice." He finally gave in and started to walk down the path while feeling the eerie atmosphere. Maybe it was the fact that there were only mirrors surrounding him and constantly seeing his own reflection.

"What do you see in yourself?" the unknown voice spoke again. "But better yet, what are you still holding onto?"

Sora chose not to respond because the place felt unpleasant enough. After a few minutes, he arrived to the only door, which was slightly open. He took a small step and took a small peek inside, but by the time he looked into it, a bright flash of light blinded him where he found himself somewhere else again. This time it was a familiar setting. "Are you serious? I'm dreaming right?" He could almost feel the raindrops hitting him.

"Why of course you are dreaming. You are in a state in where you get to control your actions instead of watching them," the unknown voice said.

"Can't you be like the one who teaches the tutorial? Give me an 'x' button or something to attack."

"Foolish boy. This is not a video game, but if it is a fight you want, then I will be delighted to fulfill such a request." And then a shadowy figure suddenly appeared and Sora braced himself. "Hmm… I wonder if you have the potential to awaken to your power." A glimmer of light shines in Sora's right hand, revealing a longsword.

"What is going on here?" he asked.

"You wanted a tutorial. You got one," the shadowy figure said, throwing ice daggers, which Sora quickly dodged.

"Whoa! What the hell are you doing?" he shouted. "That almost felt real!" Sora thought in his head, getting into proper position with his sword, but the figure casted some sort of spell, surrounding him in a panel of mirrors. Sora ran around with his sword as the figure gave a malicious laugh. Sora saw the black figure in every reflection, wondering which one was the real one. "Where are you?" he shouted.

It laughed once again and said, "Mirrors merely show the reflection of what is real, but also what is not." Sora concentrated followed his instincts. He slashed to the mirror on his right and the house of mirrors disappeared, going back to the previous area.

"Heh, I guess you manage to break my illusion by finding the real one, but that too was a fake. I see you have an interesting quality in you."

"Show your face coward!" Sora yelled, searching the area.

"You can look at yourself and say you are okay, but you do not truly believe that. Inside you are hurting because you can't seem to let go of something."

"Shut up! You don't know what you are talking about!"

"Wateraga." A huge rush of water sended Sora back as he yelled in agony. "Weakling. I see you are not strong enough yet. We will definitely meet again."

Sora slowly got up, drenched in water, and the raindrops continued to hit him. While getting up, he saw a familiar car turned over with a hand hanging out the broken window. He found himself by the very car accident he once was in as his clothes were covered in mud. "No…" He slowly looked into the car to see his dead parents and backed away, falling down on his butt in the process. "This is not real," he softly told himself. "It's just a dream. It's just a dream!"

"But can you wake up from this nightmare?" the unknown being ghoulishly said. Sora immediately wailed when the same figure appeared by his side and he woke up in his bed sweating. Everything returned back to normal, but he kept on breathing heavily. He heard a dog barking in the distance and he took it as a good sign. He groaned and laid back. "What kind of dream was that?"

- The End of Eternity -

Morning shined on the islands and Sora gets a rude awakening from his cousin with a pillow. "Time to get up cousin because school starts today for you!" Sora groaned and hid his head under the pillow. "Come on. You have two choices: you get up or you get up. Now which will you take?"

"None of the above. Now leave me alone!"

"Don't make me get the cold bucket of water?" his cousin threatened, which Sora suddenly got up for.

"You wouldn't?"

"Oh you know I would. I did it to you before and I can do it again," Roxas deviously smirked. "So I suggest you get off your lazy butt and put on that uniform cuz school starts in an hour and half. Breakfast is on the table." Roxas flashed on a smile and left.

"I swear that boy is bipolar." After putting on a white collar long sleeve shirt, a loose blue tie, blue pants, and grey converse shoes, he goes to the living room with his small backpack. Inside were his essentials for the first day of school. "So how do we get to the school? Car? Bus? Someone picks us up?"

"No silly. We walk there cuz' it's not that far," Roxas answered, chewing on his waffle. "Takes only twenty minutes." He took a sip of his milk. "Sorry if things seem slow pace at the moment, but it will pick up once we get to the school. You are going to love my friends even if there are only two."


"I have more, but I hang out with them the most and they are both girls. Yep, I scored two of the hottest girls in school," he conceitedly said. Sora just poured milk into his glass and ate his cinnamon flavor waffles, ignoring his cousin again. His first day was going to be interesting.

The two walk to school talking about various topics to Destiny Islands High School. Along the way, two girls appear at both their sides wearing similar school uniforms, but with a skirt. One had auburn hair with a shoulder bag and the other was a blonde holding her books to her chest. "Sora, these are the two girls I was talking about. The auburn hair is Namine and the blonde is Kairi." The auburn hair girl hitted Roxas on the shoulder.

"Idiot! You got our names wrong! Again!" she scolded. Sora was guessing she was the actual Kairi. "You always do that on purpose."

"It's his way of annoying us Kairi."

"You know me so well Namine," he said, hugging her. It made her blush and she slapped him the face, which made Sora chuckled at the scene. "Hey! What was that for?"

"Ahehe… sorry about that," she apologized. "Is this your cousin Roxas?"

Roxas proudly answered, "Mmhmm."

"Look, I am deeply sorry about what happen to your parents," she softly told Sora. Her voice was genuine to him. "I can relate, but I didn't lose my parents. It was a friend of mines… when I visited Radiant Garden on one December night." Sora felt that the subject was getting too personal, so he decided to stop her.

"It's ok," he said, hugging her. "I don't want you to tell the story because that is too personal and we only just met."

"Thanks," she sweetly replied.

"Ok, enough of the sap stories and let's start walking guys." Kairi ruined the mood by walking ahead. The three caught up and continued on to the school. Sora decided he would only talk when he had to for today. "Sorry that I'm being unsympathetic, but I don't like to think of such heartbreaking stories because it makes me tear a little."

"Kairi cries?" Roxas gasped. "It must be the end of the world! Quick! Take cover!" Roxas laughed and got hit on the shoulder again, but harder this time. "Ow! Now that one was harder than Namine's slap!"

"Ugh, I honestly don't know how me and Namine deal with you," Kairi said. She sure was sassy, but Sora found it humorous. Maybe it was because she is picking on Roxas. Anyways, he continued the walk to school and later on, he found it to be an indoor school with only three floors, judging from the front. Across was a beautiful beach that didn't seem to be filled with tourists. It was just a causal looking beach with clear blue sparkling waters. Going inside, he saw the usual sites of people hanging out with their friends and walking around.

"So uh, since I'm in the same homeroom as you Roxas, where is it?" he asked.

"Second floor buddy," his cousin replied.

"But you need to go to the faculty office first to check-in since you are new," Kairi added. "I'll walk you to it even if it's only down this hall." Sora went along and walked with her. "Sorry that I didn't properly introduce myself," she said while they walked. "My name is Kairi Mizushima."

"Nice to meet you Kairi," Sora nicely replied. "Sora Motou."

"It's about time Roxas had a guy friend around him because he spends of his time with me and Namine. Don't get me wrong, your cousin is fun, up-beat, and fun to pick on, but he has some irritating traits."

"I feel ya," he happily replied. "Sometimes he needs to keep his mouth shut and hands where they belong. Does he have a thing with that blonde girl… um… what was her name?"

"Namine? No, he doesn't. He told me and she did too. Actually, Namine is scared of having a boyfriend, so I'm guessing she hasn't left that stage left. Oh and, she slaps him whenever he touches her or any boy for that matter," Kairi laughed and the two stop in front of the faculty office. "And here we are."

"I think I'm going to like watching blondie hit my cousin," Sora amusingly said.

"Trust me. You will because Namine does not even have to try and Roxas gets hurt in the process. So, look for Miss Yumi in there. She is our homeroom slash English teacher. She's kind of witty, but fun at the same time."

"I like witty people. They amuse me." Kairi giggled at his comment. "What? They do."

"Kay then. Bye; I'll see you in class."

Sora slided the door open and saw various teacher desks in the area, including various stacks on paper on every one of them. A few teachers were roaming around the office space, chatting, drinking coffee, or doing last minute grade checks. He walked inside, looking for his new homeroom teacher's desk, which he later saw based on the desk label and her. "Yes? What is it?" Sora rummaged through his bag and gave her a paper to state he was a new student. "Ah yes, Sora Motou. So you're the new guy. Hmm… I bet all the girls will talk about you since you are pretty handsome for your age. But what the heck, I'm glad not to be thirty yet because I know a lot pretty men in town."

"Uh huh… so what homeroom are you?" Sora asked, avoiding any odd comments. He wanted to get out already.

"My classroom is 2-A so I suggest you be there early. Too bad I'll be late because I'm going for a Starbucks run," she said, getting up with her stuff. "Don't tell the students or I will see to it that you get detention." She walked out the door and told Sora a goodbye. A few seconds later, she came back. "Here's your school schedule by the way. Bye now." Then she finally left.

"Ohkay… that was an odd meeting," he said and left the room. With most schools, there were have students hanging out in the hallways, couples holding hands and kissing, and some were actually looking at him since he was the new student. He wished they would all stop staring thinking because it made him uncomfortable. They must have heard of what had happened in the past. He brushed it off and went up the stairs to find his classroom while holding his schedule. 2-A was right there when he reached the floor and slid the door open to find some people inside already. It was different than the hallways.

"Hey!" Of course his cousin would be the first one to notice him. "I see that you must've met Miss Yumi since you haven't gotten lost in finding your room." With him were Kairi and Namine who were sitting in their desks. Kairi was in front of Namine by the window.

"Yeah. She is a weird lady who will be late because she went to get some Starbucks. Is there a free seat?"

"Why yes there is Sora," Kairi answered, pointing to the seat in front of her. "Sit here because the person in front of me never shows up in class." He laid his bag on the floor next to his new desk and took a seat, noticing Roxas was on his right. "Now that you are here, I must say you sure have gotten popular quick. The talk of the school," she complimented.

"That's cuz' I'm the new kid. It's always like that," Sora replied.

"I think it is because they all know your story," Kairi added. "I wonder how that got spread." She eyed Roxas who nervously scratched his head.

"Ahehe… I might have bragged about you a little Sora," Roxas tensely answered.

"I haven't even been here for ten minutes and you're already talking about me. Plus, that's private information!" Sora complained to his cousin.

"Sorry," he deeply apologized. "I'm going to stop now." Then the sound of the bell went off and the class started to fill in with Sora's upcoming new classmates. Not much was new other than the usual chats, but one conversation caught his ear.

"You know, they still haven't found Selphie and it's been almost half a month since she disappeared," a female student said.

"Really? I heard that she ran away from home because she had some family issues. It sucks though because I was looking forward to her birthday party. She always knows how to throw one." Someone was missing? How come no one told him this?

"Hey, why didn't you tell me someone was missing?" he asked Roxas.

"I was too excited of your arrival and I was tired 'kay. And a part of me that night wanted to sleep." Later, the teacher finally came walking in with coffee in her hands and appeared happy that she spun a few times like a ballerina and onto the podium of the class.

"Hello class! Sorry I'm late, but I had to get some caffeine for my body," Miss Yumi announced. "Now class, we have a new stude—hey, he's suppose to be standing here!" She scanned and pointed her finger to him. "Since I'm too lazy to bring him here, class this is Sora Motou and he just moved here in the islands. I hope you guys make him feel welcome here." She took a sip of her coffee. "And now our class representative has a few things to announce. Hurry up Miss Mizushima." Kairi was the class representative? Odd, sort of. She got up from her seat and takes the podium.

"Hello Class 2-A! As your substitute for our missing Selphie, who we dearly miss, I am going to lead our class to the top with the big sports festival coming up!" The class roared with spirit. "If we had a star athlete in our class," she whined, putting her head down, and the class groaned. "But no matter! We have the muscle guys! We're just lazy!"

"Yeah!" the class cheered except for Sora since he only watched of what was going on. Out of the blue, sirens blasted outside, making all the students in the classroom run and look out the windows, and saw groups of police cars, including people huddling together near the beach. A wall of policemen, despite being on the second floor, were blocking the sight, and the sound of the PA system went off with the principal's female voice.

"Attention all staff members. Please report to the meeting room immediately. All staff members report to the meeting immediately. Students, please stay in your classrooms."

"What an interesting way to start my first day," Sora said to himself, looking out the window.

"I wonder what it is," Miss Yumi thought and looked back to her class. "You heard the announcement, so do as you're instructed and I will be back. Even though I don't want to go," she bluntly putted and walked out.

Once the teacher leaves the room, Kairi sparked a conversation. "What do you guys think it is?" she asked her fellow classmates.

"Who knows?" Namine said, curious about the situation. "Probably something about the school. Not like someone was murdered or something… at least I hope not."

After about five minutes have passed by, the PA system turned on again. "Attention, all students. I advise you to return back home now and inform your families. There has been an incident near the school and the police have been dispatch in the area. Please do not disturb the police officers as I instruct you students to head home. That is all." Everybody in the classroom was surprised, wondering what had happen at such an early time of the day that the situation became a topic of interest.

- The End of Eternity -

Sora, Roxas, Kairi, and Namine walked out the front of the school and headed near the beaches to check out the scene by following the sounds of small sirens, and the chatting going around. Police cars were there with blue and white lights flashing, but no sirens were going off. Getting closer, they could see nothing, but the police units blocking it. In the midst of this, the four could hear two schoolgirls talking about it.

"Did you see that? I can't believe they found someone like that here! Out of all places!" the first girl said in disbelief.

"Yeah like totally. Our beaches are so fun and tropical that it's not everyday you find a dead body lying around its sandy shores."

"A d-dead body? Say what now?" Kairi stuttered out in shock. The others too were in complete shock from the news and continued to listen to the girls.

"I heard it's that girl who disappeared a while back," the other girl said.

"For real? You can't mean Selphie Tilmitt do you? Shut up? It sucks that her birthday present was to die on her seventeen birthday like this. Can you imagine if that happened to one of us?" The four gawked at each other and continued to eavesdrop. "It sucks we got here too late because they already took away the body. Now they're only investigating the cause of death and how she got here."

Out of one of the officers, one came up to them and it was Sora's uncle, Cloud, wearing a brown tuck-in collar shirt with a tie and black slacks. "Uncle? I didn't know you were a detective." Seriously, he didn't know he was one. His parents never did mention his occupation, nor did his Roxas.

"What are you guys doing here? The principal told you guys to go directly home," his uncle replied.

"We were passing by dad," Roxas assured his father. "But uh, it's hard to avoid something like this when it's right in front of our school don't ya think?"

"Don't get all smart on me Roxas. I went you boys to go home. Bring your friends if you want to." Sora's uncle sounded very serious and they were scared to disobey his orders.

"Let's go man," Sora whispered behind his cousin, pulling him away to leave the scene. "It's no better than that rumor you told me before."

"You told him the rumor about the photo thing?" Kairi looked at Roxas. "Does that really work?"

"Yeah! I'm so curious about it too," Namine added. "I want to try it!" She seemed anxious.

"No. It does not work cuz' I've tried it before. I only got a picture of myself taking it," Roxas answered.

"Pssh. Maybe it's showing that you love yourself too much, so I want to see this urban legend for myself," Kairi happily replied. "But tomorrow because I have a family dinner tonight."

"I can't believe Selphie is dead…" Namine pointed out, seeming sad. "She was such a good friend to me."

"Hey, look at me Namine, you have to be strong. There was nothing you could," Kairi told her. "God knows I have."

"But… sometimes I feel helpless when I see someone that needs help." Sora felt a little remorse within the girls, but he chose not to impose on it. He liked things to naturally flow. "I feel like sleeping in for the rest of the day. How bout you guys?"

"I'm have to get home since you know how my family can be," Kairi said. "With this kind of stuff going on, they would keep me home so I can be protected." The girls give a goodbye to the boys and head elsewhere.

"I think we should head home too. Mom could be worry about us right now," Roxas said and they head on home.

Most of the day, they were home playing video games until the night. Sora's aunty was cooking dinner in the kitchen while he and his cousin were in the living room watching the news. "Tonight's top local news is the discovery of a teenager girl's body on one of Destiny Island's beaches. She was found earlier this morning on Paopu Beach across from Destiny Islands High School." Sora and Roxas continued to watch the news since it involved one of their classmates, whom Sora never did meet. "The girl identified was a junior named Selphie Tilmitt who attended Destiny Islands High School. Before this bizarre incident, she was reported missing for almost a month ago."

"So how do you like your first day here?" Roxas asked his cousin, ignore the report.

"It's not over yet, so I'll get back to you on that later," Sora said with his eyes glued to the television.

"I can see your dad is going to be late tonight then huh?" his aunt Tifa asked. "I guess I have grown used to it by now, but it still sucks."

"Mom, you shouldn't worry about him," Roxas replied. "He is good enough to take care of himself."

"Says the boy who keeps leaving his clothes all over his bedroom floor," his aunty fired back, placing plates on the table.

"However, there is more," the news reporter said on the TV. "When the body was discovered, strange markings were found on the victim's body. Authorities are uncertain what they mean or what the cause of death was either as police are currently investigating the case and are determining if this was a mere accident or homicide."

"Dinner is ready boys." Sora and Roxas got off the couch and ate on the table.

"You made steak! I love you mom!" Roxas screamed in joy, making her laugh.

"I know it's your favorite," she said, smiling. "So, I heard what happened today judging from I heard on the news. All I can think is what if that happened to you." Sora was eating, but didn't hear his cousin respond. He lifts his head to see him quickly devouring his food.

"What the hell Roxas?" Sora said. "How can you still be hungry when we almost ate the whole snack room?"

"High metabolism," he mumbled through his food.

"No wonder you're skinny," Sora insulted.

"There are perks to being skinny!" his cousin fired back. It sure was going to be interesting living here in the islands for Sora. His first day at school ended short with disturbing news this morning and his cousin sure was something. He was fond of his new friends and wondered what else was in store. One thing was for sure, tomorrow night, he and his friends were going to try out that rumor he heard from his cousin. Is that urban legend true? Moreover, that one dream he had earlier was still on his mind because it was really strange. It boggled his mind, but he had feeling that there were to come.

Playing Persona 4 gave me the idea of having a murder mystery plot because it really does keep you interested having to go on for a ride to see how it unfolds and ends. However, it put my own little twists to make it more of my own so don't think it's gonna be exactly like P4. I have thought out the story in a good manner, but as always, I have issues of what kinds of scenes I should write despite the fact I figured out sub-plots and such.