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Misaki: Ahem...

Sha-Chan: What?

Misaki: Say it

Sha-Chan: Fine! i do not own the most wondrous Junjou Romantica

Turn right. Press the button. Cross the road. Enter the shop.






Time to go in.

"I'll have a lemon drizzle cake, please."

I watched as the green pools closed and the chocolate headed teen nodded quickly. His pale long fingers reached in and fondled my cake. Slowly he wrapped it up carefully peeling of the price sticker and applying it to its packaging. And he stopped before handing me the cake.

"That will be £1.50, please."

Like a snail, I slowly reached into my pocket for my wallet. More time it took me the longer I could spend with my beloved. I cursed to myself when I found that inside my wallet I didn't have any notes only coin…the correct coins. I wanted him to have to hand me change for a chance for our hands to touch more then once. I handed him the money savouring our skins contact and reached for my cake that had been placed on the counter.

"Thank you, please come again"

I will. I always will. Reluctantly I left the shop and towards my usual destination, the park. To sit and watch him once more. I was always there with him, ever since I met him, I rarely leave his side. I loved him so much, yet he still hung around with that other man. The tall sliver haired man that kept him against his will. My poor love. Like a prince I'm coming to your rescue. I'll never let anyone harm you. Soon I will make my move.