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It had been a total of three months since the man who first took Misaki was caught by the police and the whole ordeal had finally finished. The authorities had deducted that the man was clinically instable and now resided in a mental hospital instead of prison (Which was a heaven as far as Akihiko was concerned) he was enrolled in a mental health facility and was to stay there for what appeared to be the rest of his life.

Though the man may never have been caught if the caramel haired teen had not reached the police station, informing them of what had happened and giving then all the details he could remember of the entire night and the man's face. Though by the time the ambulance had reached the poor college student it was already late leaving the snow to pile high upon him, crimson blood staining the pure beauty of the untouched snow. He almost blended in he was that pale and his once plump lips had been dyed a subtle blue colour.

So when they found the home in which the victims had been held captive, the horror they found was conclusive. The author was found on his knees, unmoving, his eyes glazed over and all expression devoid from his face.

That was how he had awoken, those memory's flooding though mind haunting him. Instinctively he flicked his eyes over to the left side of the bed, yet like all days before it lay cold and empty. Running his hand through his hair, he noted it was barely even dawn and with a deep sigh he heaved himself out of his bed.

Slinging on his clothes robotically he left his condo and began his long repeated drive. The sky reflected the grey in Usagi's heart since then and by the time they had reached his destination the heavens had opened themselves up, rain beginning to pour from the sky.

It wasn't a surprise to the author to see Takahiro there. He had been there as much as he could, the same solemn expression on his face. Before this incident he had nearly always just seen a broad smile on his face, even when times got rough, but now it looked as if these three months had been thirty years as his age showed on all his features.

As they passed each other they exchanged no words, only a curt nod. In his heart the silver haired man knew that Takahiro blamed him for everything, even if his showed his civilities. God's know he blamed himself. He had found out the relationship him and his little brother had been involved in and that had lead to one heated argument until they decided to be civil to each other for the sake of everything that had happend

Looking through the window of the door 107, in the right wing of the hospital, he saw his brown-haired lover. He was propped upright in his bed, laded with drips. His hair was all matted down to his head and there was still reminisce of bruises left on his face. Though the worst sight was those emerald eyes that were once full of light were now dead husks.

Walking into the room the teen slowly lifted his head the follow him in.


The author took his loves hand and sat in the chair next to the bed, careful not to knock any of the pipes. Misaki had awoken screaming, from his coma almost 2 days ago. Or at least it would have been a scream if his throat would have let it be, but it was more of a breathy wail. The doctors at the time had been unable to calm him down and in fear he would rip his stitches he was sedated. The next time he roused himself he was much calmer and almost instantly Usagi had reached out for him.


Akihiko clasped Misaki's hand and emotional storm glazing over his features.

"Misaki! Are you okay? How do you feel?"

He waited for a response but none came. Misaki just looked at him the light already gone from his eyes.

"I've got to go and tell a doctor. I'll be back in a moment."

But as soon as he began to move Misaki grasped tightly at Usagi shirt and suddenly began shaking uncontrollable.


Floods of tears began to roll down his face as he refused to let Usagi from his grasp.

The doctor had soon explained that Misaki appeared to be suffering from amnesia and elective mutism and it could take years to heal him, if it was even possible to heal him completely. Though now according to them he was well enough to take home, back to his condo as Takahiro had reluctantly agreed since every time Usagi had left his brothers side, it had caused him great distress and that was something takahiro couldn't bare him to have any more of.

"Misaki? I'm going to take you home today. Susaki-san has missed you."

The teen managed to show Usagi a small smile, which in return made the author smile. The sliver haired man brought his small lover into his arm for a tender hug.

"…I will never let anyone hurt you ever again. I won't let you leave me Misaki. I won't. I promise I will always stay with you. Forever."


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