The sense of morning washed over Kurt in rays of warm sunlight. He made an attempt to stretch and greet the day, but found himself encased in his lover's arms. Detangling himself from Blaine's grasp and standing, Kurt paused for a moment to gaze upon Blaine. Blaine's usually tame locks of dark hair now framed his face, completely unkempt. The sun gleamed on his face, enhancing his features tenfold. It was moments like these that Kurt particularly appreciated Blaine's beauty. Kurt's heart warmed as Blaine let out a small sigh, rolling over and clutching on to a pillow in lieu of Kurt. Kurt snorted. His absence didn't seem too discomforting to Blaine. But god, did he look cute cuddled up like that…

Smiling to himself, Kurt pulled on the nearest pair of pants and threw Blaine discarded t-shirt from the night before over his head before making his way upstairs.

He still wasn't entirely used to this new apartment, to their apartment. He wasn't used to calling it that either. The second grin of the day spread across his face as he moved into the kitchen, busying himself with morning coffee preparations. Humming as he worked, the sound of his voice drowning out Blaine's footsteps as he came up the stairs. Noticing Kurt's oblivion, Blaine continued to step as quietly as possible, finally aligning directly behind Kurt. Suddenly, Blaine laid his hands on Kurt's hips and whispered in his ear "good morning, dear, did you miss me?" Kurt jumped so violently, the empty coffee pot went flying out of his hands and clattered to the floor. Whirling around to face Blaine, he threw his hands up in the air. "BLAINE. ANDERSON. YOU SCARED ME HALF TO DEATH! WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING? DO YOU KNOW WHO YOU COULD HAVE BEEN?" Blaine tried to suppress the grin on his face as he opened his mouth to speak, but Kurt didn't wait for an answer.

"We live in a one-bedroom apartment in the middle of New York, Blaine! You could have been a-a rapist! Or a murderer! I could be dead right now! And don't you give me that look!" Blaine was giving Kurt his infamous "you-sound-so-crazy-right-now" look of skepticism, still working hard to keep from smiling.

"Kurt…How would I have gotten in if I was a murderer? You know how tight we are about security, given your level of-" Blaine paused, wanting to avoid using the word 'paranoia' "attentiveness. Also, when was the last time a murderer touched your hips and delicately whispered into your ear?" Kurt was blushing furiously now, his eyes narrowed at Blaine.

"You know what I meant. The element of surprise is a killer in and of itself." Blaine finally broke into a full-on grin, holding his arms out to Kurt. "I'm sorrrrry, baby. It won't happen again, I swear." Kurt, still glaring, swatted Blaine's arms to the side and bent down to pick up the coffee pot. "I'm going to pretend that I can get angry at those puppy-dog eyes and be angry at you for 10 minutes or so, now."

"Or so?" Blaine questioned hopefully, "Because you know, I was thinking that I could sort of use a shower…And gosh, would it be horribly boring alone…"

Kurt, still turned away, didn't want to let Blaine see his smile.

Turning around and putting on a semi-solemn expression, he said cooly "I'll consider it."

Blaine gave Kurt his best puppy-dog eyes and pouty expression, nodded his head and turned away, also smiling.

Because they both knew that Kurt couldn't resist those puppy-dog eyes.