After waking up from a two month coma Feliciano wakes up in a hospital surrounded by different countries but something is wrong… Why is Lovino smiling? Why is Gilbert so quiet? Why is Kiku trying to grope people? Why is Lily all gothic? And why is everyone afraid of Feli?

Human and Country names used.

Warning: Sadness, crack, swearing and other stuff that will either make you cry or laugh your ass off.


Feliciano woke up to the sound of a heart monitor. He slowly opened his eyes and looked around. He was in a hospital by the look of it. He rubbed his eyes. "Fratello?" He said. "Where are you?" A nurse happened to be walking by and saw the Italian. She gasped and ran down the hall calling out for a doctor.

Feliciano wasn't sure what was happening until he heard a familiar voice talking to one of the doctors. "Please don't joke with me." Said Lovino. "Is he really awake? After two months he's finally awake?"

"It would seem so." Said the doctor. "Would you like to see him?"

At that Lovino burst through the door and glomped Feli and started crying. "I know you hate hugs." Said Lovino. "But let me hold you for just a bit longer."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Feliciano. He loved hugs and he was a little shocked that Lovino hadn't used the words fuck, basted or idiot yet. Lovino suddenly let go of Feli and gave him a questioning look. "What's wrong Lovi?"

Lovino suddenly went as white as a sheet. "Di- did you just call me Lovi?"


"You never call never call me Lovi… Ever." Feliciano was about to say something when Lovino ran out of the room. What had he done? Did he do something wrong? In less than ten minutes Lovino came back into the room followed by Alfred, Gilbert, Matthew and Ivan.

"Fratello. Why are they here?" Asked Feliciano. Everyone exchanged worried looks. Feli didn't understand what was going on. "Where's Ludwig?" At that remark everyone looked absolutely petrified.

"We know your probably pissed Feliciano." Said Matthew. "But it's totally unawesome to take it out on Gill's brother like that. He still has bruises from the last time you attacked him."

Feli tilted his head in confusion. What were they talking about? He felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked up into Ivan's purple eyes. "Are you okay Feliciano?" Feli started to tremble in terror. Since when was Ivan so nice to him?

"Are you okay?" Whispered Gilbert. He looked so nervous and out of place. Feliciano had never seen the usually confident ex nation so… unconfident and Alfred hadn't even said anything yet. He was just standing there holding onto a stuffed Hello Kitty Doll. Wait… What? This isn't right, what's going on? Why was everyone acting so strange?

Feliciano felt like he was about to cry. "What's going on?" He whimpered. "Where's Antonio? Francis? Ludwig? Grandpa Rome? Where is everyone?"

"There is definitely something wrong with Feliciano." Said Alfred at a surprisingly normal volume. "Perhaps he has some kind of brain injury. Considering he hasn't threatened to kill us, bitch slap Lovino or demand a drink."

"Ve? What are you talking about? I want to see Ludwig."

Everyone looked at each other. They all seemed nervous. "If I get Ludwig to come here," Said Ivan. "will you start to act normal again?" Feliciano nodded. Gilbert looked like he was about to cry, Matthew patted the albino on the shoulder and Alfred seemed to be interested in the heart monitor. Ivan had walked out onto the balcony and called Ludwig.

It took an hour for Ludwig to get there and Feliciano was silent all that time. The other nations were very anxious and worried about Ludwig's arrival. Eventually Ludwig walked into the room. Feliciano jumped out of bed and hugged Ludwig. Everyone in the room gasped. Ludwig pushed Feliciano away. "What the hell do you think you are doing?" He looked over at Lovino. "Is this some kind of trick?"

"Ve?" Feliciano's eyes widened. What was Ludwig talking about? "It's me Ludwig Don't you remember me?"

Ludwig rolled his eyes. "It's quite obvious that you don't remember me at all or you wouldn't have done that."

"I don't understand. What is going on?"

"Do you have brain damage or something you basted?" Feliciano's whole body was trembling. Why was Ludwig being so cruel? What was going on? This wasn't right at all. Feli reached up to touch Ludwig's face but the German grabbed onto his wrist and attempted to crush it. "Don't you try and fucking touch me again you son of a whore." Feliciano cried out in shock and pain. "Now because you were in a coma for two months I'm not going to kick your ass but as soon as you are out of here, I'm going to throw you in front of the nearest train got it?"

"Bruder." Whispered Gilbert. "Let's go home please."

Ludwig dropped Feliciano and walked out the door closely followed by Gilbert. Feliciano was cradling his badly bruised wrist as he fell to the floor. Tears were streaming down his face. "Why would he do that?" He whispered. "Why would my best friend do that?"

Lovino looked at his brother with concern. "Fratello… are you okay? You seem to be a little confused."

"He's more than a little confused." Said Matthew. "He's stark raving bonkers. Why the hell would he think his biggest enemy is his BFF?"

"Ludwig is my enemy?" Asked Feliciano. "No, this isn't right. He's my best friend. Why is everything so messed up?" Lovino hesitated but bent down to try and comfort his brother. Feliciano just looked up and grabbed Lovino's arms. "You." He growled. "Swear. Scream. Insult me. Call me an idiot. Hit me."

"What? Brother what are you talking about?" Trembled Lovino.

"Just do it please." Begged Feliciano. "I need to know if this is a dream. This has to be a dream. TELL ME I'M STILL DREAMING!"

"WE NEED A NURSE IN HERE!" Called Matthew. Almost immediately two male nurses came in and pulled Feliciano away from Lovino. They injected him with a drug and Feliciano drifted off to sleep.

Why is this happening? What is going on? Am I dead? This isn't real