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Feliciano practically jumped out of his hospital bed he pulled the tubes out of his throat and pulled them out of his arms. Suddenly several nurses burst in expecting the worst. Feliciano just smiled at them sweetly. "Hey um... could I possibly use the phone? I need to call some people."

They informed him that they would do that once they had finished running some tests first to make sure that he was alright. After what seemed like hours they said that they would call his brother. Feliciano nodded and sat on his bed and waited patiently. 'Ve... I hope this worked...'

After a few minutes Lovino burst through the door. He just stood there in the doorway looking at Feliciano in disbelief. "Feliciano... I... I..." He ran over to Feliciano and hugged him. "Don't you fucking do shit like that again! You scared the shit out of me!"

Feliciano smiled and hugged back. 'Okay! I'm definitely in the right place. Lovi is swearing at me! Strange how I missed that...'

Lovino pushed away and sighed. "Damn it... Why did you tell u something was wrong? Why did you leave it till it was almost too late?"

Feliciano frowned. "Ve? What are you talking about?"

Lovino scowled. "Don't tell me you got brain damage! Okay quick test. Who is potato bastard, tomato bastard and potato bastard number two?"

Feliciano laughed. "Ludwig AKA Germany, Antonio AKA Spain and Gilbert AKA Prussia."

Lovino nodded. "Okay... Well at least you aren't that screwy."

"Okay now I have a question for you Lovi." Said Feliciano. "What were WWI and WWII?"

Lovino frowned. "Idiot. If you can't remember that than you really have lost it. Do I have to get eyebrows to use some of his shitty magic to try and jog your memory?"

Feliciano shook his head. "No thanks Lovi. When you tried to get Francis to do that you ended up asleep and I ran over to Ludwig's house, but then he was really mean and threw a vase at me but it's okay because I just freaked him out."

Lovino raised an eyebrow. "Right... I'm going to get a doctor to run a few more tests on you..."

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It had been a week since Feliciano was allowed to leave the hospital. He didn't really go outside that much but preferred to stay in his room. At the moment he was leaning out an open window looking up at the stars.

"Hey Italy." He whispered. "I figured out how I died. Turns out I had a brain tumour. I ended up coughing up blood and fainting right in the middle of a speech at a world meeting. I guess it was scary, but then again I don't remember much. How's everything going with Ludwig? Hope you're treating each other well. Do you ever look up at the stars and see orbs? I know I do."

The sudden knock at the door made Feliciano jump. He sighed and pulled himself away from the window to go and answer the door. He opened it up and was surprised to see Ludwig. "Hello Feliciano. Can I come in?"

Feliciano nodded. "Sure." He opened the door a little wider and let him inside. He led him to the lounge room and sat down. "So how are you Ludwig?"

Ludwig nodded. "I'm good... and you?"

Feliciano smiled. "I'm really good! Everything's gone back to normal... Well as normal as it can get."

Ludwig nodded and looked away. "Feliciano... Why didn't you tell anyone you had a tumour? We thought you really were dead."

Feliciano shrugged. "Sorry Ludwig. I don't remember ever being told I had a tumour... and considering what's happened to me over the past few months I don't think that's a big deal at the moment."

"What are you talking about?" Asked Ludwig.

Feliciano beamed and grabbed Ludwig's hand. "I need to show you something." He led Ludwig to the backyard and pointed up at the stars. "What do you see?"

Ludwig looked up at the stars and frowned. "I just see stars Feliciano."

Feliciano grinned. "I don't see stars. I see different worlds that haven't started to begin yet. Each one is as unique as the last and are completely different. They are special and at the same time all the same..."

Ludwig looked at Feliciano in confusion. "I don't get it."

Feliciano giggled. "That's okay. I guess it's a little hard to understand if you've never been there. I'm just glad Italy didn't come here, who knows what he would have done?"

"Um... what?"

"Never mind." Said Feliciano. "It isn't that important. I'm just happy that I'm back here with you... Out of everyone here I missed you the most. I prefer you like this rather than what you were back there... Not that you weren't nice there, you just scared me a lot in the beginning."

Ludwig sighed and nodded. "Okay Feli, whatever you say... But you realize I still don't understand you at all."

Feliciano shrugged and lied down on the grass so he was looking up at the stars. "Hey Ludwig... What would you do if you could meet a different you? One from a different reality? Underneath it all do you think that they would be the same as you?"

Ludwig shrugged. "I guess so... But why are you asking this? I don't understand."

Feliciano laughed airily and closed his eyes. "Then I guess it means you love me too." He rolled onto his side and began to snore.

Ludwig looked down at Feliciano with wide eyes. A blush spread across his face and he sat next to the sleeping Italian. "Strange..." He muttered. "You never cease to amaze me." He looked back up at the sky. A shooting star was flying by. Ludwig sighed. "I wish that no matter what world we are in that Feliciano and I will be together."

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Meanwhile in a different world Italy was sitting under a tree as he looked up at the stars. He chuckled to himself. "Hey retard. I guess everything worked out alright. I ended up marrying Germany. It was a quiet ceremony. The only people that came were Prussia, Canada and Romano... Yes it was stupid but what the hell. They are family I guess... Then our bosses found out and told us to divorce but I told them to go fuck themselves because we weren't doing that at all. The next day there was a new treaty drawn up and now our countries are very powerful. Russia was a bit pissed but he got over it."

He looked over his shoulder and saw Ludwig walking over to him. The German sat down next to him and sighed. "What are you doing out here Feliciano?"

The Italian shrugged. "Nothing. Just thinking." He leaned against Ludwig's arm and closed his eyes. "Sorry about all the shit you had to go through because of me."

"It's fine." Said Ludwig. "I mean as long as we're together in the end isn't that all that matters?"

Feliciano yawned. "Probably..." He drifted off to sleep.

Ludwig chuckled and looked up at the stars. He saw a shooting star and smiled. "I wish that no matter what world we are in that Feliciano and I will be together."

As the night went on and it slowly turned to day Feliciano, no matter which world would wake up next to Ludwig.

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