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I watched her chocolate hair shine for the last time as she walked away with my cousin, no longer my brother, in tow.

A hug, kiss to the cheek and a whispered "I love you" was all I was left with. That and a smug smile firmly planted on Edward's face.

I should have known. It was only a matter of time before he pulled something like this. He was smart, I would give him that, and my sweet Bella had no idea what she was in for. Hell, she never did even when she started dating the man who, I have now grown to only hate, when she was still just a teenager.

We were all naive at the time but things were so much simpler back then.

We had all grown up together, minus Bella.

I came into the Cullen household when I was just a boy of six. My parents had died in a car accident. I barely remembered them now, but my Aunt Esme - my mother's sister - and Uncle Carlisle graciously took me in and treated me as their own.

None of us knew about the family business then and I don't think any of us really knew about it at all until we were in our late teens.

Carlisle and Esme had already had two of their own children; two boys. Edward was two years my junior and Emmett was four.

I may have not been born a Cullen, but I was the oldest and they were still my little brothers so I treated them as such.

We were not dumb children by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact. We knew normal kids didn't have to go to play-dates at the park with armed bodyguards and we knew that most families weren't raided by the police every so often.

But we didn't care. We were the Cullen boys, we stuck together, feared no one, and we loved it. Our little Alice came into the picture about a year after I moved in. A sweet thing she was with loads of energy - even for an infant - and a mop full of black hair. I called her the 'Wonder Child' cause' it was a wonder she was ever here.

Esme should have never been able to get pregnant again. After Esme had a particularly hard pregnancy with Em, Uncle Carlisle had a vasectomy. The funniest shit was the look on Carlisle's face when Esme told him they where having another child. His face went white as a sheet.

Those were some of the happiest times in my life.

And now I could only sigh at the happy memories of peaceful days gone forever.

I laughed out loud at the memory of Alice coming home early from her first day as a freshman in high school. We were all a little surprised when Edward came home with Alice; teary eyed and banged up. Even more surprisingly she was clinging to a girl that had to have been closer to Edward's age as if a lifeline.

Of course Carlisle and Esme were distraught over the ordeal, but as Alice launched in to her story she explained to us that, Bella, said girl in question, was actually Isabella Marie Swan O' Doyle, and that she had rescued her from a group of girls that had cornered my sister in a bathroom stall. Alice said they were teasing her about "the family" and picking on her about her height; short little shit that she is.

In Alice's words, Bella had, "Beat the shit outta them". With the look on my sister's face all animated as she balled up her tiny fist and reenacted the entire incident, I laughed. I laughed so hard I nearly fell out of my dinning chair. That was until she had emerged from wherever she had been previously and I got a good look at her.

My first thought had been God was she beautiful, and the second was very similar, that I had never seen something so beautiful before that day. She had a fresh shiner over her left eye and blood on her knuckles. All I could think was that she was perfect. Bella was stunning even then. She had long wavy dark hair on alabaster skin, rosy cheeks made more prominent when she blushed and wild amber eyes. They almost mimicked the color of honey.

I observed her closely that first night and took notice that she had a wicked temper which was brought on only more so by the presence of the ever annoying Emmett. But she also had an even fiercer loyalty to my family. It didn't take the dark haired beauty long to steal my heart, not long at all.

When Bella sat down at the table and told her side of things, we all laughed, she too was quite animated. She told us that when she heard those "snooty bitches" picking on a Cullen, a family that had shown her kindness, she would have never had forgiven herself for not defending this family.

I was sorry to see her go when she left that night but I knew she would be back in the morning. She and Alice would be spending a lot of time together in detention.

To say I was intrigued with her would be putting it much to lightly, it was more than that. So much so that I couldn't help but to ask Carlisle what Bella had meant that the family had shown her kindness.

Uncle Carlisle laid it out for me. He told me all about the life of the infamous half-breed of the underground world. Personally I hated that term but she was in fact a half-breed; half Italian and half Irish. A combination frowned upon by both sides.

Bella was born, Isabella Marie Swan, to Charles and Renee Swan. I already knew who Charlie was. He was one of Carlisle's oldest friends and allies, but as fate would have it Bella's mother left her daughter and husband behind when Bella was only just a toddler. The story was that Renee was having an affair with another man, but who knows? Charlie ended up leaving Bella as well about six years later, only Charles left on the end of a bullet. That story was well know that he had somehow betrayed the Volturi family and Aro had him assassinated. Some say it was over a dispute on a gun contract that had turned bad. I think both stories are bullshit, but that's just my opinion.

Carlisle told me that Bella was only eleven when her father was shot and killed, and having no other living relatives to care for her, Bella was set to be placed in child services. My uncle and aunt couldn't stomach the thought and had a mind to adopt her themselves, but a colleague of Carlisle's came to him and asked that he be allowed to adopt the girl child.

Alistair was a lonely dedicated bachelor, upstanding gentleman and one of the best damn hit-man the world has ever know. The man was clean and methodical, and it was widely spoken that you would never even know he was in the room with you until he wanted you to.

I remember shuddering at the thought of Bella being Alistair O' Doyle's daughter, I had only met the man a handful of times and he scared the shit out of me to be frank. No wonder the girl could brawl, her adopted father was a living legend.

Carlisle had also set up a trust for Bella that he would keep until she turned twenty-five then she would be free to collect and do with it as she pleased, not that she would need it living with Alistair. The man was well off.

I can tell you I hadn't slept that night. I was too consumed with the feisty brunette that had so quickly gained the hearts of the entire family, mine included.

The next morning when she showed up at the door looking nervous and shy I couldn't help but tease her. She and Alice both needed to serve two weeks of detention and had their prom tickets revoked to keep them both from being expelled, and I mused to myself that Bella must have really worked those girls over. It also didn't help that one of the girl, Jessica Stanley had a wealthy relative that sat on the school board and it really didn't help Jessica was the one who had to have her jaw wired shut.

I could hear her that morning explaining to Edward that if she had it to do all over again, she wouldn't change a thing, saying that she would gladly put any of those "skanks" in their places anytime, anywhere. I laughed as I entered the room and teased her, petting her head and telling her to run along to detention like a good little girl.

Yeah, not my best idea.

She smiled at me before she balled up her fist and hit me… hard. She then proceeded to tell me "to shut my big fucking mouth", before she stole the keys to my Ducati and took off with Alice.

Now that I think back I know I fell in love with her that day.

In just a little shy of four years Bella became the heart and soul of this family; another daughter for Carlisle and Esme to spoil, another sister for Emmett to torment at ever turn and Bella had and always will be a hero to Alice. She also became my best friend.

There weren't many days where you would find one of us and not the other, but as my luck would have it she also became Edward's girlfriend.

I never did have the balls to tell Bella how I really felt about her, to tell her that I had been insanely in love with her since the day our paths crossed. I watched as she walked to the car I wish I had, maybe things would have turned out different.

Bella was leaving us now at the age of twenty-two moving to New York, following the whims of a selfish prick who I have no doubts cares for nothing but for himself.

Edward had told us over Christmas break that he and Bella would be leaving. His excuse was that he wanted to cut ties from the family and the "business" that went with it. Edward wanted to go legit, he wanted a better life for himself and basically thought he was too good to be tied up in life of an Arms dealer.

He was fucking stupid. Edward being the true first born Cullen was heir to everything when Carlisle passed the torch, Edward would be leading us all.

Edward had always been a sullen child, distanced from the rest of us even when we

were children. But when Bella had walked into our lives she had changed him. He started participating in family functions and joining in with his classmates from his University. Carlisle and Esme couldn't have been happier. The intense change in Edward was what had held my tongue all these years. I couldn't begrudge my brother happiness because I didn't have the stones to get there first, and I would have happily kept the secret to my grave.

I called bullshit on Edward's excuse for leaving. As if it were for his and Bella welfare. That was crap and he knew it. Edward was just as sadistic as the rest of this family maybe even more so, he just hid it better. Edward however, was a prissy fucker that didn't like to get his hands dirty and really shied away from violence. It was another one of his excuses when he told us he was severing all ties from our family. He would never have to lift a finger. That was what Emmett and I were for and what we had been trained to do.

How did I know that this was somehow all a farce?

Edward was the golden boy with his clean cut GQ looks, college degree and the financial backing of the family that he could do whatever the hell he wanted with his life, even turn the business legit if he wanted it so bad.

I made sure I brought that point up at the family meeting. I brought up a lot of things that night. I could give a shit less that Edward was leaving, and to be honest I really don't think Carlisle gave a shit either. It was Alice and Esme that took it the hardest.

My only concern was that he was taking Bella away from the protection this family provide for her. It was well know the distaste the Volturi family held for the Swan's and I'm sure Bella's existence was no secret to them.

I told Edward this time and time again. I told him the very night they left to which he smugly replied, "Were going to college, Jasper, not war." I had never wanted to hit him more than I did that night, especially when he refused to have a detailed guard put on Bella.

I informed him in nothing short of a growl, that if his stupidity led to her getting hurt, blood or no blood, he would cease to exist on this Plane. He knew very well what I meant and that I would make good on my threat.

Edward smirked at me and eyed me knowingly as he told me to leave what was best for Bella to him and that she was none of my concern.

I blew up and had him pinned to the nearest wall before his next breath passed where I

explained not so gently or calmly that Bella was very much my fucking business. I told him my dirty secret, unexpectedly his smile widened and he simply whispered, "I know."

I regret not having followed them that night. I regret not having told Bella long ago how I felt about her.

I stood on my uncle's porch most of that night long after the taillights of Edward's care had faded into the distance and prayed. I prayed for her safety and for her return to us but more so, I prayed that no matter where Edward would take her that she knew how much we all loved her. My final thought that night was how much I was going to miss her. I would miss her so very much.