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Chapter Thirty






Sitting in Carlisle's study I became resolved. I had made my decision and I was determined to follow through. I was going to tell the family well…something at least.

But what would I tell Bella? Would she even believe me if I told her the truth?

Did I even want that for her? How could I tell her that the man she grew up with as a brother was in love with her? She excepted my love for her but I guess, in a way, that was different. We had never looked on one another as siblings, it was always just a deep friendship.

Carlisle's face had become terribly ashen when I told him my plans for the future, and I worried for a moment that he might pass out.

"I don't understand, son." Carlisle was understandably confused. I had told him of my plans to leave the family for a while and work as lead from one of our homes scattered around the world. I hadn't told Carlisle why I was leaving and I was trying to avoid that conversation at all costs. I wanted to tell Bella first before confronting the family with this.

Too bad it didn't happen that way.

It took about half as long for Carlisle to say that he didn't understand than it took for the rest of the family - Emmett included - to join us. They must have been eves-dropping from the door. Problem was, I hadn't told Carlisle the sensitive nature that caused me to force my hand.

"Carlisle, just trust me when I say that it is imperative to the family that Bella and I leave for a time." I told him, praying against odds that he would understand and not question me further. Yeah, that didn't happen.

Esme, Alice, Garrett, Rosalie and Emmett had entered the conversation about a half an hour ago. None could understand the haste at which I wished to leave, except maybe Emmett. Well, I know he understood but I could tell he didn't agree with me. Oh fucking well. Fucker could kiss my ass.

"This is bullshit, Jazz." Emmett scowled and I fought the urge to publicly humiliate him by knocking him the fuck out in front of the family.

"Bullshit?" I questioned irritably. "You mother fucker, lets not talk about this, shall we?" I asked as anger laced my voice.

Didn't he understand? I was doing him a favor by leaving. I had not informed Rosalie, nor the rest of the Cullen's of Emmett's betrayal and I was determined to keep it that way. I would rather leave and let myself cool down than cause another rift in the family as Edward had done.

"You know, Jasper," Rosalie spat as she approached. "You nearly get my sister killed with your stupidity and you have the nerve to try and take her from my family? Well, fuck you!" She raised a perfectly manicured hand to strike me and I would have let her - I don't fuckin' hit women, especially not family, but just before the moment of impact a thin unpolished hand snatched Rosalie's arm.

Damn, I didn't even hear her come in.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Bella asked in confused anger as she shoved Rosalie's arm away as if it had burned her.

"Jasper wants to move away, just the two of you and we are trying to understand, why?" Esme broke in and I was thankful that she had. I could see the need to undermine me burning on the tip of my brother's tongue and I'm not sure If I could stop myself from severely hurting him should he open his mouth.

Bella looked shocked by Esme's words but not at all opposed to them. Thank god, it would make things so much easier with Bella on my side through this.

"Is it true?" She asked me then and all I could do was give a terse nod. I dared not open my mouth for fear of Emmett's secret to come tumbling out. I felt like shit and torn in every direction. I knew Rosalie needed to know - on some conscious level, anyway - but couldn't bring myself to break her heart. If anyone was going to do that it would be Emmett himself.

"Why?" Bella asked me softly coming to stand at my side, her way of supporting me, I suppose.

"Yes, why?" Emmett sneered and I raised my eyebrows at him as if to say 'really?'

"I have my reasons." I said sternly and just like that I was done with this conversation. My original plans had been shot to shit. I had wanted to speak privately with Carlisle, to explain my reasoning for leaving so abruptly, but now that time had passed. If Emmett and the other's kept this up I would have no choice but to out him.

Bella eyes searched mine for a moment. Looking for what, I had no idea, but whatever it was she was seeking she seemed to find. She smiled softly at me then and nodded her head. "Well, I stand by your decision."

"NO!" Emmett roared, breaking away from the others and dropping on his knees in front of Bella. Red hot anger tore at me and it was all I could do not to snap his neck.

"Em?" Bella asked cautiously, as the rest of the family stood by with wide eyes, save for Carlisle and Rosalie. Odd.

Fat tears rolled down his face as he sobbed into Bella's skirt chanting, "Please don't go," over and over.

Bella's eyes were bulging and confused, but Rosalie's softened as she knelt beside her husband in an attempt to pry him from the shaking legs of my wife.

Carlisle took a few tentative steps in my direction and it was then I realized that Bella wasn't the only one shaking, he was scared shitless. "Jasper, I take it you know?"

I could only glare at my uncle. He had known all this time and never said anything but more surprisingly was Rosalie. Had she known all along as well?

"Know what?" Bella said finally breaking me from the holes I was staring into the side of Carlisle's head and I could only come to the realization that everything was about to come spilling out. "What the fuck are you talking about."

"Well, brother," I sneered. "Here's your big chance. Go ahead try and steal my life."

Bella's eyes widened as she came to the realization of what I just said. "I…I don't understand." She said shakily, tears catching in her throat. I wanted to go to her and tell her it was nothing and that everything would be alright, but fuckin' Emmett just couldn't keep his mouth shut, so what could I do? The cat was out of the bag and all I could do was stand here and let him try and take my wife from me. I would kill him that much was for certain but what if she felt the same way? No! No…I knew she loved me, but I was still scared how she was going to handle all of this, and so soon after her ordeal.

"Bella-" Carlisle tried to cut in but I stopped him with the raise of my hand.

"No," I said sternly, letting him know from the authority in my voice that was not backing down, he wouldn't have his way on this. "He get's to do this himself." I turned to Rosalie and gave her a pointed look. "No one will do this for him, I wasn't going to say anything yet, but he opened his mouth, now he can tell Bella himself.

"Emmett," she quietly called, tears streaming down her face. "Is it true?"

"Yes," He answered, though it was muted by his face still being buried in Bella's legs as he held on like a greedy child. My temper was getting the better of me again and I knew this needed to end, fast.

"Tell her, brother!" I sneered again. When he refused to do so Rosalie whispered something indiscernible into his ear, he only sobbed harder refusing to let Bella go.

"Emmett, I swear on everything that I am, you will tell her or God help you I'll-"

"I'm in love with you." he said clear as a bell. My eyes jutted down to were he still knelt, but now he held both of her hands in his. "I have been most of my life." he lowered his head to nuzzle her hands and I nearly came unglued.

Before I could fire off a string of curses in his direction my fierce little tigers head snapped up and her eyes were ablaze with anger. She was practically snarling, "And you knew?" She directed at Carlisle. He nodded his head shamefully. "And you?" she turned to the woman she had considered her sister as much if not more than Alice. She too, nodded.

Bella pulled back from Emmett like he had burned her and turned to look at me with tear filled eyes, distrust seeped from her entire being. "And you, when did you know?"

"Just last night, when you came into my office I was confronting him about it. Trust me, blackbird, I've learned my lesson when it comes to keeping things from you, I just didn't want to do this here in front of the entire family. But it seems some of them knew already." I said my own distrust coming out with my words.

She nodded then and quietly whispered. "I'm going to pack. I need sometime on my own with my husband to think about this." She said starting to leave the room, but stopped. "Emmett, I'm not doing this to hurt you, but I love you like a brother and we can never have anything more than that. I'm sorry." She was nearly sobbing as hard as he when she said her quiet goodbye before leaving the room.

I turned back to my uncle as the rage seeped in. "If you weren't my blood I'd kill you. Keep that in mind while I'm away. We will speak of this again, but as my wife said we need some time to discuss what this will mean for us all as well."

I said no more and even though I longed to indulge Esme and Alice in a goodbye hug I knew they both wanted, I simply could not. I had to get out of that room before I broke the promise I had made to myself that I would not kill Emmett before I entered the room. To be honest I never thought he would make such a fool of himself as he did. But I softened and my anger somewhat abated when I thought back to how love sick I was with one formally Bella Swan.

I knew what had to happen now, and the only real question was where did we really want to go?

As I headed off in search of the beauty that had forever changed my life, and my world, I could knock the grin from my face. Through all the shitty road's we had already been down and for all the ones left to see. I loved her and she loved me. It took the "Black Swan" to show me what life really meant and to teach me that I still in fact had a heart. She was my world and I hers, and it was a world for the taking and I planned on doing just that.

~The End~

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