I was watching 'Flesh and Blood' and i had an idea for a short one-shot but like many of my stories it has developed a life of it's own. So here is the first part, let me know what you think and i'll post the next part as soon as i can. Enjoy.

Confessions of a drunken Abby

After a horrible day at work she needed to go out, she needed to escape her torment for just a little while. Ok so it was a self imposed torment, she didn't have to think about him allday long, she didn't have to fantasize about him every night and she certainly shouldn't let herself get carried away every time he kissed her cheek.

Why did she think drinking was going to do that? Didn't she realise that the more she drank the more she thought about 'him' and right now that was the last thing she wanted to do. It had gotten late, or early dependant on how you looked at things and the nightclub they were in was closing and she was very drunk. If only she had taken the lift from her friend, she wouldn't be in this situation now. No, she had taken a taxi and instead of giving the driver her address somehow she had given Gibbs'.

Abby had stumbled out the taxi and made it to the front door before she realised she was at the wrong house, when she turned to get back in the taxi it was already half way down the street. There was only one thing left to do, go inside and hope she hadn't woken Gibbs up.

She new the front door would be open, it always was. Abby managed to open the door with out making too much noise, even shut it again with out a sound.

"So far so good" she stammered. She sat on the stairs and took her boots off. Abby made her way to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water, then made her way back through to the sitting room. She would make her self comfortable on the sofa for the night, Gibbs won't mind.

Usually she knew when Gibbs was close, it's what came of working so close with someone for so long, but, in her slightly alcohol induced fog she didn't realise were Gibbs was until it was too late.
"ABBY!" he screamed as she sat on him and covered him with cold water.
"Sorry" she said jumping up.
"What are you doing here?" he asked also getting up.
"Um, went out, had a drink, came here"
"A drink?"
"Ok so it was more than one"
"Sit down before you fall down"
"OK" she said she was on no mood to argue.

"Coffee" Gibbs said heading to the kitchen, it wasn't a question. He really did need coffee and a dry shirt. He pulled his t-shirt of on the way to the kitchen to get coffee

"wow" Abby said at the sight of a bare chested Gibbs
Gibbs turned to look at Abby
"Oopps" she giggled "I said that out loud didn't I?"
Gibbs nodded, picked up a clean shirt from the laundry and continued to the kitchen to get that coffee.

When he returned Abby was lying down on the sofa, her eyes closed.

"You still with me Abbs"
"I think so"
"Talk to me"
"Hello" she said giggling again.
"What's wrong Abbs?"
"I know you, you only do this when there is something wrong"
Abby sat up a little "cant tell you" She may have been drunk, but she was still sober enough to know that now was not the time to have this conversation with Gibbs.
"Thought you said you could tell me anything"
"I can, just not this"
"You in trouble?" he asked seriously
"Nope" a wicked grin spread across her face "but I want to be"
Gibbs was confused "you want to be in trouble?"
"Only with you" she said before clasping a hand over her mouth, perhaps she was more drunk than she realised.

Part Two

"Abby you're drunk"
"Maybe a little" she said lying down again.
"Why did you come here in stead of going home?"
"Not sure" she said "I think I wanted to tell you something"
"And what's that?"
"Can't remember" she said trying to hide her face
"Yes you do"
"Anyone every tell you you're too good at your job"
"Ok Abbs have it your way, I'll go get you a blanket. If you want to talk then we will"

She was in trouble and she knew it. When Gibbs wanted someone to talk they always did and her ability to say 'No' to him was not very strong, especially in her current state.

"Here you go" Gibbs said draping the blanket over her.
"Thank you" she said wrapping the blanket round her.
"You ready to talk yet?"
Before she could stop herself the words fell from her mouth "I love you Gibbs"
He smiled "I know you do Abbs"
Abby sighed "No, Gibbs, you don't get it" she looked at him now "I am in love with you Gibb"

He wasn't sure what to say. They flirted a lot, perhaps more than they should, but he always thought it was just fun. And he called himself an investigator, yet he hadn't seen this one coming. He had to think quickly, what could he say or do that wouldn't upset Abby.

"I think you need sleep, we'll talk in the morning"
"OK" she said. She was a little relieved that he hadn't just dismissed her "do I get a good night kiss?"
He really shouldn't, he didn't want to lead her on but somehow he found himself kissing the top of her head. "good night Abbs"

Gibbs turned the light of on his way upstairs. He had some serious thinking to do.