Chapter Six

After just one beer Tony stood up "Well Boss I think I better get going"

"You going to be alright?"
"Fine, I didn't even drink one bottle"
Gibbs looked up at DiNozzo "That's not what a meant"
"I know, thanks Boss. I'll be fine. I'll see you tomorrow. Have a good night"
Gibbs tried to hide his smile "I'll try"

DiNozzo left with the feeling that there was a secret behind Gibbs little smile and he wonder who or what had put it there.

As soon as the front door closed Gibbs could hear the water being let out of the bath and footsteps across his landing. He smiled to himself, opened another beer and made sure the other steak was just how Abby liked it; well done.

Abby crept down stairs in her pyjamas, well she called them pyjamas other would say underwear. She had on shorts and a vest; both were black with a white and pink skull motive.

"It's OK Abbs he's gone"
"I knew that" she said walking in to the living room "is that my dinner?"
He plated her steak and turned to face her "are you not cold?"
"Nope" she said smiling
"ok" he said handing her the plate "beer's there"

While Abby sat down and starting eating Gibbs walked out in to the hall and locked the front door. He took a deep breath before returning this is going to be an interesting night he thought to himself.

"Did I just hear you lock the door?" Abby asked
"You never lock the front door"
"Not never Abbs, just when I have something valuable to protect"
Abby looked around the room, nothing had changed since the last time she was here.
"It's you Abbs"
"Oh" she said blushing "you don't usually do that, do you?"
He smiled at her "always when you're here, you just don't see me do it"
"Aww Gibbs aren't you sweet"
"Besides I said we needed to talk and I don't want interruptions"
"oh" she said a little nervous "do you want to talk now?"
"After you've finished eating"
"I'm done" Abby said quickly, putting her knife and folk down "wasn't that hungry anyway"
"Truth time Abbs?"
"Who for. Me or you?"
"How about both?"

Abby just nodded, Gibbs already knew her truth, she loved him, all she hoped know was that she would learn his truth.

"Why did you come her last night Abbs?"
"I already told you, I don't really remember"
"Ok" he said "why did you go out drinking last night?"

Abby felt like she was being told of by her father, or her old headmaster or worse the Director "Um…to forget about you" she said not daring to meet his gaze.

"You wanted to forget about me?" now he was the one confussed.

Ok he wanted the truth, she could do that, Abby took a deep breath before she continued, "I've been in love with you for a long time Gibbs and sometimes it gets to be too much being that close to you all day long and flirting like we do and you not knowing how i felt sometimes I just want to forget and yes I do know the alcohol is not good for that"
"You know you could have just told me"
"And what? Have you laugh at me"
"I would never laugh at you Abby"
She looked at his eyes, there was something there she hadn't seem before, but she couldn't quite work out what it was. "Can I ask you something?"
Gibbs nodded
"When I asked you if you loved me like a daughter you never answered me, will you answer me know"
"I'll try"
"That's all I want"
"I think to start with yes, perhaps you were like a daughter to me, all I wanted to do was protect you."
Gibbs moved closer to her and took her face in his hands "but things change, feelings change and if I still thought of you that way then wanting to kiss you right now would be very wrong"
"You want to kiss me?" she said smiling.
"Only when you're ready for me to"
Abby leant forward and kissed him quickly "I'm ready"
Gibbs chuckled "don't you think we should finish talking first?"
"Do we have to?"
"Abby" he said backing up a little "we need to get a few things sorted out first, don't you think"
"Like what?"
"Well, there are certain rules to consider, the rest of the team to think about and I'm not a young man Abby"
Abby thought for a minuet then said "I like breaking rules, the team want you to be happy and you're young were it matters, here" she said putting a hand over his heart.

It was obvious to Gibbs that she had been thinking about this for a while. No matter what he said she would have an answer, she really did love him.

"I have baggage Abbs"
"You forget I know all your secrets"
"Not all my secrets Abby"
"Oh?" Abby said. She was intrigued by the prospect of discovering more to Gibbs, she wanted to learn everything there was about this wonderful man in front of her, "Will I get to learn what they are?"
"That depends"
"On what?"
Gibbs smiled "On how much you want to know? There's a lot you don't know about me Abbs."
"If it's a part of you then I'm going to love them"
"Not all of them re good things Abbs"
"Don't care"
He thought for a moment before saying "Did you know I have a tattoo?"
"No!" Abby said almost squeaking "Where is it? What is it? When did you get it? Can I see it"
"Easy there Abbs," Gibbs said almost laughing; her enthusiasm for the smallest of things would never cease to make him smile. It was just one of the many things he loved about her. "All in good time"
"Now's good time"
"If I show you will you promise not to be upset?"
This made Abby a little anxious "I promise"
"Lets take these things to the kitchen and go upstairs, its not really in a place I want everyone seeing"
"Now I am intrigued"

Abby helped Gibbs take the dirty dishes out to the kitchen. Gibbs offered Abby another bottle of beer before he took her hand and led her upstairs.

When ever Abby stayed over she usually stayed in the spare room. There had been a few occasions were she had shared Gibbs bed with him, one of those time was when Mikel Mawher had been after. Even though she knew he was in a cell somewhere having Gibbs next to her made her feel safe.

Gibbs paused at his bedroom door "Abby, I need you to know something"
"What's that?"
"What my gut is telling me"
"OK. But you know your guts never wrong" Abby said with a smile.
"If we walk through this door, and I show you my tattoo, I know things between us will change."
"After what we've said I think things already have" she said smiling at him "I like change, it's good for the soul"

With that little bit of reassurance Gibbs open the door and encouraged Abby through. "Sit down" he said gently.

Abby wriggled herself into the centre of Gibbs king sized bed and crossed her legs.
Gibbs took a deep breath and removed his shirt.
Abby inhaled sharply, Gibbs really was a good looking man.
Next Gibbs moved his hands to his belt buckled and undid that before moving on to the buttons of his trousers.
He lowered the right side of his trousers and that when she saw it.
Abby moved forward to get a better look. "That's beautiful" she said her voice filled with emotion.

There on his hip, near were he carries his gun was a small heart set between two letters. In a very elegant scrip were the letters 'S' and 'K'.
Unconsciously Abby reached and traced the two letters; she could feel Gibbs shudder under her touch.
"You don't mind?"
"Mind? Gibbs its beautiful, they are a part of who you are and I know that you still love them so what better way to keep them with you"
"Thank you"
"For what?"
"For being you"

Abby looked up at him and that spark of something she saw downstairs was shinning brighter than ever before. She could see the love she had for him reflected back at her.

"I love you Abby" Gibbs said aloud for the first time.
Abby stood so that she was almost eye level with Gibbs "I love you to" she said before kissing him.
Gibbs automatically wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her back with tender passion.

Pulling back slightly "you know we probably shouldn't do this, not yet anyway"
"I know" she said kissing him again.
"Just wanted to check" Gibbs said smiling before his lips crushed hers with such force Abby lost her balance and fell backwards on to the bed.
Abby started giggling "what was that you were saying?"
"It seems fate has other ideas"
"So do I" Abby said with a wicked grin on her face.