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The Fiesta Pirates Feel the Iron Hammer of Justice!

There was a nice salty sea breeze out today. It blew the life raft, OneDecade,across the sea. The raft held all of the essentials, food, water, a warm blanket, and the like. The raft, originally designed to hold 10 people comfortably in case of emergencies now only held one. It was a nineteen year-old boy with dark blue hair. He wore a dark black uniform with gold tinted edges on the shoulders and the zipper.

He sighed and leaned back, allowing his dark blue eyes to gaze straight up at the skies. It was slow going on this small raft with only one emergency sail. The island was still coming up and he could see quite clearly now. It was only on the horizon straight ahead. With the sail fully extended and the wind blowing like this he'd be there in a matter of minutes.

Some water lapped his shoulder and he jumped straight up. He felt his shoulder and its wetness. The water out here was cold, swimming seemed like an interesting idea. He was half-tempted to do just that, take off swimming for the island, his raft would catch up with him. But he knew better...Rule #2 all contact with water must be avoided.

The wait to the island was boring. He had barely just woken up when what do you know! He decided to escape. His first moments awake were spent waiting. He was so happy when he finally felt his feet firmly on the soil. The sand beneath his feet was soft and damp. It nearly sucked him into its earthy grasp.

He pulled his leg out of the soil and made his way through the beach and to the city. The shops along the way all seemed friendly a few weirdos here and there. Some of them selling stupid things like amulets that find your true love and stuff like that, but nothing worthy of his attention.

The place looked like a festival, though. Banners that read 'The Fiesta Pirates have docked in your home town' and 'Nothing is wrong with a little fiesta' were hung from the poles. Something in one of the shops caught his eye it was a small black beret. He flipped it around and placed onto his head. A perfect fit! He looked at the price tag. 1000 belies. The man dug into his pockets and pulled out some lint and a small paper square. He was broke!

He sighed and put the hat back. No hat for him today. Maybe he could go down to the local bar and...he sighed. Drinks cost money. Maybe he'd join in on the party going around here. He started to head out into the center of town. There seemed to be some kind of fireworks coming from that general directions. Or at least explosions. Either way he could find something interesting there.

He went into the plaza and looked around. There were people conga dancing and having a general good time from the looks of things. There was also a large group of people in the middle of the plaza. They all wore a similar patch of clothing on some part of their body. It was a small patch of black cloth with a skull and crossbones design to it, except instead of crossbones they each had a maraca behind the skull. One of the men had a gun in his hand and had it pointed into the sky. He fired another bullet into the sky. Damn, he was hoping for fireworks.

The party seemed to be focusing on these people. A large amount of people were coming from their houses with plates of food and people were singing in front of these people. Were these guys the fiesta pirates? He hoped so, if they went through all this trouble of bringing a party to these people, it was nice that they were receiving some food. Food. When was the last time ate? Heck, who cares! He wasn't hungry.

He walked around the plaza trying to decide what to do. They were a group of people playing at the dunk tank. There was also the conga line, not to mention they also had some target practice using some of the old and empty alcohol glasses.

He was about to walk up and join in with the conga line when a man ran into the plaza. "There's a Marine boat on the beach! There's a Marine in town!" He too had a black piece of cloth with their skull and crossbones design on it.

The entire group of pirates tensed up. Everyone with Jolly Roger on their body started to head down to the beach to find the Marine.

The nineteen year-old stood there for a second and decided to head down after them. A fight between a Marine and pirates was bound to be interesting. He followed them back down to the beach he came from.

The beach was unoccupied, except for a single lifeboat, the OneDecade.The Fiesta pirates swarmed it and looked it all over, finally the boy spoke up.

"That's my boat," he said as he stood on the beach watching them. Man, he was looking forward to the fight. Looked like there wouldn't be one.

One of the pirates with a big beard turned around to him, "I am the captain of this crew, amigo*. What's your name?"

The boy stood still for a moment thinking, "Alexander. I'm sorry, but I don't think we've met yet."

"Alexander que**?" asked the pirate. "That all you got, amigo?"

"I'm sorry, but if we just met how can we friends?" asked Alexander.

"Got a surname, amigo?" asked the pirate becoming increasing frustrated with the man.

"I don't know," said Alexander, "do I need one?"

The pirate groaned. He kicked the boat, "you said this was yours, ami...you said this was yours, right?"

"Yeah," said Alexander, "OneDecade.Its been mine for a week now."

"A week," chuckled the pirate, "me and mi amigos*** have been pirates for five months now...you think one fresh water Marine like you got a chance against us?"

"I'm sorry," said Alexander, "I'm new to this whole...talking to people concept. A chance against you in what exactly?"

"A fight!" shouted the pirate as he brought his gun up and pointed it at Alexander. His gun's barrel exploded firing a single bullet off at Alexander. The bullet whizzed through the air until it hit a tree about twenty feet away.

"Yes," said Alexander as he stood back since he ducked underneath the bullet. "I'm actually pretty good in a fight. Why? You wanna go?"

The pirate gritted his teeth, "DON'T YOU PLAY DUMB WITH ME! ALL MEN FIRE!" All of the pirates fired simultaneously at Alexander. The smoke coming from their guns filling the air making their enemy disappear into a cloud of dust and smoke. "I THINK WE GOT HIM BOYS!" shouted the pirate. "No one should cross paths with Henrie, the Gang!"

"I'm going to take that as a 'yes', Henrie-san," said Alexander as he crashed down next to Henrie. He spun around and made a direct kick into Henrie's side sending him tumbling across the bench. "That was a pretty good warm-up! Who's up next?"

The nearest pirate unsheathed a scimitar and charged at Alexander. He made a fake swing at Alexander aiming for his head. Alexander brought his foot up and caught the blade using the bottom of his shoe. The pirate pushed hard trying to get his blade to cut through Alexander's foot but failing. Alexander spun in midair using his foot as an axis to launch another kick using his free foot into the pirate's head.

Alexander looked down at his shoe. "Crap," said Alexander, "now look at what you did! You cut my shoe in two!"

The pirates grimaced and brought their guns up at him. They all fired sending at least thirty bullets in Alexander's direction. Alexander charged forward at them, a bullet slamming into his shoulder, another into his chest, and third one into his upper thigh. None of these bullets did a single thing to slow him down. He slammed his fist into one of their faces sending them backwards into the sand. He spun around raising his leg up into the air launching another kick into one of their stomaches sending them back flying into another pirate knocking them down.

"What's up," shouted one of the pirates, "he's not dying! He got shot multiple times! He should be dead by now, the freak!" Alexander's knee was brought straight up into the pirate's nose cracking and breaking it in one fell swoop. The pirate fell to the ground unconscious.

"He's not human, that's what!" shouted another, "he must be a demon!" Alexander's elbow drove itself into his stomach and then he they brought his hand straight up and into his face, knocking him out.

"Let's get out of here," said the pirates as they all started to rush back to the plaza. Alexander jumped up and swung his leg into the side of the one of the pirate's head sending him flying into the others.

"Sorry," said Alexander, "but a fight ends when all of the men on one side is unconscious." Alexander brought his leg straight up. "So...THAT MEANS ALL OF YOU MUST DIE!" Alexander brought his leg down into the damp sand causing the sand to explode with extreme force.

(-Please wait while the pirates get their butts kicked-)

Alexander was returning to the plaza. Man, those Fiesta pirates were all in serious need of a doctor, what a lousy end to a fight or a party. The villagers were all going to be so annoyed with him. The noise had already died down.

The people were gathered at the entrance to the plaza. They only saw one man returning from the beach, "what happened to the Fiesta Pirates?"

Alexander sighed, he hated passing on bad news. "They are all kind of passed out on the beach," he said sheepishly, omitting the part where he knocked them all out.

"Really," the villagers said before busting out into a hoops and hollers. "Finally, those pirates are going to leave us alone! All night they've been making us make food for them or bring them wine! We are free once more! What can we ever do to repay you?"

Alexander smiled. Apparently he hadn't done anything wrong, the pirates were the bad guys. Nice to know. "Actually there is something you can do for me."

There was a nice salty sea breeze out today. It blew the life raft, One Decade,across the sea. The raft held all of the essentials, food, water, a warm blanket, and the like. The raft only had one passenger. It was a nineteen year-old boy, called Alexander, with dark blue hair. He wore a dark black uniform with gold tinted edges on the shoulders and the zipper. On his head was a single black beret.

*=friend **=what ***=my friends

In case you couldn't tell from the title, Alexander is a Marine. He is currently at a captain rank. The Submit an OC section has been moved to my profile due to complaints and you have to submit characters through PMs. Below is a list to tell you how far this story has actually gotten thus far as well as how many slots are open.

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