Limos remained stretched out on his chair, bored...honestly he was practically starving for some excitement. The two men who had barged in on his private chambers earlier were lying on the ground, their black suits in shambles, and their guns crushed into a fine powder. Limos, on the other hand, was in near-perfect condition...a slight rumbling in his stomach was present, but still if that was the worst thing that happened to him after dispatching two highly skilled Kishin hunting could hardly be considered a bad thing. He got up, stretched and thought once more about going off and finding some trouble. However, he supposed he did kind of give those young meisters his word he would be waiting here for them when they got around to coming here...and he would do just that. He sat back down and began to tap his hands on his chair waiting for them to arrive, surely the golems hadn't gotten the best of them would be an awful bore if they did.

"There you are," said a single figure as he came into view from the corridor. He was dressed nicely...or he would've been if his coat wasn't covered in rips and tears, obviously a sign he had had trouble getting here...which meant he wouldn't be of very much interest to Limos either. However, interestingly enough there was only one article of clothing on his entire body that didn't seem damaged at all. The stark white gloves on his hands were free of any tear, blood, or even dirt. "I hope you've lived like a king for these past twenty years cause I'm here to take it all away!" he screamed. Limos didn't even he hadn't heard those lines before...they were such a waste.

"Get out of my sight, I've had my fill of appetizers, I'm waiting for the main course," he muttered, an incredible brevity to his words and a harshness to his tone. The atmosphere in the room had to have all of a sudden felt a thousand times heavier. This was not a man who was playing around. He glared at the intruder as if trying to will him away with an ice cold stare alone, however...he didn't budge. He stood his ground, his feet firmly planted as he stared at his opponent. Limos shuffled upwards and onto his feet, figuring he might as well as put on a show. Limos lifted his hand into the air, hefting it above his head as dark powers swirled into the center. "I'll give you to the count of three. One..." the man seemed unwavering in his faith that he could stand up to him, "two..." the dark sphere seemed to grow and pulse with every breath Limos took. "Three." Limos tossed the hideous ball down the center of the room, letting it grow into a terrifying monstrosity that soared at the intruder, threatening to engulf and devour him at the slightest touch. It hit dead-center it entire body coursing into the intruder with the power of at least one nuclear bomb.

"Four," shouted the man as he bought his pristine white glove out and caught it. The dark pulsating mass stopped dead in its track. "I think you were the one of us who had just said that we were done with appetizers, so...why don't we skip right to desert!" he shouted, rotating his body around and basically hurling the disastrous sphere back at its creator. Limos went, one had ever even attempted to do such a thing to him before! This was unprecedented! It was impossible! It was...exciting! Limos shot forward, stretching out with his leg and kicking against the small sphere with all of his might, knocking it away and correcting its path back to its original intended target.

"Interesting," muttered Limos lifting his hand up and conjuring another form of Soul Wavelength. A large gaping jaw appearing on his arm similar to what a stylized crocodile's head would look like. It was bright red with a few black decorative lines within it. He charged flying at the intruder. The intruder flipped his hand up, using his left hand to brace against the top jaw and hold it open while the right did the same with the bottom. "Stopping my attacks, hmm? I don't understand how you are doing it. Your Soul Wavelength is negligible compared to mine or any of my past opponent's." The intruder pressed a little bit harder, managing to snap the crocodile's jaw clean off of Limos' hand causing it to disintegrate.

He slammed his foot forward, not letting this moment get away from him. He brought his two hands up and against Limos' chest. There was a bright white pulse that emanated from the point of impact. The intruder's hands were thrown back by the pulse, but Limos' entire body was sent flying through the air. "I'm fine with that," he said swiftly exchanging his newly dirtied white gloves for a new pair." He cracked his knuckles as he suddenly jetted forward, zooming above Limos and directing his hand down, shooting out another powerful beam from the palm of his hands. Of course, before Limos could recover from this blast the intruder was already moving onto the next one a swift hammering blow with the back of his hand. Blood and teeth gushed out of Limos' mouth causing him to falter for a brief instant, but he soon regained his composure. He was above this man, he was a god after all. He spread his arms wide open and soon the entire room began to be infected by his Madness Wavelength.

The walls became coated in a flesh like tone and started up a steady rhythm almost akin to a heartbeat. "Welcome to the room completely under my control." The intruder jumped to the side as a massive drop of liquid splashed to the ground, leaving behind it the faint sizzle and smoke of acid. His tongue rolled forward and hung lightly out of his mouth. His tongue suddenly shot out of his mouth, embedding it in the wall behind the intruder as he barely managed to side-step the lightning fast strike. "Welcome to my stomach." Limos took a step back and smiled. This was truly the perfect technique. An all encompassing move that swallowed his opponent whole, acid dripping from the ceiling and slowly pooling up from the bottom. Soon his opponent would have nowhere to run. Suddenly four bright pillars of light came exploding past him.

"I'll be destroying this thing when I destroy you," he said as he swiftly exchanged gloves if he was some kind of neat-freak and couldn't stand that his darling white gloves had once again became a dull gray. He smashed his hand together and created a small ball of energy similar to the one Limos had created at the beginning of their fight. He hurled through the air with the same force and velocity as Limos'. Except for Limos wasn't of the same breed as the intruder, indeed. If you were to compare them one was a human and the other was still a god. His mouth flew open, easily surrounding the ball of light and crunching down it, causing it to disappear within seconds. Limos backed up, wiping his mouth clean of any leftover Soul Wavelength residue and smiled.

"I'm waiting for you to destroy me!" laughed Limos, however, he had a slight pause as he watched his opponent once more move through his gloves, applying a new pair that was crisp and clean again. "What is with you and those gloves?" So far throughout their entire fight Limos could point out nothing odd, except the fact that his opponent was putting out like a hundred times more Soul Wavelength then he should. It was insanely powerful compared to what he should be putting out. And, so far, he had done nothing out of the ordinary. No injecting himself with some kind of super drug or using a machine to amplify his Soul Wavelength. The only thing that could even be considered out of the ordinary was his slight obsession with those gloves.

"They're just normal gloves," he stated plainly as he bit down picked up one of this old ones and tossed it over to Limos. Limos didn't move to catch it or even attempt to seize it. It may be a trap and he wasn't someone to openly go after such frivolous object. Surely Marburg would've leapt it for the chance of a new toy to play around with, but Limos wasn't a scientist. "There's nothing all too special about them." Of course, that was true. The gloves he had been so kind to gift Limos with were normal gloves...all of his gloves were except for one small thing. Years of Soul Wavelength being pumped into them. He had turned them into a sort of rechargeable super battery for Soul Wavelength. In other words, indeed he had had many years of work into each pair of glove, constantly charging them up to the point where they would be able to put a hole in Limos' smug face. And he would do that.

"I'm not convinced yet," muttered Limos. The intruder grimaced slightly, if Limos didn't let him change gloves easily he wouldn't be able to fully exert his power. "but I suppose it doesn't matter. Your power is still so close to an insect's its funny."

(-With Michael and the gang-)

"So, what is Pluton's goal, anyways?" asked Shi as ze remained slightly separate from Melody and instead choose to pester the large man in the mask. "Is it just something like world domination or do you guys have something more original in mind?" The large man seemed to be ignoring Shi for the most part, he just kept lumbering forward even up until the point where they hit the wall to Limos' fort. "Dang, looks like we are going to have to walk around and perhaps try to find a door, oh, well. Anyways, as I was asking asides from World Domination do you have any hopes and know like finding the world's greatest slice of chocolate pie?"

"Stand back," he muttered as he lifted one hand up and pressed it against the wall. He pushed a little, but it was obvious that the wall wasn't going to budge. As soon as Shi went to move mer mouth to say so, a bright yellow light flashed from beneath the man's bulky palm. The sound of stone shattering probably could've been heard from all around the base. There was no attempt made to stifle the noise and they highly doubted it would've mattered anyways, they all clung onto their ears desperate to prevent permanent damage as it was. "There's a door for you." He moved forward, trudging even deeper into the room.

As the gang went to follow him, figuring having a man as strong as him on their side was probably a good thing, Michael jerked Ash aside. "Do you have any idea where his power comes from?" he asked. Ash paused looking back at the large giant as Shi continued to talk his ear off, this time going into the possibility of there being a chocolate-flavored frog...and whether or not eating it would be yummy or gross.

Ash shook his head, "while I wish I could say I have a definitive answer to that, I can't piece it together myself. My first guess would've been golem or even Kishin with a messed up power, but then why would he be here."

Michael nodded, not to mention Lord Death had specifically vouched for him, stating that he was not a Kishin. So Michael was just dumbfounded as to what his power could be...and more importantly what would make Lord Death vouch for him. Perhaps he was another Shinigami? Michael just shook his head, that idea seemed even more convoluted then Shi's chocolate frog. There was only one or two Shinigami's in the world and this guy was definitely not one of those two.