The Final Course

"Crap," Michael stated as the group withdrew into the hallway, "even all at once the most we could amount to is something similar to a tiny scratch. We need something stronger." Michael looked down at his hands. He remembered the feeling of an incredible power surging through them when he fought Marburg back in his hometown...but he didn't know how to bring such a power back. It really was a spur of the moment thing. "The guy from Pluto is really our best bet. If we can give him a free pass, we may be able to deal enough damage to permanently damage Limos." The rest of the group agreed.

"However, the problem would be doing so," Ash stated, "Limos barely worries about our attacks and I have a feeling after our last assault wound up doing so little, he probably thinks even less of us. It may have gotten to the point where he won't even try to block our attacks and will just live with the repercussions. Maybe we should've taken him up on his offer to take those souls. As Death Scythes we probably would all stand a chance against him, being able to damage him and all that." The group fell quiet as they contemplated the possibilities, but in the end they all shook their heads. They had made their mind up to go for it and here was where they'd make their stand. They took a few steps back and emptied themselves out in the much larger room.

The room they were in before was quite small and not to mention with the other men lying around it was kind of cramped with numerous tripping hazards. Out here they at least didn't have to watch where they were stepping. Michael quickly nocked another arrow taking aim down the large hall. The man from Pluto came down the hallway, waving to them briefly before turning around. "Soul Resonance," stated Michael and May in unity. There was a brief flash as each other's souls mingled with one another.

Michael pulled the Soul Wavelength back making the tip of the arrow as sharp as possible. The less wind resistance the faster it would fly. He was about to let loose a lightning bolt. The man from Pluto turned around swiftly, scrapping his right hand against the wall and blowing a hole into it. He turned around, disappearing into this hole leaving Limos in plain sight of Michael's arrow. There was a quizzical look on Limos face as he tried to figure out why his prey had suddenly disappeared, but it was obvious that it meant nothing to Michael. He tapped lightly on the end of the arrow as he let it fly. The arrow spun forward. The very end of the arrow bursting with Michael's Soul Wavelength. Michael had minimum amount of control over the flying arrow he was using Soul Wavelength like a small string, he could send vibrations down the main body and control its flight pattern. Quickly shifting it around he had it lock onto its target. Limos' chest, right through his heart.

Limos laughed, waving his hand through the air creating a wall of Madness Wavelength that blocked off Michael's arrow. "Nice try, boy," he muttered as he brought the wall back away, sending it disappearing into the nether realm once more. He stepped forward, a long smile appearing on his lips, however, he had to pause as he noticed a similar smile spreading on Michael's face. Of course, as Michael had said they had no chance their attacks wouldn't damage him enough quickly so he had to rely on the man from Pluto. Which was why he used his arrow as a distraction.

The walls around Limos suddenly gave way as an incredible force blew through them. Out popped the man from Pluto, his arms swinging widely coming from both sides and attempting to wrap themselves around Limos' frail body. Limos' eyes widened as he looked at him. The slightest semblance to worry crossing his face. A grenade weapon, perfectly capable of handling his own and destroying his opponents with an overwhelming might. Such an opponent would normally excite Limos' body. Temporarily filling his stomach, however, against them and the boys that had mocked and injured his brothers he found him rather troublesome more like an insect that needed to be swatted. He lifted his hand up to swat his opponent, however, immediately took note of the papers hovering around his head. It took him, but a mere moment to see that the trap had deepened.

Helena and Eva had laid papers out while they ran to create the best area to trap him in, Michael's job was to trap him in that area and then the man from Pluto would strike. Of course, with the papers hovering around any counter-attack would leave him open as well. Oh, well. Limos lifted his hand up and let the energy charge up in it. He smiled deviously as he moved his other hand and pointed it down the hall at the students, leaving his original hand trained on the man from Pluto. Limos fired. Two bullets of equal speed and power. The man from Pluto gritted his teeth, tanking the heavy blow. However, the blast aimed at the students was much more dangerous. They dove to the sides, each one taking a different direction. They could feel the scolding hot blast blow through the air, mere inches away from their faces. They rolled a few feet before gathering their nerves. They didn't know how much time they had until he got here. Michael brandished his bow, aiming down the tunnel and at him. Limos charged. His incredible power, sending him forward like a missile at his opponents. Limos lifted his hands into the air and sent a powerful wave at his opponent. A wall of Soul Wavelength enforced papers came slicing in creating a minor disruption, long enough for Ash to jump in and deflect it with his metal blade."

"Any new ideas?" asked Ash as he forced Limos back for a brief instant with a charge. Michael looked questioningly between his friend and their opponent as he tried to think of an idea

He nodded, "cover me for awhile." Ash quickly looked at Limos and nodded.

However, an exasperated Xander quickly felt the need to add, "oh, yeah, sure give us the hard part." Melody swiftly jumped in, firing a kick at Limos and forcing him back again before looking at them and nodding forward. Xander sighed, "yeah, yeah, I get it...get going." His reflection in the mirror turned and looked at Michael. "Don't do nothing stupid now, you understand?" Michael nodded as he took his distance. They needed something else relying strictly on Pluto definitely wouldn't help them win. They needed another trump card. And for some reason that seemed like it would come down to him. He took up the bow and aimed down the line. He took a deep breath and drew the bow back. He tried to recall the feeling back when he felt the power coursing through his body, but he could only draw a blank. He remembered the after-effects the burning hot sensations of the strength still pouring out into his body...but that was it. He clenched his hands and took deep breaths trying to recapture the feeling. A slight twinge of anger trying to well itself up, but whenever he did he found something push it back down as if sealing that section of his heart. "May, do you remember that moment when I summoned the arrow? The arrow that injured Marburg." He looked down at his bow. He saw May's reflection in it, however, something was different.

She was clutching at her chest, a strong ache welling up in it. " hurts," she stated feeling a subtle pain rising up. She had felt it before. Right before passing out. Like a demon's massive jaws had found a place to rest on her chest and it was slowly tightening as if trying to drag her heart out and devour it. "Something's wrong. Something is very...wrong." she panted, pausing slightly as the pain made it impossible to continue.

"Is it something Limos is doing?" asked Michael as he turned to watch the rest of his friends fighting on. None of the others seem to be worrying about their weapons, so he assumed they must've been fine. Ash blocked another powerful kick from Limos and grimaced...he probably bruised his arm even through Xander's sturdy metal. Eva and Helena were also doing a good job fighting them off. The paper swirling around his head easily managed to seal him off again, giving Ash and Xander enough time to recover a little longer. Melody struck out again, her flaming wire slicing at him. Melody jumped up, quickly following in behind her wire and closing in on Limos. However another bright burst of Madness Wavelength forced Melody back again. This was the strength of a super-human Kishin. He wasn't like Marburg was. Drained from years of inactivity nor did he behave like Vigrid and take the fight to the one being who could give him a fair fight. This man was acting out of petty vengeance for his brother, stooping to low levels and fighting back. An evil breeding within him and he'd eventually let it out and on them, but first he'd toy with them.

While Limos seemed to be having a blessed time Michael was still angrily pulling on the strings of his bow, trying to recreate the arrow, his temporary concern for May been pushed aside as he tried to finish off Limos.

Cham huddled near the door, giving the gang a cold stare as he waited patiently. His true hidden talent still resting. A source of hidden power welling up inside Michael. When he had first met Michael it was on the very beginning of his adventure, Michael had been unfortunately sliced in two. Of course, Cham still had his own hunger for power. It had been a long and weary quest one longer and wearier then he had wanted. However, now he was certain he had a slight grasp on a Kishin creating technique. And he was watching the possibility unfold. The golem body was an incubator for it. Letting it rest without breaking it. Of course, other elements had to come into play. Namely a reliable food source for his soon-to-be new baby Kishin. Luckily for him his experiment was always attached to a suitable source of food. His weapon made the perfect snack for him Kishin to snack on when it desired it.

Of course, Michael stressing his Soul Wavelength would agitate it and cause it to rear its ugly head, admittedly Cham had never expected Michael and it to develop a sort of symbiotic relationship. Michael was giving it some food (in the form of May) and it would provide him with a burst of power. It was an interesting theorem and would definitely be a future experiment of his. Until then he would just have to wait it out. If he could. From the looks of it, Michael was subconsciously repressing the Madness Wavelengths that were within him. Still if it continued like this his conscious desire for power would overwhelm the subconscious desire to hold back the Kishin. Not only that, was possible that this increased agitation would cause the Kishin to develop rapidly. If so...Cham sat down and stayed invisible to those around him, secretly rubbing his hands together greedily, pleased with these turns of events. He was getting a close-up view of his experiment in action against a powerful opponent. If things continued to go this way eventually he'd be able to ascertain all of the weaknesses with his plans. He'd further develop the design until it was perfect, an army of Kishins at his fingertips...that was his ultimate goal.

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