The Final Course

Cham remained invisible to all of those around him. He was having a nice time remaining in his own little cozy nit away from the action. He was watching happily from his small place in an offset room, barely through the window, but he managed to keep a close eye on Limos and the students. Some people would consider this plan cowardly, but he considered it intelligent.

From here he got the perfect view of his little experiment taking flight. While he was surprised by many of its changes, he also supposed all of them were to expected and it was his own fault for not better accounting for them. He shook his head, he had shamed his own research, by not putting it together sooner. It was his fault completely.

But still he supposed that was what test subjects were for. Field trials and testing to make sure you didn't muck up the real ones. That was all this was to him was just some sort of field run. Not only that, but he had a great test subject. Depending on how far they pushed Limos he would know how strong his fake Kishins were. And if they killed Limos all the better. Now he had guaranteed proof his Kishins were the strongest beings in existence and there would be one less competitor out there for world domination. He supposed if Limos survived he may allow him to form an alliance with him and his superior man-made Kishins. An army of allies. However, he supposed until then he would just settle down for the time being.

"I suppose I should thank you for keeping such a close eye on my students," offered a voice from behind Cham, causing him to turn around his face going bleak as he laid eyes on his intruder. "The name's Saul and this..." Saul stated pulling his hand away and revealing his boomerang. "Is the last thing you'll ever see." Saul's entire arm snapped forward and immediately snapped Cham's neck off.

"I suppose I should do something," Saul stated, turning back to face the mess before him. His students fighting off a monster. Rochelle's reflection appeared on his boomerang and it turned up to look him in the eye.

"Then why aren't you?" she chimed in, slightly annoyed Saul was spending time up here rather than down there making business. "They might die."

"Or they might surprise you," Saul stated a cocky smile, present on his face. "They may surprise Limos, especially if Michael does reel in that arrow."

"And if he doesn't they all die or possibly even worse, he may be the one to kill them all!" Rochelle argued. "That arrow is unstudied. It could kill everyone around him. It is uncontrollable at Michael's current state. Are you really planning on risking all of their lives on something simple like that? I know you are a gambler, Saul, but the risk isn't worth it."

"That's where me and you disagree," Saul stated as he sat down, crossing his legs and refusing to budge. "The development and growth of our student is worth the risk." Rochelle gave him a cautious look before flipping her gaze right back at her students.

"Fine! But if something goes wrong its on your head!"

"Its always on my head."

(-With Michael-)

The arrow was steadied and the bowstring was drawn. Once more Michael felt the kind of calming serenity cover him. It was unusual to say the least, but he was happy with it. He had made his peace with this sort of feeling in the cave.

"He he he!" the mocking laughter once more entered his brain, but he brushed it aside. It wasn't the first time he had heard it so he wouldn't let it get to him. His own encroaching madness would be pushed back and hidden for the time being. He would pump that kind of power that it provided him into his arrow and let it do the speaking for him. Limos seemed to notice this change, he eyed up the young boy once more.

"I remember that arrow," Limos spoke. The design was a bit off, perhaps Michael's own personal touch to it, but he remembered seeing Marburg's projects as they developed and he supposed this was one of them. A different design and different user, but same basic principles. An overwhelming power as a pure soul turned mad. A burst of power that such a change would create. The first delicate taste of the change that had entrapped the heart of many. Limos supposed the young student wouldn't be any different.

However, Michael was determined to prove him wrong. The arrow slipped out of his finger and as if homing in on the biggest ego in the room, it found its way right to Limos. The arrow zipped by Limos, ripping into his flesh considerably. The monster wailed a bit as he felt his own body sustain damage. Of course, Michael wasn't in the business of giving mercy and even if he was no way in hell was Limos going to be his first customer.

Limos' head was placed squarely in his sights as the arrow blasted off. Limos leaned to the side, dodging the arrow by the nearest millimeter, but to his surprise as well possibly Michael's the arrow curved, hunting him down. Limos reached out, grabbing a hold of the arrow with his own two hands to finally stop it.

However, the arrow had no sense of discrimination when it came to food and Limos felt it. The arrow began to sap away at his strength. Limos couldn't believe that he had not become the feaster, but the feasted upon. The arrow was eating away at his soul. This was clear blurring of the lines for someone as menacing as Limos. He stumbled backwards, his head spinning.

The last two arrows had done their job though. Limos was significantly distracted. He had stumbled back and right into the man from Pluto. The big burly giant wrapped his arms around the Kishin. Limos tried to kick free, but the countdown to the end had already initiated. Limos laughed even as he felt the heat from Pluto's body increase exponentially.

"I wouldn't dare think that you've won yet! We still have the upper hand!"

"That's awful big talk for someone who is about to be blown to Kingdom Come," Xander mocked the gripped Kishin. However, Limos seemed less than bothered by his insults.

"I could say the same to you," Limos chuckled. "The strange fact that you think you've won when you are miles away from the real action. You guys took the bait, hook, line and sucker."

"What bait?" asked Michael, jabbing a new arrow at Limos' head.

Limos chuckled. "You're just like Marburg. You can't stand to think that you've been outsmarted, so even when the truth is obvious you deny it. Guess what, He-ro," Limos said, accenting the last word with a particularly venomous bite, "you lost. We won! Marburg is back at the DWMA right this second freeing Vigrid from the infernal Prison Jar! With the two of them working together Lord Death will be no match! The hero of his time will finally fall!"

"I don't believe you!" shouted Melody as she slammed her yo-yo into Limos' back. "Let's not forget that..."

Everybody paused as they heard a quiet rumbling nearby. An incredible pulse of Madness Wavelength rippled across the ground. They turned around to see the ruined the walls around them, they saw a beacon of red light shooting up from the ground near the DWMA. The DWMA was beginning to crumble.

"It can't be happening!" shouted Michael as he looked back, feeling his own body shake, resonating with the horrible red light that pulsed and radiated, growing with every second. "Lord Death is in serious trouble. I don't think we'll be able to get back in time!" Michael shouted.

"Do you really think so?" asked Saul as he came out and sat down on the ground near by them. "I think its absolutely stupid to think that Lord Death would just take the beating lying down. Especially if you notice a Death Scythe is missing from our little get together here. A Death Scythe which absolutely loves beating down Kishins and the such."


(-With Lord Death-)

Marburg was sent flying back into the wall. It wasn't a scythe, but it seemed to Marburg that it didn't matter to Lord Death. The weapon's top heavy nature simply added to its strength. The powerful hammer which only grew more and more powerful the more atrocities the enemy has committed. And the numbers Marburg had committed were innumerable and here he was facing off against quite possibly the worst weapon for him.

The weapon could probably grow to an infinite size if Lord Death wanted it to, but instead he just simply channeled the power of the hammer back into his body and more importantly into his Soul Wavelength. Lord Death's explosive Soul Wavelength had taken on a new level of power. Before they may have been on the same level, but now they were on completely different levels and it easily weighed in on Lord Death's side.

"Give up," Lord Death offered, "I don't want to hurt you."

"Hurt me?" chuckled Marburg, "did you forget? You already hurt me when you betrayed me and let the demon imprison me for the rest of my life! Or did you forget your own brother?"

Lord Death sighed and twirled the mighty hammer around in his arm. "I really must apologize for what I am about to do then." Lord Death hefted the large hammer back around and paused it in midair, perhaps one tiniest flicker of hesitation for the destruction of someone he had once held dear. However, soon that passsed. The hammer swung through the air, blowing away anything even close to the love the two might've once held in-between them.

(-Weeks later-)

All of the group had reconvened back at the DWMA. It was kind of shocking to be a student again after what they had faced. Three demons all hell-bent on world domination and many other exciting challenges along the way. It was nothing less than a whirlwind ride of adventure. They had to admit it was something spectacular.

The End

Well, everybody it was fun while it lasted. I found this story to be a hundreds time more challenging than any of my other stories. It doesn't naturally lend itself to a completely natural expansion especially OC-wise as they were probably the hardest part of this.