I'm going to die.

That was all that went through Lucius Salvador's mind as he resided in the Skycrane. Never mind that he was a member of the Spear. Never mind his genetic augmentations. Never mind even the fact that Earth was counting on him and the rest of his unit to eradicate any and all possible threats with extreme prejudice. No...all that mattered to him was that he was doing a hard drop with experimental power armour and would like wind up dead in the process.

"DZ in ten seconds,"came the voice of the pilot, as if to remind him of that fact. "Five...four...three..."

Crap. Well, I-...


And he fell.

His shields rippled as he soared through the sky of CS2. They were designed to withstand practically anything...but "designed" was a far cry away from actually putting it through actual use. Namely the sensation of plummeting through the atmosphere of the second planet of the Cavanagh System, of heading down at a few hundred miles per hour, hoping to slow his fall in time to land safely. A case of timing, and compensating for the planet's above average gravity...well, average for Earth at least. He'd been on so many planets already, he wasn't sure what average even was anymore.

"Sunray, this is Labros Two, over."

Salvador blinked. Average didn't include breaking radio silence either.

The CO scrolled through his HUD, trying to find the source of contact. However, none of his squad had broken radio silence and if they had, they certainly hadn't used any call sign he was familiar with. But if it wasn't a Spear trooper communicating, then-...

"Sunray, focus on the planet until suit rotation," said another voice. "Not long to go, out."

...who was it?

Salvador glanced over at Sergeant Piscus-perhaps his only actual friend rather than comrade, and the one who he knew stood the best chance of climbing the ranks with him. And perhaps the only person who could help him out of this bind. And to his surprise, he did, gesturing in mid-air to the right. Following the gestures, Salvador saw...the source of the transmissions? That, or sky-divers clad entirely in black facing upwards as part of an aerial manoeuvre for re-entry.

"Sunray, this is Sunray Minor, here comes the tough bit, out."

"Sunray Minor, this is Sunray. I...I'm having telemetry issues here. How's the approach, over?"

As far as Salvador could tell, their approach was just fine-on an equal footing to the Spear's orbital insertion techniques. Problem was, they weren't Spear. Or at least his HUD wasn't identifying them as such. Had the senate sent out another group to do their dirty work? Or had one of Earth's lesser nations decided to embrace its supposed right to independence again?

Doesn't matter anyway. We're still the senate's first sons. And if the aliens here have another group to shoot at, then so be it.

So even as more of the black-clad divers drifted apart, even as they scattered, even as one ended up with a rifle in his (or her) face, Salvador didn't mind. The Spear were here to do the job. They'd always be there to do it.

And, as he prepared for the final landing, he could take solace knowing that they'd always have the backing of the senate behind them.


As usual, this is a crossover based on similarities, namely how the method of orbital insertion and its stages are practically identical in Section 8 and Wess'har (specifically in Crossing the Line). And hey, makes sense I guess-if the United States Empire sent the Spear against the wess'har, no wonder they wanted payback.

Then again, why the Empire is sending soldiers to deal with failed colonization based on environmental factors and the like is beyond me. 0_0