Kyousuke knew this was a bad idea. As soon as the word eroge left her lips, he knew. He should have run then, without hesitation. He should have said no. Anything but stand there meekly and nod when prompted. What was he thinking! How did she always make him feel like he had no control?

He had zero self preservation instinct. That part of his brain just didn't work, he was sure of it. Any other sane person would not be in such a stupid situation to begin with. Ludicrous didn't even do it justice. What kind of guy allowed himself to get roped into this type of predicament?

He sighed, though he thought it sounded more like a hiss.

Awkward didn't even begin to describe how he was feeling right now. He wanted to curl up into a ball and die. His face hurt from all the blood rushing to his cheeks, and he wouldn't be surprised if his face remained crimson red for the rest of his life. He felt so hot, and so sweaty, and the open window was doing little in the way of cooling him down.

She was sitting so close.

Her cheeks were also glowing, a healthy shade of rose that made her all the more delectable. He felt compelled to reach out and brush aside her hair, to trace his knuckles against the curve of her neck. Was her skin as smooth as it looked? Would it feel as soft as he imagined? But he didn't dare, instead choosing to click the mouse, bringing up the next scene.

She inhaled sharply – a soft, sexy sound that drove him mad. He swallowed thickly and felt slightly dizzy, his palms becoming slick as he read the text displayed on the screen.

"You feel so g-good, onii-chan!"

Those words only added to the lust filled scene displayed on the screen, a young, cute girl wrapped in the arms of her older brother. Her small, but rounded breasts pressed into his chest, slender legs hugging his hips snugly. Her face was a picture of ecstasy, fingers digging into her brothers back desperately as he fucked her senseless.

As he took her virginity and made her a woman.

He wanted to close the game now, shut the laptop and forget this ever happened. He never did understand why people drowned themselves in alcohol until this very moment.

Instead, his finger clicked the mouse once more and the next image was displayed. It was just as lewd as the previous one – perhaps even more so. The brother had pulled back from his sister's embrace, revealing her pert nipples to the player. His hand had slid down over her toned stomach and was toying with her clitoris, drawing a pleasure filled moan from the young girl that played out over the speakers.

Even though the house was empty, Kyousuke felt nervous at the sound – scared that they were about to be caught by his parents. He rarely played without headphones, even when they were out, but she had insisted. It was the only way they could both listen, she explained, which was true. She needed to experience the game fully, or how else could she understand Kirino?

He heard Ayase groan softly in her throat and he stared in disbelief as her thighs rubbed together. He couldn't breathe, his chest felt so heavy. His lips parted in shock, watching as his younger sisters best-friend squirmed, her breath coming in short, sharp pants. Her tiny skirt was rumpled, revealing planes of smooth, pale flesh.

All resolve left him.

He truly had no self preservation.

He felt like it happened in slow motion. His hand left the mouse, moving down and over, resting lightly on her exposed skin. She tensed immediately, turning to look at him with wide eyes – wide, glassy eyes; eyes that were more beautiful than anything he had ever seen. They were so blue, so open – yearning.

His fingers trailed up, her breath hitching as he brushed against her sensitive skin. Her skin was hot and damp, and the further he moved, the hotter and – wetter – she felt. Kyousuke forced himself to breathe, refusing to break eye contact. One of her hands rose and gripped his forearm hard. He thought for a brief moment that she was about to stop him – stop him and kill him – but when he felt no resistance, he continued.

Her panties were drenched.

She whimpered loudly as he rubbed against the soaked material, a rumbling groan passing his lips. He started softly, almost teasingly – then she started twisting her hips, pulling on his arm, trying to get him to rub harder.

He obeyed without question.

Her back arched off the chair, her small but well shaped breasts straining against her singlet. Her clit was hard and throbbing, and she nearly sobbed in agony when he pulled back.

She looked at him in confusion, panting in desire. He pulled her up and moved over to the bed, seating her on the side. Her legs fell open easily as he knelt, gazing up at her with heat. She was trembling with want, lifting her hips without question when he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of her skirt and panties, caressing her legs as he removed them with ease.

He nearly died at the sight – Ayase in nothing but a small black singlet and knee-high leather boots. Her skin was flawless, blemish free and so damn soft. Only the lightest of hair could be found, her pussy slick, open and pink.

"Ayase," he whispered hoarsely, speaking for the first time in what felt like forever. Her manicured nails dug into his scalp as she tugged him forward by his hair, almost biting through her lip as he touched her unhindered for the first time.

Her hips quivered as he lightly probed with his tongue, parting her with his fingers. She fell back onto the mattress with a thump, eyes screwed shut in beautiful agony.

"Kyousuke," she moaned, her thighs now resting on his shoulders. His hands gripped her hips firmly. "More!"


Cow: Been awhile – felt like writing suddenly, and this fandom needs some more updates. I'm still hooked on Ayase at the moment, hence this little thing.