I'm sick of it all

Chapter 1: coming clean

I'm sick of being at Xavier's.

I'm sick of lying over and over again the people I care about.

I'm sick of pretending to be somebody I'm not.

I'm sick of all the drama.

I'm sick of all the death.

I'm sick of all the anti-mutant crap that's going on.

And most of all I'm sick of people treating me like I have the plague.

John, one of my best friends went off and joined old bucket head. The one that tried to kill me. Jean, Scott and Xavier are all dead. Logan took off to mourn over Jean. I caught bobby cheating on me with kitty so we broke up. Now everywhere I go I have to see the happy couple all snuggled together.

Maybe this is just Gods way of punishing me for all of my lies to these people who have been nothing but great to me these last few years. I'm debating on telling them the truth. The only way I could do that was if I left afterwards/ so I want to leave but should I tell them first or just leave. I think I would feel guilty if I left without giving them some sort of truth. Even if it was a half-truth.

It's settled I will call an official x-men meeting in the morning and tell them. Well what's left of them anyway.

Tomorrow morning

All of the x-men sat at the table in the briefing room wondering why they were there. At the head of the table was Rogue, because she called the meeting. On either side of her was Hank and Ororo. Next to storm was Kurt, and next to Hank was Piotr. At the end of the table was Kitty and Bobby.

Rogue was nervous not even Xavier had known. "I'm sorry" she blurted, she didn't know how to start. Ororo looked as if she was going to say something, but Rogue held up a hand to signal for her to stay quiet "wait listen please, I feel bad, I have been lying to you guys since the start, first off my real name not quite Marie" god this is so hard they must think I'm stupid.

"Rogue dear that's not exactly something to fuss about its not the end of the world" storm spoke calmly.

"Like yeah Rogue it's not the end of the world but if you want to share it with us that would be great" Kitty squealed.

"ok them but please don't freak out. My name is Anna Marie ….. Darkholme " she said in a whisper. Ororo's eyes grew wide with knowledge, while everyone was confused as to why this was such a big deal.

"as in Raven Darkholme?" Storm asked slightly shocked. everyone else remained dumbfounded .

"yes Storm Mystique is my mother" with that everyone's eyes bulged. Rogue still had more to say and by god she was going to say it.

"There's more really" I hope they listen.

"Vhat, that vould make you my sister" Kurt said although it seemed nobody was listening any more.

"like Rogue you can't have anything bigger than that to say" Rogue was starting to get pissed at them all. Especially Kitty, she was the worst.

"well if ya'll would let me finish you would know" she practically spat at them.

"would you all chill and let her talk" Bobby said. Oh my god he is going to freak out when I tell him.

"ok please don't interrupt this time. Well you all know my 18th birthday is coming up, well… um truth is my birthdays tomorrow and it's not my 18th ….it's my 25th" if eyes were wide before they were completely out of their sockets now.

"before ya'll say anything else there's more"

"like there's more I don't know how much more we can take Rogue" Kitty said.

"well I um… have complete control over my powers and have now for 3 years. I can even use others mutations that I've ever absorbed."

"what! Then why would you absorb me when we would kiss?" Bobby asked angrily.

"Bobby I was 23 you were wasn't right and I want you to back off"

"child is there anything else you wish to tell us" Hank finally pitched in breaking Bobby off from any lash outs coming Rogues way.

"Actually yes a couple of things really but I'll tell you one that's good news first…. I found out yesterday that Scott Is still alive he is I a hospital in Iowa City, please to not ask me how I know that. And before ya'll cut me off again I'm going to finish. I just want to clear some things up I was never a spy I never leaked info. I also really enjoyed being with the x-men instead of the brotherhood. And last but not least nothing you guys knew about me is true, not even the way I acted, and I know none of this makes sense and it never will and with that I must leave" with that being said Rogue vanished or so they thought.

"well that was strange" Piotr said causing all eyes to be on him.

"like I'm so confused what happened, that didn't make much sense" said Kitty

"I …I … I kissed a girl like 7 years older than me gross eww eww " bobby said forgetting his words.

"I have a sister and I didn't even know I need to talk to Rogue why did she leave anyway?"

"who's going to tell Logan all this when he comes back tomorrow to plan her party" Ororo saying this Rogue could take no more being invisible and listing to their conversation. She would have to get a new number so Logan would leave her alone and she would have to call Kurt and talk to him about this stuff. Rogue poofed into her room to grab her bag. Then she poofed out onto her motorcycle and started to drive down to Louisiana.

Next day 12:19 pm Logan's POV

This don't seem right at all shouldn't kids be out playing, it's a Saturday. Why do I smell feat? Guess I better get this done with. as Logan walked in her he saw Ororo and Hank waiting for him.

"Ororo, Hank what's going on? and where's Stripes she's always here to great me."

"um Logan she left" Logan lifted his head to smell the air, things kept getting weird around here. He smelled fresh Scott.

"When and why did she leave and why do I smell fresh Scott." Ororo and Hank told Logan everything that happened. All he could say was "WHAT".