Hi, I'm Phoenix NightStar and this story has been on my mind for some time, so I finally decided to type this up and post it on this website.

The name Phoenix for the main character is in honour of my 3 year old chinchilla of the same name, who died recently from Pneumonia.

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(Please note: all Neopets in this story – walk on two legs like humans)

27th day of Hunting in Y9.

It was a cold night in the Haunted Woods, a blue wocky with scar through his left eye, wearing armor was flying above the trees, he stopped and smiled when he saw the small log cabin. He flew down to the building and landed on the porch of the small building.

After knocking on the wooden door, he heard a female voice called out with "friend or foe". Magax sighed before answering "Friend, my love Isis. I have come to see my young daughter".

The door opened with a bang and a faerie Xweetok, wearing a simple purple dress, jumped out. She was carrying a small bundle of clothes, but still she tracked the Wocky.

Hugging him, Isis the Xweetok smiled before saying "So you finally came, she's is nearly a year old" which was then followed by a small growl. Magax pulled back from the angry Xweetok before saying "Hubrid Nox was causing trouble again. I didn't want him to discover you and my little secret".

Isis laughed before saying "Let him come, my powers are stronger now". She looked down at little bundle before handing it over to Magax. "Now look upon your daughter, the only true heir of the destroyer".

After taking the bundle, Magax asked "What do mean? Does she have powers?" Isis smiled before answering "Yes. In the past 4 months, she has been floating in her room, I'm having trouble watching her".

Magax's eye widen in shock, before he looked down at the baby. Her fur was just starting to charge colour, becoming a lively red colour, but her eyes were the same colour as his own – yellow. Right now the yellow eyes were watching him with Curiosity and wonder.

Magax was silenced has he looked at the little miracle, he looked up to his lover and asked "Does she have a name?" Isis nodded before saying "I decided to call her Phoenix".

Magax nodded before saying "Yes, a beautiful name for a beautiful child". Isis was about to speak when another voice rang out with "how touching".

Magax handed his daughter back before ordering "Isis, get out of here now". Isis frowned before saying "No Magax you need my help". Magax turned to her, "I can't fight if both of you are in danger, take Phoenix and leave travel to safely and don't look back".

Isis nodded before opening her wings and taking off, looking back, she saw that Magax was surrounded by ghosts.

Isis closed her eyes before using magic to teleport herself and Phoenix to Neopia Central.

Isis appeared over the city, unlike in Haunted Woods it was a mild night with a clear view of the stars. Isis looked down at a row of houses; she soon picked one that was home to a family of Lupes.

She landed on the doorstep, before placing her daughter on it. Smiling she reached down and ran a finger down the kits' left cheek before she said "I've to leave you here, I wish things could be different, but like my mother always used to say – some things happen for a reason and all the seers in the family can do is to report it".

Isis smiled before reaching up to her neck and pulling out a purple arrowhead on a silver chain, after taking it off she placed the chain around the kit's neck and said "This is yours now, my little one. I was going to give it to you at eighteen, but now is a good time".

Isis waved her left hand and a scroll made out of brown paper appeared above it, she placed the scroll next to her daughter. Isis stared at the Kit, for there was one last thing to do, before she could leave.

Isis placed her hand gently on the now sleeping kit's head and threw her own head back and chanted "from the east, the south, the west and the north. I call upon the ancient gift blessed upon our ancient family, by Fyora the Faerie queen that gift of the Faerie. May you become a faerie at the turning of life – Phoenix Corydon my daughter".

Isis stood up and took off.

Isis had teleported back to Haunted Woods and was planning on returning to Magax's side, when a ghost appeared in front of her suddenly and before the Xweetok could reacted the ghost grabbed her and held on tight.

Nox's laugh rang out as the Chia appeared, "where is your daughter Corydon?" the Chia asked. Isis laughed at him, and replied "in a place of safety evil one".

Growling Nox reached up and slapped the Xweetok's face in anger, and snapped "You should have just handed the brat over to me and done with it, after all I used to own her father and therefore by all rights – she belongs to me".

Isis growled and whispered "by my power, she will never be yours" laughing Nox turned back to the angry mother, "really, you will not be here to stop me" reaching up as a blade of black energy appeared in front the Chia, he stabbed it forward into the chest of the Xweetok. With a nod the ghost dropped her down to the ground.

The Wocky Magax saw everything, flying towards his injured and dying lover, he said "my love, I didn't mean for this to happen, now you are dying and Phoenix is a prisoner of Nox".

Isis raised her left hand stroked the scar across the wocky's face, and said "No my dear, Phoenix is safe, I left her with a family of Lupes after speaking the faerie calling words to her". Magax blinked and said "when will she become a faerie?" Isis laughed softy and said "at the turn of her life" and with a final breath – the faerie Xweetok known as Isis died.

Picking up his dead girlfriend, Magax took off and flew towards the only known family of his fallen lover.

A few hours later, and the sun was now rising above Neopia Central. The door of the Alpha family home opened and a Purple Lupe woman appeared, her name is and always has been Poppy Alpha, a shop keeper of The Ocean of Magic shop. She didn't noticed Phoenix at first until the rushing of paper drew her attention down to the step, she gasped and picked up the now awake infant who cooed at her in happiness. Poppy turned in shock and re-entered the family's home and shouted "Alexander come quickly".

Her husband, Alexander was a fire Lupe and he worked at the bank as a adivser, entered the hall and fnowed when he saw the Xweetok kit in his wife's arms. He asked with a growl "Where did that kit come from?" his wife answered "I don't know, I just found her on the doorstep with this note"

Poppy handed the scroll over to her husband, after unrolling it, he began to read it aloud to his wife:

Dear Lupe family,

This Xweetok is the only known daugher of Magax, please look after her, protect her, and raise her right and please aloud should the time come for her to return to her father. She will devolop powers at the age of 5, these are normal and are part of my and her's family background.

Inside her blanket is another, for her eyes only – when she asks about me, please let her read it.

Thank you,

Isis Corydon

PS: her name is Phoenix and I would be honored if you would keep it.

Poppy smiled and said "we're keeping her" Alexander growled at his wife and said "no, you heard what the letter said, she is the daughter of Magax, which means that Hubrid Nox will be looking for her".

Poppy sighed and said "Everyone knows that, Chias hate us Lupes and that means that even Nox will be afraid to come near us".

Alexander sighed and said "Fine, we'll go to the Future teller, Mrs Rain. If she says there is no danger then the girl can stay with us, if there is danger then she can go to the orphanage, okay dear".

Poppy nodded and entered the side room into the kitchen, while carrying the kit.

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Next chapter: we find out five years later, if Phoenix was kept by the Lupe family or like Alexander said she was placed in an Orphanage.

I'll explan the powers of the Corydon family in the next chapter.

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