Chapter 3: the father

I'm sorry that it took so long to update this story, but I had some problems and after much thinking, I have decided to finish this story now and work on Isis Corydon past and story.

Before the story begins, here is some O/C info

Phoenix – is a red Xweetok, that is started to show faerie tints – her wings have grown and her fur is starting to change colour. She is also 14 years old.

Linda Alpha – a young blue Lupe girl at the age of 8.

Flower Luray is a Pink Cybunny girl, a bit hyper and fun-loving, loves taking pictures and is 13 years old.

Lucky Chance is a male Yellow Kougra is a nerd and a scary-cat, but he has a small crush on Phoenix and is the oldest of the four at 15 years old.

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It was mild spring night in the Haunted Woods, as a group of four young Neopians, walked towards that old graveyard, guided by the light of Neopia's only moon – Kreludor.

The only reason, why this small group is about to enter the grave was because they were dared by a bullying Skeith, to enter the graveyard, touch the grave stone of Hubrid Nox and spend the night by his grave. It was three years since, the evil Chia who was once planning on taking over Neopia with an army of ghost was killed by Xandra.

As the four were entering, the graveyard, a silent figure of a Wocky, hovered near the gravestone. Magax the destroyer was his name, and he was in graveyard to keep an eye out for Hubrid Nox rising from his grave.

The Wocky turned upon hearing voices and floated upwards to hide. He watched as a group of four stopped, before the gravestone, looking at each of them, his eyes widened when, he saw the young Xweetok.

"Phoenix" Magax whispered to himself, as the Lupe child Linda asked, "Who is going to touch it?"

The Cybunny girl laughed before saying, "Lucky is" her famous camera in her paws. "What!" screeched Lucky, "I'm not touching it?"

Smirking Phoenix said "Oh, yes you are." Before pushing the Kougra towards the stone, the still protesting Kougra reached towards the stone. However just before he made contact with the stone, a ghostly hand reached out of the grave and grab the young Kongra's arm.

The angry ghost rose up, showing the group that it was Hubrid Nox, finally raised from his grave; he shook Lucky before, saying "I'm Hubrid Nox, the Warlock. Who dares to play on my grave?"

The Chia then turned from Lucky, to the other three, his lip curling at Linda, before his eyes stopped on Phoenix.

Nox's smile grew more evil, "Well, what have got here? The lost brat of Magax and the Corydon bitch" said Nox, before evil laugher came from him, "your foolish mage of a mother, through she was very clever, in hiding you with a family of Lupes, I had ghost watching you, before my untimely death, waiting for the right time".

"Seeing, as you are here, and I have returned from the dead, it is time for me to finish what happened that night" Nox smiled before dropping Lucky and charging towards the group, this made the group split-up in fear.

Magax frowned, his daughter should be safe, and after all she has her mother's staff and her powers. After hearing a scream from the Kougra, he hovered after him. 'Please stay safe Phoenix, until I find you' the Wocky thought to himself.

Unaware that his arch-nemesis had been waking and was now saving the rest of the group. Hubrid Nox smiled, this was good, with the group apart, the brat, would be his. So with this in maid, the Chia floated upwards, before snapping his fingers, as a new ghost in his army appeared, the ghost of a giant Mutant Grundo.

The ghost mutant, bowed low in greeting to his new master. "Excellent, I want you to capture the Xweetok, bring her to me and kill the rest" Hubrid ordered, the mutant nodded before disappearing, with a pop.

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Phoenix's wings were only a week old, and she was having problems with using them, this forced the young Xweetok to run. She was also on her own, as Linda the Lupe, had went a different path to her, and sure to get the teenager in trouble with her father.

In order to, find the right direction, Phoenix stopped calling out for Linda, when suddenly without warning a Ghost Mutant appeared behind her. Phoenix jumped backwards, tripping over a tree root, and the ghost grabbed her.

The girl, screamed before crying out for help, and fed up with hearing the girl, the ghost placed his large hand over her month.

Nox turned as, his slave returned, the girl was looking down, and had her month covered. Nox smirked, 'a fighter like her father' he thought to himself.

Coming to his capture, he lifted her chin up, so he could look in her eyes, the girl closed them. "Your eyes are just like your fathers" Nox said which made Phoenix open her eyes and glared at him.

Phoenix growled, but before she say anything, a bolt of green energy flew from the side. Nox smiled before turning to the blast's source, "Ah, Magax, How long has it been, my old servant. Now I'm just checking your daughter, she is perfect a life-form and will make an excellent slave" Nox said, his voice calm.

A blue Wocky, with a scar over one eye, appeared, he was carrying a glowing battle-awe, called the Darklight Axe, and he was also watching Phoenix.

Turning to Nox, he growled "I'm no slave nor is my daughter, release her, Nox"

Nox laughed, "No my dear slave, by the right of your bloodline she is mine, and she has been, since the day and hour of her birth, regardless of what her bitch of a mother thought Nox said".

Magax, turned away from her, that is a tale for a different time, you're friends have left already and now it's time for you to go, may child.

Magax became aware that someone was watching him. He looked up and saw that Phoenix was watching him. Magax smiled before lunging suddenly at the ghost, in choosing to dodge the Wocky, made the Ghost drop the young Xweetok, and with great skill, the ancient Wocky caught the girl, while at the same time, slashing the ghost, with his battle-axe.

Turning towards his, dead Arch-enemy, Magax said "return to your eternal sleep, Hubrid Nox". Laughing Nox, rose up, "No, I'll stick around and enjoy myself" he said, before vanishing.

Magax sighed before turning to his daughter, "Phoenix are you ok?" Magax asked, worry in his voice, for the Xweetok girl was shivering in fear. The girl jumped at the sound of his voice, before looking up at him.

"I'm fine, but way are your eyes like mine," Phoenix asked. Magax smiled, "because Phoenix, I'm your true father".

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And that is it for the Heir of the Destroyer, I hope you have enjoyed this story and will look forward to future stories based around Phoenix.