Summary: The things they could have been.

I do not like the phrase "It might have been!"
It lacks force, and life's best truths perverts:
For I believe we have, and reach, and win

They could have been brother and sister.

They could have told each other every nuance of their lives and whispered warm words under the starless sky and been comforted by a presence alone but never needed more. She could have been his sister – his closest friend and true companion in all the darkness of his world. He could have been her brother – her protector and hand to hold when the strain was too much for her to carry on her own.

But there were too many close calls of their mouths and too many, too long hugs for them to be almost-blood-relatives.

They could have been lovers.

They could have slipped into the arms of the other and warmed themselves with their love. They could have kissed before every battle and made love after to celebrate life and their love. They could have held hands amidst all the screams and pain and protected the blind spot of their partner because they can't let the other go.

But there were too many things going on, too many hearts on the line, for them to be lovers because the world didn't need lovers and who were they if they did anything for themselves?

They could have been tragedies.

He could have not come back from the brink of Death so many times – could have been mauled and broken and left to choke on his own blood. She could have cracked and went insane with all that knowledge crammed inside that bushy-haired head and broken – stuck babbling and salivating and whispering warnings to the shadows. They could have died and been lost and left the world behind.

But they were too busy surviving to be tragedies.

They could have been soul mates.

They could have been so entwined with one another that you couldn't tell where one began and other ended. They could have looked into each others eyes and seen forever and beyond and all the things that were too good for the world they lived in. They could have been one soul in two bodies.

They couldn't have been the person they could live with forever, but the person they couldn't live without for a second. They could have loved and kissed and been all they could ever be, they could have been humbled and shaken and shifted like the tilt of the Earth until they were the only things left and still been alright as long as the other was there.

But soul mates are a dangerous thing in a War and they can't risk it.

Oh, but they were Heroes and somewhere, under all that anguish and couldhavebeen, it was enough for them.

Harry and Hermione, not what I wanted (what a lot of people wanted), but what they were was wonderful too.

Aimlessly Unknown