Well, hello there peeps! You've probably wondered where the heck I've been … but then again, maybe not. LOL. For those that may be wondering, I've been writing a few original stories and the editing process has really killed my mojo. For that reason, I've decided to participate in WitFit to keep my writing skills warmed up before I begin writing my next story.

What is WitFit you ask? WitFit is a word prompt, quote, video/picture/music that is emailed to you every day from FictionistaWorkshop and then you're supposed to write something that pertains to that prompt.

My goal is to write something every day so that I don't get too rusty. I appreciate any interest in my writing, but these are just drabbles and not meant to be taken as full-length stories, one-shots or outtakes. However, some of my inspiration will be longer than others and some may even come from stories that I've already written. So, stay tuned to see what I come up with.


Penname: ObsessingOverEdward

Original or Derivative: Derivative

Prompt: Annoy

Date: May 29, 2011

Rating: T

Genre: Family

Warning(s):Unedited, so read at your own risk!

Note(s): Blurb from HOFY

Disclaimer: Stephenie Meyer owns these characters


"What the heck do you think you two are doing?" Bella stood in the doorway and watched Anthony and Seth as they threw a blanket over whatever held their attention and turned innocent eyes toward her. They scooted backward on their behinds until they pressed their backs against the bed and the object they had been engrossed with was pushed out of sight.

"Um … we aren't doing anything," Anthony said with a sheepish grin.

A small whimper came from behind them, which caused both boys' eyes to widen when they realized their secret would be hard to contain if it didn't keep quiet.

"Oh really? Then what did you just shove under the bed?"

Anthony looked at Seth for help because the kid was a master at getting out of just about any predicament. This realization both amused and annoyed their mother. Seth's penchant for mischief was usually harmless, but sometimes he dragged Anthony down with his wild schemes.

"We got Liz a birthday present," Seth said, nominated by Anthony as their spoke person.

Bella's eyebrows shot into her hairline as she folded her arms over her chest and leaned against the doorframe to their room. "And what exactly would that be?"

"Did you talk to Dad yet?" Seth asked as he fidgeted with his hands. Bella shook her head and felt her annoyance grow. If Edward did what she thinks he did, she was going to kill him. "Don't get mad, but—"

"It's never good when you start a sentence with 'Don't get mad,'" she said, trying to keep her growing irritation in check.

"Well, Buddy's already six years old and Anthony and I thought that Liz would want a puppy for her birthday."

Anthony reached under the bed and pulled out a squirming blanket. He unwrapped it with the care he would have taken with a newborn baby and presented the mangy creature as if it were a prized pooch from the Westminister dog show.

"You know that we can't keep a stray puppy, right?" Bella moved closer to see that it was a mix between a lab and something with long hair. Its large brown eyes stared up at her, already in cahoots with her children to convince her that it needed to stay. "We'll have to take it to the pound so they can find its owner."

"But it's not a stray," Anthony protested, his eyes wide at the prospect of having to give up their new friend.

"What do you mean it's not a stray?" Bella asked.

"Dad took us to the SPCA and we picked him out."

Yep, her husband was in huge trouble. "Where is your father?" Bella said as she turned toward the stairs, not waiting for an answer.

"Oh man, Dad's in trouble," Anthony said before Bella stalked down the stairs in search of the man who would need a tractor to dig him out of the crap he created for himself.