Yay, Grayza! I loooove this pairing! And it needs more love even now when the manga has a bunch of Gruvia and Jellal's surprise (it sure surprised me) appearance in the newest chapter (sorry for spoiling that for you).
But, I also found the most amazing thing on the FT Wiki, under the article "Gray's Relationships" in the "Erza Scarlet" paragraph. It says, and I quote:
"This is also the time when Gray had feelings for Erza."
WHOO! It refers to the time when they were little. That means, according to the FT Wiki, Grayza is one-sided canon! Or at least was. But I don't care, really. Anything near canon is more than good enough for me! :DDD

This story has a backstory: This story takes place in the real world. Gray and Erza got in a fight (that was Jellal-related) and Gray decided that afterwards he was moving (he didn't have a job anyway).
This was also inspired by Andrew Belle's "Make It Without You" which is a very sad song. But my story has a kinda happy-yet-vauge ending because I don't think I can write sad Grayza. XD


Gray taped the last box shut and placed it on one of the many piles that cluttered his apartment. He wiped his brow and let out a heavy sigh. He was finally done with all the packing; it had taken him ages to complete. He'd never known he owned so many items.

A high-pitched ring snapped him from his thoughts and he turned around to hear his phone going off. Gray walked over and picked it up off the floor. But he didn't answer it after reading who was calling.

The call went to voicemail, and he heard the voice he longed and at the same time dreaded to hear the most.

"Gray? Lucy told me you're leaving today… I wanted to say I'm sorry. I really am. But I don't think there's anything I can do to stop you now. You seem pretty adamant about this.

"I know you're probably too busy packing to pick this up. I would have come over to see you, but I couldn't get off work…

"I know I might never see you again. That's why I called. Maybe I could come see you on my lunch break, but I don't know if you'll be gone by then.

"I have no idea if you'll get this, but… I'm going to miss you. I want you to stay. And I'm sorry. Really sorry. I shouldn't have said any of it. You know I didn't mean it, don't you? It was stupid of me. I was feeling upset and angry about Jellal, and I took that out on you. I-I just… Gray, I gotta go. Call me back if you get this."

Gray swallowed hard and stuffed his phone in his pocket. Only she could make him have second thoughts. But then again, she was the whole reason he was leaving. Well, she and the fact that he had no job and was in need of one, but she was the real catalyst in his moving out of state.

He was going to miss her, that was for sure, but he had somehow effectively convinced himself that he didn't need her, that his life would be fairly unaffected by her absence and continue on as if nothing had happened.

And he knew he was the biggest liar on the planet for thinking so.

She wasn't the only one he would miss. Lucy had been inviting him to go out with her and Natsu recently, knowing their time together was limited ever since the incident. And though it pained Gray to admit it, he'd miss Natsu just as much. All his friends wanted him to stay.

Even she did.

If he didn't need her, he at least needed her to know that he heard her apology. Gray dug out his phone and went to speed dial. After a few beeps, an expectant voice sounded on the other end of the line.


"Hey, Erza," he said as he stripped a piece of tape off one of the boxes, awkwardly holding the phone between his shoulder and his face.

And it was almost like he could feel her smiling. "Hi, Gray."