This story takes place between my last fanfiction, Wolf Moon Rising, and The Next Stop: Lakewood.

Leaves of Evil

Chapter 1

Jake dashed full-speed past the tall stacks of rusted and smashed-up cars, the monster's footsteps and heavy breathing following close behind him.

He must have been mere feet ahead of the monster! He could picture it sprinting like an Olympic runner straight for him.

Suddenly the torn and chewed and mangled bodies of the monster's victims in this junkyard flashed before Jake's eyes, and he suddenly realised he was running much faster than he was mere moments before!

Then Jake caught Hayley and Felix, on either side of what looked like a metal cubicle with sliding glass doors.

It was at least 50 feet away, but if Jake kept his pace ahead of the monster, he could run right up to the cubicle, then jump out of the way so that the monster would end up running straight inside.

Jake at once saw the glass doors slide open as he got closer.

"I can make it," he told himself.

He was mere feet from the metallic cubicle, and about to dive out of the way when he tripped on something – a piece of metal from an old car, a lost object – and went flying facedown towards the muddy earth.

Jake quickly tore his face out of the ground and glanced up, expecting the monster to tear him to shreds at any moment.

Then, he gasped in shock as the green, scaly creature sailed through the air right over his head!


The monster slammed face-first right into the cubicle's back wall, and suddenly the two glass doors quickly slid shut.

The monster must have leapt at Jake to try and get atop him, but then he must've fallen, so the monster instead ended up leaping into the Mobile Containment Cell!

Hayley and Felix rushed to Jake's side. "I'm alright," he groaned, climbing to his feet. His clothes were stained with fresh mud from the fall.

Jake glanced up at the MCC, and nearly jumped as the figure slammed right into the sliding glass doors.

Jake got a clear look at the monster.

It was roughly humanoid, the size of a full-grown man, but with long, brown hair that went down past its shoulders, scaly, green skin and webbed, clawed hands and feet.

Its face looked much like a chimpanzee's, except its eyes were a burning scarlet, with piercing, cold, blue slits for pupils, and as it hissed and snarled out at Jake, he saw dozens of glinting, dagger-like fangs.

Jake glanced from Hayley to Felix, who were each crouched on either side of him, but they were staring at the lizard-ape monster, transfixed.

"Can you believe this?" Hayley exclaimed.

"The first Honey Island Swamp Monster in Troop history to be captured without being killed," Felix proclaimed, neither him nor Hayley taking their eyes off the Honey Island Swamp Monster as it slammed and hurled fists at the sliding glass doors, trying to break back out.

"It's so beautiful," Hayley whispered dreamily.

Jake looked back up at the swamp monster, and felt his jaw drop, oblivious to what kind of beautiful Hayley meant.


But before Hayley could reply – if she even would have – Felix interrupted.

"By the way, I made my own First Captured Honey Island Swamp Monster Award," Felix proclaimed, taking off his rucksack and rummaging through it.

Jake felt even more gobstruck when Felix pulled out a battered, old-looking trophy with 'Award for First Honey Island Swamp Monster Captured' scribbled across it in pen and two thin pieces of lead bent into the shapes of handles each crudely glued onto either side of the poorly-made trophy.

"It's also very hard to break!" Felix proclaimed. Then one of the lead handles dropped off the crude award to the muddy ground.

"It's meant to do that," Felix lied, maintaining a fake grin.

"Can we just get this stupid swamp monster back to HQ already?" Jake growled, getting annoyed.

"Honey Island Swamp Monster," Felix corrected him. "Swamp monster is its genus."

"Whatever," Jake muttered.

Troop HQ, 1 hour later

"To the first captive Honey Island Swamp Monster!" Felix proclaimed holding up a glass of his homemade lemonade.

"Don't you think that that toast's a bit long?" Jake asked. He glanced down at the bubbling lemonade, and felt a shudder run down his spine. It looked disgusting!

"This homemade lemonade tastes like sour milk!" Hayley groaned as she lowered her cup from her mouth.

At that comment, Jake felt he'd probably throw up the moment the lemonade touched his tongue!

He muttered to Felix, "Thanks Felix, but I'll pass," and set the cup down on the desk.

At that moment, the elevator's metal door slid open, and Mr. Stockley strode out, up to the three. "Good news for you, Jake," he announced, and Jake felt a surge of excitement flow through him.

Then Mr. Stockley said, "It's your turn to check on all the captive monsters," and Jake felt his hopes of it being some 'Greatest Troop Member' award come crashing down.

"Check that the monsters alright?" he managed to gasp.

"Yes," Mr. Stockley replied. "Some of the monsters escape once in a while, and someone has to check on them once a month."

Jake tilted back his head and let out a frustrated sigh. Unbelievable!

Mr. Stockley handed Jake a notepad with dozens of captive monsters' names listed on it. Jake took it from Mr. Stockley and strode boredly towards the monster cells.

The moment Jake reached the cells, he stood, gazing at the dozens and dozens of monster cells, row after row.

This was going to be a long day.

Well, there's the first chapter.