And this is the final chapter.

Chapter 6

Jake tapped his foot on the wooden floorboards impatiently as Felix fumbled the lock on his locker.

"Felix, are you sure we have enough lemonade to kill off the whole forest?" Hayley asked, her voice more serious than ever before.

Felix didn't reply he stepped back, and told Jake to do the honours. Jake moved up to the locker, yanked open the metal door, and seconds later, found himself buried under a gigantic wave of thousands of water bottles, no doubt all filled with Felix's killer lemonade!

Hayley leaned over the flood of water bottles.

Then Jake's muffled voice replied to Hayley's question, from beneath the bottles burying him alive, "I think this is enough."

Ten minutes later, Jake, Hayley, Felix and Mr. Stockley were tearing down streets (Jake heading North, Hayley, West, Felix, South, and Mr. Stockley, east), firing super-soakers loaded with the killer lemonade in all directions, reducing Floroids to clouds of black dust, Felix screaming "SHAZOW!" With every monster he soaked, and Mr. Stockley squealing his high, frightened screams at every monster he squirted!

Each time one of the four ran out of lemonade, they quickly refilled the super-soaker with more from one of the piles of water bottles in the backpacks.

By the time all that was left of the vicious forest was countless clouds of black dust blowing through the air, Dr. Brandenburg barely had enough time to abort the nuclear attack!

Troop HQ, 2 hours later

The security grid for the forcefield of the Slavak's cell spat sparks as Felix turned the screw in it, Jake and Hayley grinning at it from close behind.

After the Floroid escaped, they had to make sure all the cells' forcefields were working properly.

The Troop had never found out what had caused their ex-captive Floroid's mutation, but Felix and Mr. Stockley both suspected it was a trap left by Gus when he raided HQ.

"By the way," Jake exclaimed, "what's going on with all the survivors?"

"Mr. Stockley's taking care of that," Hayley replied flatly.

Lakewood High entrance

Mr. Stockley stood proudly over the crowd of news reporters and cut and bruised civilians of Lakewood.

"And the incident Lakewood experienced today can all be explained," he boomed, putting earplugs into his ears and slipping the small, silver box out of his suit pocket.

Mr. Stockley felt sad that he would have to cut all this attention short as he opened the silver box and held it out for everyone in the crowd and everyone at home watching to seeā€¦ and hear.

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