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My perfect angel.

She is nothing less than perfection to me. She is the one thing that I need, I think, because to imagine her not being here is truly impossible. It seems so strange that, even three months ago, Elle Harrison wasn't in my life.

That time seems a lifetime ago. It seems to me as if I have known her for my entire life and she is the only thing I need. She is more important to me than breathing or even eating: knowing that she is safe and with me is all that I need.

I can't accept that I am a reincarnation of a damned king, but I can definitely believe that Elle is the reincarnation of the most important and powerful player in the entire saga of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. After all, she calmed down a potentially devastating situation between the four of us all without issue. Jen could have hated her because she was coming in and 'taking her place', so to speak, but all she seems to want to do is be friends with Elle.

But it isn't that or the legend that has me in love with her, thinking that she is so utterly perfect. It's her personality, the sunny outlook she has on life, the way that she just utterly enjoys floating and doesn't care whatsoever what people think of her. She just gets on with her life, is friendly with everyone that she comes across, and has one of the friendliest dispositions I have ever seen.

She makes me smile when I am a little down, she makes me laugh to alleviate the tension that builds up whenever I consider my Father and I guess my Mother at the same time. She is the only thing that I need.

She is perfect, my angel, the only thing that I need in life.

I love her.

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