Both Sides of the Story

Chapter 2


I can't believe in 2 weeks my baby is going to be 10.

Where did the time go?

Oh, I know, we've been growing up together and going to school, college and I've been working.

I have my Bachelor's Degree in Business and I opened my own coffee/bakery shop a few years ago.

Considering it's the only place in Forks, besides the Diner, I do great.

Emily from the Rez has come to work for me and I have a few high school kids work here as well.

It's in a great location, close to the schools, so my son can walk here after school.

Jasper had been in Charlie's life, until he was 7.

That year, Jasper joined the military and has been overseas.

He does call when he gets the chance and he's always sending stuff he finds for him and his parents have been a constant as well.

I now get child support, since Jasper is in the military, but all that goes into an account, just for Charlie.

Rose told me that Jasper was in a serious relationship, it hurt, but it was my own fault, thinking I could hang on to him forever, just because we had a son together.

After she told me that, I had her take me to her hairstylist and asked for a makeover.

My hair, that had been to my waist, most of my life, was now cut into a bob and I'd taken off that stupid promise ring also, after all these years.

After my 'makeover', we went to dinner with Emmett and James, seeing as James was in town for the weekend.

The official story is that Victoria, his wife of 7 years had kicked him out, because he'd gone drinking with friends and never bothered to call her and let him know where he was ALL night, so he was crashing at the house for a few days, while she cooled off.

Emmett and Rose lived in Forks too, they ran a successful garage, that Emmett had opened after college.

They of course were married with 2 hellions. They'd had twins and WOW, they were double trouble, but I loved my nephews.

Tucker and Ranger were a handful at 5, but they were still trying for a girl.

James and Emmett both freaked out when they saw my hair.

Emmett went off on Rose for letting me do it.

"Emmett, if your sister wants to shave her head, she can! She needed a change and damn it, she got it!" Rose smacked him.

Emmett held his hands up in surrender and James decided to NOT speak what was on his mind.

"Um, Bella. Did I tell you Jasper is coming home for Charlie's birthday?" Rose asked quietly.

I glared at her.

"WHAT? Why didn't I know about this?" I snapped.

"He just called last night, after you called about a change and I forgot, until now." she smirked.

"You are a very bad liar Rose." I snapped.

"Sorry Bella. I just know you wouldn't have went through with the haircut and stuff, if I'd said anything." she shrugged.

"You're damn right I wouldn't." I said.

"Bella, look, you're successful and don't need him, he'll see that when he gets here." she smiled.

"What? You're still pining away for that ass?" James finally spoke.

"Well, it's hard no to." I said in my defense.

"Bells, you're better off without him." Emmett said.

"I know. It just still hurts after all this time. Especially when I look at Charlie and see Jasper. Damn, he's the spitting image." I shrugged.

Rose just smiled at me.

"Well, I guess since Edward is finally coming home, he can be my date." I smiled.

"See, there's a better choice." smiled Emmett.

"Em, we're just friends, nothing more." I said.

"Well, there's always Newton, he's in your shop ALL the time and I know he asks you out at least once a week. Because he comes and talks to me." Emmett rolled his eyes.

"No, we're friends, I tell him that all the time. Besides, he's only been divorced from Jessica for 6 months." I told them.

We finished lunch with idle talk about what Charlie wanted for his birthday and all the plans, before we all went our separate ways.

The rest of the week dragged on.

I was just getting ready to close after lunch on Friday, when the bell rang.

"I'm sorry, but we're closing." I said as I wiped tables.

I felt two arms go around me and screamed.

I was slowly turned around, face to face with Edward.

I jumped up on him and gave him a huge hug.

"Oh my God! I'm so glad you're back. Not seeing you face to face for 4 years was NOT a good thing!" I hugged him tightly and then noticed a tiny girl standing at the door.

I slid down Edward and stared at him.

"Bells, I'd like you to meet my fiancé Alice Brandon." he smiled.

I stared at him in shock and then punched him in the chest.

"Why didn't you tell me sooner?" I asked, sad he'd kept this from me.

"We've been dating for 3 years and I just asked her before we left." he smiled.

I walked over to her and held out my hand, she instead, grabbed me in a hug.

"I've heard so many wonderful things about you." she smiled.

"Have a seat, I'll make some coffee and we can talk." I smiled.

Just as we were sitting down, the door flies open.

"Mom, mom, I'm starving, can I have some cookies." the brown haired Tasmanian Devil ripped through the place.

"Slow down kiddo. We've got company." I said.

"Oh, sorry for… Uncle Edward?" he smiled and ran to give Edward a hug.

I got the cookies and milk for Charlie and coffee for the adults.

"Bells, he's huge." Edward smiled.

"That's what you missed out on." I said smugly and Alice giggled.

"So, I heard." Edward said and looked to Charlie, but he was eating and reading, not paying attention.

"Yeah." I shrugged.

"So, when did you cut this?" Edward leaned over and messed up my hair.

"Last week, I needed a change." I smiled.

"I like it." he said.

We talked about what he'd been up to and how he was going to take over his Uncle Aro's law firm here.

They had to go, because Esme was cooking dinner, but promised to stop by next week.

The weekend was uneventful, James helped me get everything for Charlie's party, then he was going back to Seattle to try and smooth things over with Victoria.

Charlie finally decided on which cake he wanted, so that was my project for next week.


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