Both Sides of the Story

Chapter 25

~Two Years Later~

"Violet, you HAVE to put clothes on after your bath!" I sighed.

"No! Daddy said he'd dress me!" She screamed.

"Daddy got called into a meeting, he's not home. He won't be home until tonight." I said sternly.

"NO! NO! NO!" she screamed and dropped into a tantrum. I scooped her up, flailing arms and legs, screaming and crying and carried her to her room, sitting her on the floor and finally got her dressed… 20 minutes later!

I put her in time-out and walked into her bathroom to clean up the bath toys.

As I was doing so, I felt a sharp pain and yelled for Charlie.

"What's up mom?" he came walking in and when he saw me on the ground, pulled out his cell phone, dialing his dad and then his grandfather. "It's time!" he yelled and hung up to each of them.

Six hours later, we were having our third child, another boy.

"Bella, I don't have to tell you how lucky you were to have Charlie there do I?" Carlisle sighed.

"NO! But it's done and over with. We're getting my tubes tied and for extra protection, Jasper is getting snipped too." I smiled as he whinced and covered his front.

Bryce Owen Whitlock was an OOOPPPSSS… But, we were still happy.

I'd had a difficult pregnancy, but the last few days I had felt great, so Carlisle said it would be O.K. to do a few light things around the house. I guess dealing with Violet was to much and Owen wanted out.

So here we were, a month early.

He was small, the smallest of all 3. He weighed in at 5 pounds 2 ounces and 15 inches long. He came in to the world as quiet as can be, we were worried at first, that something was wrong, but the doctor assured us, after testing, everything was fine.

He was in the hospital NCIU for 2 weeks, he was heavily jaundice and small, so they wanted to be safe.

When he finally came home, Esme had a welcome party for the family.

Charlie was actually excited for his little brother, while he loved Violet, she was spoiled, no, that's not right… EXTREMELY SPOILED, was the word, but she was the only girl, so everyone spoiled her, especially her daddy. She did no wrong in his eyes and he paid for it dearly, on the days she decided to act out.

Jasper had regained quite a lot of his memory, only bits and pieces were missing, but the important stuff, he'd gotten back, which made him a much happier man.

We'd bought a new house, as soon as we'd learned about Bryce, Jasper claiming we needed more space, this one was also had the master suite downstairs, so we could have our quality time and each room had it's own bathroom, our room had a nice sitting area, so we'd have Bryce with us for a little while, in that area.

Charlie was happy, because the basement Jasper had made into the 'MAN CAVE'… It was huge and had everything, even a soundproof area, where they could play music together.

I had my dream chef kitchen and a huge yard as well.

Life was good and I knew it'd keep getting better.


Sorry to end this story, this way…

It'd been to long since I last wrote anything and didn't want to leave it unfinished…

I just couldn't get back into it, since I was in such a different place in my life, when I first started it.

I do appreciate everyone who read this story and if you've read my others, that have been MIA as well, I'll be finishing those up as well.

I've also started new stories, so I hope you're reading them, or you'll give them a read.

Thanks so much for reading!

Love you all!