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Still Tired

It was very late in the morning in the soul society, and Aizen was sitting at his desk with a rather large pile of paperwork to go through. The sky outside was dark and miserable, and the rain pelted heavily against the windows as he scribbled away with his pen, trying to decrease the pile of papers he had yet to sign. He sighed quietly, a little annoyed. When he had applied to be the acting captain of the fifth division he did not expect to be saddled with the boring paperwork. But unfortunately for him, there were papers that only a captain could sign…

He glanced at the clock on the wall opposite him, rolling his eyes in annoyance. It was already eleven in the morning, and his lieutenant wasn't even here yet.

"He better get a move on," Aizen muttered, half growling as he continued to scribble away with his pen on the papers in front of him "there's a meeting on later and I'll be the one who ends up being gutted like a trout by that wrinkly old geezer because Gin isn't there."

Aizen looked up from his desk again, setting down his pen quietly as he slowly – and calmly – stood up and walked towards the door.

"It's not like Gin to be this late though," he thought, his annoyance steadily fading away into worry. "I better go and check if he's alright."

He walked quickly down the corridors and hallways and made his way through to the dormitories, stopping outside the door to his lieutenant's room and knocking on the door, in the hopes of coaxing his lieutenant out of bed and into work. Because underneath it all, underneath all of the scoldings and all the harsh teachings, Aizen did actually care for Gin.

"Gin?" he called softly, "Gin, are you awake? I'm just calling to see if you're alright. If you're not sick or anything… may I come in?"

Aizen waited a few moments for an answer – or for a very rough looking Gin to emerge from the room, apologising profusely for sleeping in and missing work – but only silence answered him.

He stood there outside Gin's door for another minute before slowly reaching out and turning the door handle, pushing the door open slowly just enough to poke his head around and peer into the room.

"Gin?" he called again, still keeping his voice quiet so he didn't frighten Gin out of his skin. "Are you alright?"

Aizen closed the door quietly behind him and stepped into Gin's room, looking all around him for any sign of him. He went past the little kitchen and over towards the door to Gin's little bedroom. Pausing again in front of it to knock on the door and call out for Gin again.

"Gin? Gin, you're not dying of illness in there are you?" he called out, a little louder than before, and waited for an answer. But still, he got no response. So now there was nothing left to do but to go in there and see if Gin was alive or not.

Aizen pushed the door open slowly and crept silently into the dark room, being careful not to make any sudden or loud noises. Gin was still soundly asleep on his futon – still dressed in his shinigami uniform from the day before – and he was lying on his side with his arms sprawled out in front of him. This, along with the silver hair on his head falling rather ungracefully over his lightly closed eyelids, made him look like he'd been awake most of the night.

Aizen's lips curled into a little smile as he drew closer, and crept very steadily over towards the futon Gin was lying on.

"He looks so peaceful…" Aizen thought, kneeling down beside him with a soft, affectionate smile gracing his features. "Almost beautiful with how calm he is… if he were awake I could never get this close."

Aizen edged towards him, quietly. Gin looked so peaceful when he was asleep that no-one could even begin to imagine that Gin was a heartless, cold blooded killer. When he was asleep he just looked too innocent… deceptively so.

Aizen's eyes softened as he looked at the sleeping Gin, his eyes drifting across his face, down past his shoulders and following his chest down, stopping when he noticed a little white fluffy thing lying against Gin's chest. It was a little fox pup, with fur the colour of the untouched snows of winter, lying in Gin's warm embrace. At first Aizen thought it was just a stuffed animal, until he noticed a half empty bottle of milk lying a short distance away from Gin's limp hand and saw the little fox twitch and whimper a little in its sleep. Aizen couldn't help but smile a little at the scene, a little touched at how Gin had taken the little creature in.

"Heartless indeed…" Aizen thought, sarcastically. Smiling as he shook his head in disbelief. "If you really were heartless, you would have left that fox to die on the streets where you found it. But instead I find her in your arms…"

Aizen reached out slowly with his hand, gently brushing Gin's hair from his eyes as he watched him sleep.

"I didn't realise you could care so much…" he whispered, gazing affectionately at him as his fingertips brushed gently against Gin's forehead, making the silver haired shinigami stir and wake from his sleep. His eyes opening slowly as he registered the presence of someone in his room.

"Ugh… Aizen Taichou?" Gin groaned, still in his half asleep state, and so very, very exhausted from bottlefeeding the little fox all night. "Nugh… I overslept, didn' I…"

Aizen just smiled at him.

"Yes, you did." He said, although his tone held no hint of anger.

"Oh god…" Gin groaned, his voice growing more panicked the more he woke up. "I'm so sorry Aizen Taichou. Cherry kept me up all night, I'm so sorry I'm late. I'll be up an' dressed in five minutes. Forgive me laziness Taichou… I'll be up…"

Gin tried to lift himself up off the futon and get up, but his body was just too drained of energy from his lack of sleep to let him move. He attempted to move his arms but accidentally stirred the fox from her sleep, so she slowly opened her eyes too. She sleepily looked about her, giving out a huge yawn before getting up and stretching her legs, then sitting up to watch Gin with her bright blue eyes as he tried to get up.

Aizen smiled as he watched the both of them, laughing softly as the little fox slowly walked over to Gin, still drowsy and a little unsteady on her little paws as she sniffed Gin's face and wagged her bushy little tail.

"Nuu, Cherry~" Gin laughed as her cold nose touched his cheek as he moved to sit up. "Yer nose is cold."

"Cherry…" Aizen said softly, looking tenderly at the little fox pup. "That is a pretty name. You were up all hours feeding her I see."

"Yeah," Gin replied, "I'm basically 'er mommy now, so I gotta feed her an' clean her… an' I overslept."

Aizen smiled softly at him, shaking his head slowly. "Ah, the joys of parenting." He said, to which Gin just smiled wearily.

"Yep," Gin answered, sitting up slowly and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. "The exhaustin' joys of parenting."

Aizen laughed softly at the truth of Gin's statement as he watched Gin pick Cherry up and settle her on is lap.

"Hmm, you do look tired." Aizen teased, while Gin just looked at him.

"I'mma exhausted." He replied, the dissatisfaction at Aizen's teasing evident in his voice. Aizen just smiled in response, laughing gently as his hand gently caressed Gin's pale cheek.

"Mm, you look it." he said, this time in all seriousness. "And you can't even move with how tired you are. I think you better stay in bed."

"But…" Gin yawned, still quite sleepy. "But what about work… aint we got a meeting t'day?"

Aizen just shook his head. "We do, but you are exhausted. You need your rest."

"But Taichou, ya can't do it all yerself…" Gin protested, only to have Aizen's hands gently lay him on the bed again, while the baby Cherry curled up beside him ready to fall asleep again.

"Go back to sleep, Gin." Aizen said, softly, his hands still placed on Gin's shoulders to keep him from trying to get up again.

"But I-" Gin protested, only to be cut off midway by Aizen's lips gently colliding with his own and silencing him with a passionate kiss, with Gin still speechless even after they broke away again.

"Sleep, my love." Aizen whispered, looking directly into Gin's eyes and watching his pale face flush the most delicate shade of pink with great satisfaction. For he knew that when he spoke as his lover, Gin wouldn't even try to defy him. At least, not when he used his seductive bedroom voice, anyway…

"Go back to bed. You are still tired."

"Ye- yessir…" Gin replied, still blushing slightly, quietly backing down and slowly closing his eyes, laying silently on the futon and surrendering himself to sleep alongside the little baby fox already soundly asleep beside him.

"And remember to put on some clean clothes when you wake up." Aizen added, somewhat concerned that Gin hadn't changed his clothes since yesterday. "I don't want you to get any illnesses."

"Yes Taichou." Gin responded, then falling into a sound sleep, leaving Aizen to handle the workload for the rest of the day…