If She Closes Her Eyes

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A/N: This takes place during 2x21 just after Klaus has killed Jenna.

Maybe it's selfish but she doesn't care anymore.

After the last eight months she's earned selfish.

She doesn't want to wake up a vampire – she doesn't think she wants to wake up at all.

She closes her eyes as Klaus drains her body of the blood that so many people have tried to prevent being spilled.

If she closes her eyes she can pretend and have a perfect world.

A world where there are no such thing as sacrifices, moonstones and doppelgangers.

A world where there are no such things car crashes, where best friends and aunts aren't murdered for the poetry or symmetry of it all, and no one can hurt the ones you love.

A world where you can still stand proudly beside your friends in cute red skirts, tops and pompoms, where you can enjoy being in town events like Miss Mystic, where your only worry in the world is that your little brother may have a bit of a thing for cougars and what to order off the menu at The Grill.

If she closes her eyes she can imagine a simpler life.

And even with both Salvatore's at her side she doesn't want to open them ever again.

A/N: In regard to my eight months timeline the show really hasn't given us much to go on. The only holiday they really had was Halloween so I'm assuming that 2x21 takes place somewhere around May.