Through Love and War Chapter 1

Canada: Sometime during the 1960s.

One by one, five men stepped off a Government Issue jet. It was the middle of the Canadian winter and the cold was biting. The wind whipped through their hair and the sleet pounded against the bare skin of their faces.

"Ah, Home sweet home boys!" The taller man at the front shouted over the wind. He led them through a couple of different military hangers and passed dark buildings that littered the base site.

The small team of men lived separately from the other men in the large military outpost, signalling their standing as the elite covert team. Black Ops. The best there is.

The tall blonde leading the group opened the door to the team's accommodation and knocked his boots against the step to rid them of snow before entering. The other men followed his lead and once all were inside, the last man, a tallish man around 6'3 with light brown hair, closed the door behind him and headed into the main section of the living quarters.

"They could have at least left tha fire on fer us when we got back." One commented. His dark hair seemed wild and sharp looking. His face was unshaven, allowing his sideburns to grow as unruly as his hair. He was fairly short compared to his team mates but the sense of power and strength he gave off was just as intimidating.

"I bet you we expecting a welcome home banner too, huh Logan?" A darker skinned team member commented, tipping his cowboy hat back slightly to look at the shorter member.

"Shut up John. I didn't expect shit. I just woulda liked it a lot more if someone woulda left a little heat on in here." Logan snapped back.

"Ah fer fucks sakes! Will you two ladies stop bitchin' if I start a fire up?" The blonde yelled at the both of them as he threw his coat over one of the old, beaten armchairs.

"No need to shout Victor. My, we all seem to be in a bad mood today, don't we?" A dark haired woman appeared in the doorway in her military standard pyjamas.

"Jesus, Fox. How can you sleep with the bunker being so cold like this?" Logan asked, removing his own coat and throwing it over Victor's.

She smiled softly and gave a shrug. "Its not so bad. Just think warm thoughts Logan."

"I can think of a few darlin'." Victor muttered as he messed with the fireplace. If Silver fox heard him, she ignored him comment and moved passed John and Logan to sit on the sofa.

"So, what happened?" She asked, wrapping her arms round herself as if to shield herself from Victor's eyes as he continued to fuss about.

"The mission was aborted." The brown haired man said as he wondered into the room. His soft German accent was only just audibly over Victor's curse as he burnt his fingers.

"Aborted? See, this is what happens with I'm not with you." Her uppity tone caused Victor to cringe and growl as he stood and glared at her.

"you bein' there ain't nothing' ta do with it frail! Yer just a happy distraction fer tha enemy." He stepped towards her and shoved a clawed finger in her direction. "An' if I ever hear that tone of voice from ya again...I'll knock it outta ya." Fox cringed back as far as she could against the sofa, her eyes becoming wide.

"Hey! Creed! Lay off her man." John wraith intervened, seeing Logan visibly bristle in anger.

Victor turned his attention to Wraith. A man he wasn't keen on anyways...not that he liked much of the team anyways. Sadly, he was stuck with them.

"You gonna make me John? Huh? Are ya?"

"Dammit, both of you stop. We've all had a bad time. Don't mean we should start biting each others fingers off." The final member finally piped up. "C'mon guys. Enough of this now. We're all tired."

"Mastodon's right. Just ferget it. We all need ta relax." Logan huffed and walked off into the kitchen area.

Creed gave a snort and pushed passed John, firmly nudging his shoulder against Johns, almost knocking the other guy off his feet.

"What gives runt?" Victor stalked into the kitchen and closed the door, leaving him and Logan alone.

"Whatcha mean Vic?" Logan asked not turning to look at the larger man as he made a sandwich.

"Takin' 'don's side on this? What gives?"

Logan sighed and rested his hip against the counter top as he turned.

"Vic, ya been desperate fer a fight with John since we were teamed together. Just give it a rest already. 'don was right. We're all pissed and tired an' I'm hungry. Ain't no reason fer fightin' right now."

Victor stalked closer, standing right in front of Logan, who didn't even flinch.

"I thought ya were on my side runt."

"Jesus Vic! We're all a team, we're all on tha same side!"

A knock came at the door and both men turned to look as Maverick poked his head round.

"I hate to break up your lovers' moment, but the director wants to see us in the admin base. I've told the others to be careful too. Killebrews' skulking around outside." Both Victor and Logan gave a cringe at the name.

"Alright Mav. We'll be out in a minute." Logan gave a nod and Maverick left them, closing the door again.

"Ya know whose gonna get it in tha neck fer failin', dontcha?" Victor ran his fingers over his scalp in despair.

"Relax Vic. Ya take too much on. I'll admit I 'ad a lot to do with it." Logan tried to easy his 'friend'. He went to rest a hand on Victor's shoulder, but pulled back when the other man snapped at it like an angry dog.

"I'm team leader runt! I get tha stick whether ya own up or not!...Jesus...even Killebrews here. I'm fucked, ain't I?"

Logan sighed. "Killebrew has nothin' better ta do right now Vic. He ain't here fer you. Just ferget about him."

Creed huffed and looked at Logan. His face softened for a moment. Logan watched as Victor's blue eyes studied his face carefully before his shook his head and he put his game face back on.

"C'mon runt. We got shit ta handle."

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