Through love and war chapter 13

The water was warm and a welcome relief after two rounds with men like Logan and Victor. not that Lottie would get much peace, what with the larger of the men in question stood behind her. VERY close behind her.

She smiled softly and ran her hands over her figure as Victor reached over her shoulder for the soap and offered it to her.

"Don't drop it now, will ya frail…" She could hear the smirk in his voice as she took it from him.

"I wont. Don't worry Victor. You wont be needed to pick it up for me." she smirked back and turned.

The water ran down his thickly muscled body in tiny rivers. His tanned skin seemed to sparkle in the dim, crappy lighting of the cheap little bathroom of the motel as the water clung to it. The sheer sight made Lottie groan in longing and reached forward to run her hand over his chest and abs, earning her a purr.

Lottie had to shake her head as she continued to gaze over his body in awe. The man was insanely muscular. it was almost wrong….almost.

"Jesus christ….." she whispered. "I bet you were a shock for any woman at seventeen…."

"I'd say!" He chuckled darkly, his hand reaching up to cup her chin, claws fully extended. Lottie didn't even bat an eyelid as she continued to examine his body.

Pressing both hands to his shoulders, they moved slowly down, over his huge biceps, which he quite vainly flexed for her. She marvelled at the sheer power in the rock solid muscle. Her pale fingers caressed the bulbous veins that seems to strain against the skin as she touched. Moving further down, her softly ran her fingers over the insides of his elbows, getting a snicker out of the larger man.

Lottie looked up at him innocently. "What?"

"That tickles." He snickered again.

A smile crossed Lottie's black lips and she returned to touching him.

she stroked his forearms, feeling the same power and strength in them as the rest of his arm and the smile grew. His statement about being about to tear someone's head off was looking more truthful by the second.

Then, before she could examine anymore, the arms coiled around her and she found herself pressed against his body, the sensation making her purr unconsciously.

"this enough feelin' fer ya lil' darlin'?" Victor's lips found hers instantly, his tongue snaking in without protest and caressed Lottie's in a strange tenderness she would have expected from Logan. Lottie's hands left his chest and slipped into his soaked hair, her claws tangling in the wet locks of golden blonde.

Creed's hands ran down her back, relishing the feel of his lovers skin against his. It was safe to say it had been a while since he'd got to touch a woman in that fashion. He had a habit of breaking them too soon.

His hands groped her ass, making Lottie groan into his mouth and ground her hips against his. With a low growl, he returned the gesture, making sure to press his now hardening member against her abdomen.

the two moved back, Victor pressing Lottie against the tiled wall. She gasped against his mouth and laughed. "Its cold!"

Victor smirked and ran his tongue over her bottom lip. "Want me ta warm ya up?"

"your doing a pretty good job at that right now anyways." She purred in reply and grasped his bottom lip between her teeth, biting gently. Victor, in response, pressed his hips against hers again, a soft growl rumbling from his chest.

"We gonna bite and scratch this out then, huh frail?" He murmured, getting his lip back and gripping her hips, his claws pinching the flesh.

"Aww and theres me thinking you were gonna take me nice and slow. tease me to the point of tears and all that jazz." Lottie pouted playfully. In a flash, Victor had a hold of her shoulder and turned her face first against the wall.

"well, if ya insist!" He laughed evilly and pressed himself against her again. His hands gripped and pulled her thighs apart with no resistance before a hand slipped between them, the other caressing her hip.

Lottie's body arched as his fingers found their way into her most sensitive feminine parts, her breath hitching and a low whine escaping her lips.

Victor's breath was hot against her ear and she couldn't help and shiver and curse under her breath.

"Ya like that?" He asked in a hushed, husky whisper against the sensitive skin of her ear. All Lottie found she could do was nod and surrender to his touches. He teased all the right spots, making her cry out, but keeping her just on the edge, painfully keeping her from climax.

"V-Victor…" she stuttered, desperately trying to ease the strain he was putting her under.

"Hmm? yea babe?" She could heard the smirk in his voice.

"P-Please…" she whimpered, her body shivering.

"P-Please what frail?" He laughed, turning her to face him, his hand finally leaving her. Lottie took a sigh of relief , only to gasp again as Creed dropped to his knees and his tongue moved to replace his fingers.


Outside the bathroom, Logan returned, closing the front door quietly. The scent of the earlier sex still clung to the room and he wrinkled his nose with the smell. Throwing his jacket on a nearby chair, he began the task of puling off his boots, looking around for Victor and Lottie. It was safe to say they were still there. That, or they'd gone for a jog naked, seen how their clothes were still all over the room.

"Guys?" Logan finished pulling off his boots and wondered over to the bathroom, trying the door. It was locked from the inside and Logan found himself rolling his eyes. Suddenly, he knew exactly where they were.


Lottie yelped and moaned sharply as Victor's tongue darted in and out of her body, a proud grin on his lips. She felt her body tighten and gasped, ready for her climax, but suddenly felt Victor pull away. Lottie whined and glared at him.

"Why'd you stop?"

Victor smirked and shrugged. "I'm suddenly not interested anymore…." He said, reaching behind her and fiddling with the shower. Lottie screamed and sprung out of the way of the water as the hot spray became icy cold.

"What the fuck man!" Lottie snarled in anger, The mood quickly dying.

Victor laughed and ducked his head under the water, his blonde locks hanging over his face. Lottie was so close to punching him in the kidneys but stopped when he spoke again, his voice a low, seductive purr.

"Beg." Was all he said, his hair still covering his face.

"what?" Lottie looked at his outraged. "You have to kidding, right? No way! Get stuffed Creed!" And with that, she turned to climb out the shower.

Before she could even move the shower curtain however, Victor's hands were on her and she was yanked against the wall once more. she gasped and stared wide eyed as Victor crushed his body to hers, grinning maniacally. his hips pressed against hers and it became clear the cold water had done little to dampen his lust like it had done hers.

"I said. Beg." He purred dangerously against her ear. She gave a shiver and whimpered softly, the feel of his body quickly awakened her lust.

"please?" She asked quietly.

"What?" Victor hissed.

"Please Victor?" She said again, slightly louder.

"That aint screamin' fer me gal. I aint doin' a thing till yer screamin' fer me."

"Victor! please, just fuck me already, please!" She snarled suddenly, her anger instantly raising.

The grin that spread across his features was almost scary and he grabbed her hips, picking her up so she could wrap her legs around his waist.

"Good enough frail. Now, where were we?"

Both groaned as Victor sunk himself into her, Lottie's body arching and shivering with need. Victor's thrusts were slow and deep as he savoured the feel of her body and the soft, strained noises she made. Lottie's claws cut through Victor's skin as she pawed his shoulders and back, the wounds healing instantly, leaving tiny traces of blood that was washed away in the cold water. Their voice rose as Victor's thrusts began to speed up. Back in the bedroom, Logan sat on the windowsill, rolling his eyes as he puffed on a cigar.